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  1. Try running the DirectX Setup as an administrator.
  2. New SETS BONUS next cap?

    Everyone would be taking Iris since you can only get the 3-piece bonus at level 64, and that's trash for all sets excecpt Iris
  3. Skill Simulator

    Should be right on patch day.
  4. Scarlet Blade doesn't launch

    This seems to be a firewall/antivirus issue, there are a few threads with the same issue where it has always been fixed by making sure that no such software is interfering (1, 2, 3). So, double-check that there's nothing else blocking it. Also click on "show all processes" (or similar) in the task manager to see all the background processes that might cause the problem.
  5. Narak Invader Weapon skins

    If you want to have the bonus stats from the costume but the look of your current weapon, then you can simply equip the costume and uncheck "Weapon" in the costume tab. If you want to keep the Zeta look on whatever weapon you're using, that's not possible. You can not graft a weapon onto a weapon costume - you can only graft a weapon onto a weapon or a costume onto a costume. You'd have to graft a Zeta weapon onto the weapon you're using. As a side note, if you like the Zeta weapon look, note that there are multiple different versions that you can use for grafting (magic/rare, 2 unique versions, 2 versions from RP vending machines), so you have quite some choice if you decide to graft one.
  6. On the achievement task: Conquer Ellis

    The quest can't be completed, no monster drops the tokens.
  7. Problem with SB download

    You need a newer version of WinRar to extract the archive.
  8. New BG suggestion

    It's +10%
  9. Need help with lvl 48 Main Quest

    The whole quest line is actually at the lava monument. Pretty sure the quest wants you to go to one of those spots (or at least somewhere in the area). Edit: Yep, it's in that location:
  10. As in switching faction to loot bosses/BGs, then moving the loot back over to your own faction.
  11. Pop up message and patch

    ATL100 is part of a C++ library, you'll need to install it if you don't have it already. You can download it here.
  12. Skill points

    Literally all of this was already answered by linking the sim. mouse over a level to see the points gained from that level click on Puzzles to see all puzzles that give skill points click on Quests to see all quests that give skill points
  13. ASB Founder gear?

    Since VSB is unrelated to ASB, no. If you're only looking for that specific costume (Classic Bunny Girl) though, it drops in-game.