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  1. How I see it, there are a few different problems that need to be addressed. First, point penalties for having a chest/guard etc taken. The only time that this mechanic is ever relevant is when both teams go to different objectives at the start, and all it then does is create bullshit scenarios. Usually both teams burn through 90% of the first objective and then sit around doing nothing waiting for the other team to get bored or fuck up and accidentally reset their objective. It's neither a fun nor a clever tactic, it's just all around miserable gameplay. Moreover, other than that, point penalties achieve nothing that point rewards couldn't do just as well. There's zero reason to keep them around. Yet, point rewards are important to have. While loot is doing well at incentivizing taking objectives, the point rewards encourage defending them on top of that. Without them, it's never beneficial to actually fight over non-neutral objectives, yet BGs are the most fun if objectives are fought over, heavily contested and one team either barely takes or defends it. None of which happens if the optimal strategy is to first mindlessly roll over your team's PvE content. Second, going AFK to win because your team has a point lead. Point penalties are one cause of that, but it occurs just naturally with points solely coming from kills - e.g. any remotely close NB where the winning team camps inside guards because the losing team is forced to make a move. Generally, it's absolutely fine that the winning team has an advantage over the losing team - after all their lead has to have come from somewhere, so that's deserved (unless it's coming from the point penalty mechanic, of course). What's not fine is when the losing team has no realistic chance of coming back because the winning team decides to effectively stop playing, either by hiding in spawn or in guards. The thing is, you can't really blame the winning team for doing so, because the game actively encourages doing just that. After all, there is no upside to risking a fair fight at that point - the game is won already and any action they take is risking a throw. So now there's this situation where one team has a guaranteed victory despite having control over 0% of the map, and the team controlling the entire map takes an assured loss. What? There needs to be something that punishes a team that voluntarily gives up control over the entire map. At the start that means that the other team can freely take objectives, but as soon as all are taken, there's often nothing that does that - other than in AK, where Urka drops another flag to serve as a tie-breaker. So, I think, there needs to be a way to essentially win by default once the other team goes AFK. Something that continuously grants points to the team controlling the map or parts of the map, such as constantly respawning (weak) guards in a central spot on the map. Not dead-center, but like Janus side tower guards, equally accessible and defensible for both teams without getting in the way of a standard head-on fight. Essentially, something that makes it easy to obtain points so that the "losing" team can easily pressure the "winning" team to come out to fight. I don't think large bosses work well in that scenario - judging from Siren and SA, both of which can spawn point-generating objectives well after the start. But it's way too easy for one team to judge whether their lead is sufficient even if the other team successfully takes it. Even Urka doesn't reliably achieve that, I've been in countless AKs where RG side decides to completely forfeit Urka because they sit on 4+ flags already. It seems that a (somewhat) consistent stream of points would be much more suitable. @GoddessSand You're talking a lot about how guards are massively easier to fight for some classes than other, too much to quote - but I'd agree. Essentially, all advantages that e.g. an SW gets out of their gear and skill build are completely irrelevant when fighting guards, yet all the drawbacks are there. And the reverse isn't true for PUs and such. High EVA/ACC stats (and CH equivalents) are useless because guards can't miss or be missed. At the same time, low ACC is not a penalty. High Crit-EVA doesn't matter because guards don't crit anyway. High Crit-Rate is irrelevant because they have no Crit-EVA to overcome, it's all about stacking raw damage and Crit-ATK. And of course hard defensive stats are king because monsters can't utilize pierce stats. However, this is more of an issue with PvE content in general - in other areas the reverse is true, e.g. tanks get slapped hard by Asmo while SW/SE/PU just evade it all no problem. I'm certainly not saying it's not an issue, just that it's a larger problem that needs to be properly addressed in its entirety. Well, I think that, anyway. tl;dr (bluf? never heard of that one) remove point penalties in general add ways to continuously generate points especially in the later stages of BGs to discourage going AFK
  2. Grafting of bikes is actually being looked into. That'd allow you to make 180 speed versions of sleipnirs and such.
  3. AFAIK randoms can only offer an increase to one stat. Multiple stats aren't possible (e.g. all resists), and neither are any fancy effects. If there are any new stats, the number of them should be kept low - the more randoms there are, the less likely it is that the ones you actually want turn up. So adding e.g. each individual resist is probably out of the question. The two most straightforward stats to add are % PvP CH-ATK (red) and CH-EVA (green), I think. Both have similar existing physical randoms or even counter-stats on randoms (CH-ACC). Movement Speed idk. The issue here is that the numbers have to be very low, so 2-3 max. So we potentially have 3 possible values which are evenly distributed, resulting in the maximum possible values with a high chance, unlike other randoms. Also difficult to put different numbers onto alpha/beta/gamma with such a restricted range. Healing - possibly, although rather flat healing so we can have different values for alpha/beta/gamma randoms. PvP Void/Resist - makes sense, I guess. Skill stones are limited to add a debuff to any target hit with some chance, AFAIK. So they wouldn't be able to buff the user instead.
  4. The new level cap brings new gear! With the raise to 65, you can obtain new weapons, knee guards, gloves, shoes, suits, trinkets and earrings. Accessories Trinkets and Earrings come in 5 variations, continuing the familiar accessory lines from previous level brackets. Warrior / Hero → Conqueror Ninja / Killer → Spy Sorceror / Ghost → Wizard Goddess / Tank → Goddess Imentet Hellblaze / Chemist → Hellfire Gear in general All other items come in 4 variations. These have, unlike in previous level brackets, distinct names: Epsilon, Eta, Theta and Iota. Epsilon and Theta gear can be crafted and have its rarity upgraded using Medal of Distinction. Iota and Eta gear can be crafted and have its rarity upgraded using Medal of Recognition. Epsilon and Iota are similar, but Iota has additional PvP stats. Theta and Eta are similar, but Eta has additional PvP stats. Which PvP stats gear can have depends on the type of gear. Physical gear has %PvP Attack, PvP Defense and %PvP Void. Chakra gear has %PvP Chakra Attack, PvP Chakra Defense and %PvP Chakra Defense (basically PvP Chakra Resistances). Knee guards and shoes don't have this distinction and have mixed PvP stats instead. Weapons Epsilon and Iota weapons are Physical damage weapons, having higher Physical Attack, Accuracy, Crit Attack and Def Pierce. Theta and Eta weapons are Chakra damage weapons, having Chakra Attack and higher Chakra Accuracy. Knee Guards Epsilon and Iota knee guards are defense focused, having higher HP, Defense, Void and DoT Reduction. Theta and Eta knee guards are evasion focused, having higher Evasion and Chakra Evasion. Gloves Epsilon and Iota weapons are Physical damage gloves, having higher Physical Attack and Void Pierce. Theta and Eta weapons are Chakra damage gloves, having Chakra Attack, SP and higher Chakra Accuracy. Shoes Epsilon and Iota shoes are defense focused, having higher Defense, Void and Crit Evasion. Theta and Eta shoes are evasion focused, having higher Evasion and Chakra Evasion. Suits Epsilon and Iota suits are Physical defense suits, having higher Defense, Void and Evasion. Theta and Eta suits are Chakra defense suits, having higher Chakra Resistances and Chakra Evasion.
  5. 1. No 2. No 3. They simply have enough CH-Eva to counter that
  6. Depends. Damage calculations run only once - when the first tick of damage hits. If the debuff expires before that, it won't have any effect. If it disappears after that, it will take full effect. Multiple damage hits are purely for animation, they're not evaluated separately. Note how for each such skill, all damage hits do exactly the same damage *, and they either all miss, all hit or all crit. Or if you get stunned halfway through the animation, the remaining damage still applies (especially noticeable on large WH AoEs or many mech skills). * actually the last hit will do slightly more or less due to rounding, e.g. an attack that does 100 damage in 3 hits will do 33/33/34 or 34/34/32.
  7. Chakra damage is unaffected by PvP-ATK and PvP Void (edit: and PvP Def). Frankly, nobody knows since that stat was only ever used in one occasion - for those PvP zone buffs that you would get if your faction was outnumbered. But they were removed at 39 or 44 cap. No one ever tested what it did. There are separate stats for PvP chakra damage, but they're not used or displayed anywhere.
  8. That's here, but doesn't answer the question. There were guides on the ASB forums and wiki, both of which were nuked. Some guides existed on the previous VGN forum as well, which may even be recoverable, but probably not worth the effort. Most dungeons are straightforward or plain brainless, and the ones that aren't are considered a waste of time anyway.
  9. It's +10%
  10. Linking to ASB is no problem. I had guides for all dungeons (not sure if Acheron was out at that time) on the old wiki... too bad it's dead and they're gone now, unless someone manages to dig them up from some archive. soon™
  11. This tool has received a serious upgrade. rather than one big list of all locations and loot sources, you'll now see a full-size overview screen and can navigate through categories, maps etc there is now a search function - lets you find anything easily each page has its own link, allowing you to share links to specific locations, monsters or items images and details for all maps and items, and most monsters now supports multiple spawn locations across multiple maps - if you can find a monster on more than one map, you'll see [<] and [>] buttons to cycle through them you can now select any timezone to adjust spawn times or BG times to your local time This is currently working for the newest versions of: IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. The link stays the same (here). If you still want to use the old version, it will stay over here, but may be removed at any point. It now roughly works like this: on every page, you'll have a history, a search bar and a time zone selector at the top below that, there's (usually) a section with 4 parts: a map with spawn locations (if applicable) an image of the monster or map you've selected details (currently usually name, level, type - HP for monster - rarity, trade-ability (?) for items) spawn type and times below that, the content highly depends on what you've selected: for maps, you'll first see monsters that spawn on this map, as well as other maps that can be accessed via portals - below that, there's a list of all items that can potentially drop here for monsters, you'll only see a list of items that this monster can drop for items, you'll see a list of categories that this item belongs to, and after that, a list of monsters and maps where this item can drop That's about it. Wew.
  12. That is actually an issue with the game. I've written about it over on the Stats guide: I have talked to @Vivi about that, and it seems that there's a bug. While a skill can have different Crit Rate and Crit Attack bonuses (and will display them as different in the skill description), when it comes to actually apply those bonuses, it will use the Crit Rate value for both Crit Rate and Crit Attack. This means that the in-game description is unreliable in this case and the simulator shows the actual values. Note though that this is only an issue for offensive skills - Crit Attack on buffs works perfectly fine. That bug is something that can't be fixed, but IIRC the current plan is to have the descriptions show the actual values in a later patch.
  13. Yep. Same for all the other values - the character window shows the flat ATK from level and gear, increased by %ATK.
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