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  1. limeox

    Patch 97 Feedback

    There need to be more sources of EXP that are not bound to boosters. Previously that meant quests and BG rewards, but... main quests give barely any EXP Amara repeatables are not working or don't reward any noticeable amount all BGs award less than 3 or so monsters worth of EXP dailies in DV supposedly exist, but haven't seen any yet - if they're just for level 65 then they're not targeting the right players Progressing by actively doing these should be made feasible, and grinding should be a way to speed that up if you wish to do so. Balancing only dropped EXP will never work as long as 1000% boosters exist; with a factor of 11 in play there simply is no middle ground. It has always been 25 seconds.
  2. limeox

    Patch 97 Bug Reports

    Nuclear Bunker there seems to be no entrance for the lower level bunker other than in Ellis this is now in Nemesis v2 Abaddon's call-outs don't trigger at the appropriate time in the higher-level NB (previously at 2/3 and 1/3 of its HP iirc) lower level NB's timer on the score board is off lower level NB ends without warning, does not give victory/defeat rewards and does not teleport players out after ending Al Kasava base gates did not open during sunday lower-level AK no defeat/victory reward was given after the end of sunday lower-level AK, also doesn't teleport players outside Amara Quests EXP reward varies wildly Items level 50/55 base SP hypovials now have the same icon as 45 apparently there exist multiple level 60 base hypovials, have seen a base HP L60 with a level 35 icon drop in Janus level 50 base SP hypovials can't be used due to level (tested at 59) level 60 HP and SP Crisis hypovials adds a standing HP/SP regen buff rather than having an instant heal level 60 SP Crisis hypovial can't be used due to level (tested at 60) Gamma Pink Hexweave Pack has no icon Diamond cards cannot be used, there's no entry for them in the Cards/Gambling window Medal of Distinction/Recognition are classified as weapons. Emit a weapon sound when dragged in the inventory. Are listed under weapons in the AH. Can be inserted into the Grafting UI, haven't tried if that actually works though. DMH some bosses (Overseer, Champion, Cauterizer) in team mode are now level 69 while Ogung is still 60 Skills CB Ankle Attack CH-Acc on skills appears to have no effect in general CB Shockwave CH-Acc on skills appears to have no effect in general Crafting [Mereholt/Julia] The manual shows a crafting recipe to upgrade an Arkana EXP Datachip to L2, but it isn't listed in the crafting list so it can't actually be crafted, even when you have the ingredients. Other Can't go to Nemesis v2 at level 60 any level. ("Area movement failed") Level 60/61 players don't drop dog tags. Heard that 55-59 aren't either.
  3. limeox

    stuck at patching

    Verify your client after doing this instead of hitting Play. That should fix it.
  4. limeox

    Level 60 Gear

    The new level cap brings new gear! With the raise to 65, you can obtain new weapons, knee guards, gloves, shoes, suits, trinkets and earrings. Accessories Trinkets and Earrings come in 5 variations, continuing the familiar accessory lines from previous level brackets. Warrior / Hero → Conqueror Ninja / Killer → Spy Sorceror / Ghost → Wizard Goddess / Tank → Goddess Imentet Hellblaze / Chemist → Hellfire Gear in general All other items come in 4 variations. These have, unlike in previous level brackets, distinct names: Epsilon, Eta, Theta and Iota. Epsilon and Theta gear can be crafted and have its rarity upgraded using Medal of Distinction. Iota and Eta gear can be crafted and have its rarity upgraded using Medal of Recognition. Epsilon and Iota are similar, but Iota has additional PvP stats. Theta and Eta are similar, but Eta has additional PvP stats. Which PvP stats gear can have depends on the type of gear. Physical gear has %PvP Attack, PvP Defense and %PvP Void. Chakra gear has %PvP Chakra Attack, PvP Chakra Defense and %PvP Chakra Defense (basically PvP Chakra Resistances). Knee guards and shoes don't have this distinction and have mixed PvP stats instead. Weapons Epsilon and Iota weapons are Physical damage weapons, having higher Physical Attack, Accuracy, Crit Attack and Def Pierce. Theta and Eta weapons are Chakra damage weapons, having Chakra Attack and higher Chakra Accuracy. Knee Guards Epsilon and Iota knee guards are defense focused, having higher HP, Defense, Void and DoT Reduction. Theta and Eta knee guards are evasion focused, having higher Evasion and Chakra Evasion. Gloves Epsilon and Iota weapons are Physical damage gloves, having higher Physical Attack and Void Pierce. Theta and Eta weapons are Chakra damage gloves, having Chakra Attack, SP and higher Chakra Accuracy. Shoes Epsilon and Iota shoes are defense focused, having higher Defense, Void and Crit Evasion. Theta and Eta shoes are evasion focused, having higher Evasion and Chakra Evasion. Suits Epsilon and Iota suits are Physical defense suits, having higher Defense, Void and Evasion. Theta and Eta suits are Chakra defense suits, having higher Chakra Resistances and Chakra Evasion.
  5. limeox

    How can i launch two clients?

    First, note that each game has its own rules about what is and what is not allowed regarding multiple clients and the usage of alts. Check the rules section for that. What's required depends on the game, so which one is it for?
  6. limeox

    Stats and Formulas

    1. No 2. No 3. They simply have enough CH-Eva to counter that
  7. limeox

    Stats and Formulas

    Depends. Damage calculations run only once - when the first tick of damage hits. If the debuff expires before that, it won't have any effect. If it disappears after that, it will take full effect. Multiple damage hits are purely for animation, they're not evaluated separately. Note how for each such skill, all damage hits do exactly the same damage *, and they either all miss, all hit or all crit. Or if you get stunned halfway through the animation, the remaining damage still applies (especially noticeable on large WH AoEs or many mech skills). * actually the last hit will do slightly more or less due to rounding, e.g. an attack that does 100 damage in 3 hits will do 33/33/34 or 34/34/32.
  8. limeox

    Stats and Formulas

    Chakra damage is unaffected by PvP-ATK and PvP Void (edit: and PvP Def). Frankly, nobody knows since that stat was only ever used in one occasion - for those PvP zone buffs that you would get if your faction was outnumbered. But they were removed at 39 or 44 cap. No one ever tested what it did. There are separate stats for PvP chakra damage, but they're not used or displayed anywhere.
  9. limeox

    Safeguard Stardust

    Your inventory has multiple tabs. Naraks and safeguards are stored under the AP tab since they were initially shop-exclusive.
  10. limeox

    SB Resolution Change

  11. limeox

    Game crashes

    Yep, that seems to be it. This is a 17.12 driver that breaks the DirectX 9 API, and the only fix is to revert to a 17.11 version.
  12. limeox

    Wide Dungeon Guide

    That's here, but doesn't answer the question. There were guides on the ASB forums and wiki, both of which were nuked. Some guides existed on the previous VGN forum as well, which may even be recoverable, but probably not worth the effort. Most dungeons are straightforward or plain brainless, and the ones that aren't are considered a waste of time anyway.
  13. limeox

    Game crashes

    I think I've seen this issue once and it turned out to be an issue with a graphics card driver. Which graphics card are you using and what's its driver version?
  14. limeox

    Pet Datachip question

    It increases healing from all skills that already have some % healing. Right now it only affects Medic skills and is useless for all other classes.