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  1. Interesting ! . The Heal bonus is quite reasonable and why not right medics need them, but for the conceal and detect I think we can't add them some classes will become to Over Powered if we add more values to there current base and buffs stats.
  2. @limeox (cough cough cough) update please
  3. well you can seal them if you dont want to play so no one can see you in the Ranks then comeback later
  4. come back !!!! I will find a resuscitation scroll for you ! :c
  5. 60% = 230-170 (assuming its 17k its around 16k+ something) so its i have 60% of hitting them without medic buffs
  6. I have a questions 1. Do heal crits ? 2. Does the heal is affected by ch-atk as well ? 3. Why does sometimes 230ch-acc missed on SW with full uni ch-eva r2 with his Double buffs
  7. Nox

    L2 Clusters!

    but not sufficient in pvp you will throw a lot of cluster - II
  8. Nox

    L2 Clusters!

    I think its only gives Cluster - I not Cluster - II
  9. PvPLegends is already Dead, maybe you are talking to PvELegends

  11. Some comments sire ~Demolition is for a sniper game play, atomic bullet is more useful in very way level 7~10 is nice for the slow. ~ Swigers level 3 is for max stun + damage, level 4 is for the max range + damage, level 5 will just give higher damage, so mostly people just get it at least level 4 for the maximum stun duration and the max range of the skill itself for rotation setup
  12. i got health issue, and lost so much weight, when i get my body back, i mean my normal weight tho, sure i will update my picture MOM...
  13. Hi MOM, please teach yukikaze926 english, xDDD he will teach you Japanese in return
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