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  1. Need atleast 10-12 FKs for NB and AK... No matter u lose to zerg or lose to loot....just come n play....I know theres nothing left to gear up ... But everything has downside ....if u dont show up its literally killing the game.. Newbies need something to get going someone carrying them... Forget FC i know pretty solid players can join NB ... One day u might lose other days u might b in someome happiness in getting victorius
  2. Sam as overkill it pauses for some micro seconds after it is casted. Bring the patch already
  3. Considering alts abuse then per person can get to enhance 4SG cubes but AK is ok 2 SG vs 2SG replicubes for the work done... Also may want to enhance dog tags value only obtained from BG ....n not from Amara for say.....
  4. Best way ppl will join BG Improve reward system on losing side Make unique drops only from PVP grounds like PVP battle mech lvl 60 where as PVE from DG Reward for BG be like 4 SG replicubes VS 1 SG on wining side
  5. Pepper have nver gap with his rotation ...its like he has perfect balanced whipper ever
  6. Well can do something to increase ancient jewels r2 ....while increasing base defense n hp for 59 n below 65 level so they dont get to die 1 or 2 max level players... Those already skill balance is being worked on... should make exp made easy and difficulty in getting gears or special unique costumes ... New unique costumes with more resist or skin with more penetration stats...
  7. Should make Gears NT Introduce new Legendary Gears or something which requires to play on there character only n not dependent on loot by swapping faction
  8. FC for Pros only Can it be like this it at all those FKs hiding in RG faction show up n build a army to outskill RGs...just after FC!!! So the RGs who FC to create balance can be back to their faction if ever FK outnumber the Active RGs...?? Last FC took 17days to make many FK comeback it was working well n suddenly many went puff...i stopped playing on FK side just when FK had good fight n balance...
  9. Its human brain most will think i am guard i must protect.... lets click the first select option of RG...
  10. Planning to take a break ....untill some things get really fixed
  11. Welcome to Vendetta SB or VSB …..We have a great community all issues are solved at earliest whenever a GM or GS online... Feel free to ask any queries any time …. SB is a nice PVP based game if u want u can enjoy PVE If are totally New to Game then I would like you create account and test heroes of your choice which u like what skills are for you Then work on that ,,,,,enjoying quests like specially Main quest is Important some give skill points. Yes we do Powerlevel but I wouldn't encourage it for new players,,,once u r all set n know game mechanics you can go ahead.... Royal Guards and FreeKnights both factions have Discord community which wil guide u further Also we have Vendetta Official Discord where you meet players of both factions at one place Happy Gaming …. Any doubt feel free to ask
  12. Well Players quit Players join....Hope u return soon take a break have fun irl... SB team worked really hard to bring the best of it....while Aeria doomed it.... Enjoy
  13. Was it struck by a hurricane lately
  14. Valar Morghulis ,Valar Dohaeris