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  1. Just WANTED to say show up for PVP thanks
  2. √Sparky- Punisher Spectator Recording PVP battles Next time will participate early
  3. I am using a non gaming laptop i dont crash often even in ASB even with spam naplam or balls spawn..... I crash if Ram is utilised in a bad way.... Recently i crashed when Recording video at max settings and max graphics on game XD but true i suggested Nemesis looking at player base which is quite low..... All we can do is test on test server idk how it handles player base on tht server
  4. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYiaKwvKbYsxvsJL7WsJOZBJ_WBhkVAtc
  5. I agree but crashes happens almost everymap also viledon map is second best but if new map can be introduced then it's good....like the one in suer but small size
  6. Some Suggestions 1. for Me Nemesis PVP map if no new map can be made with revamp 2. Making the guards Not one shot but deal huge dmg to avoid spawn camping( can be changed to One shot if ppl spawn camp more) 3. Adding Item NPC near PVP area 4.If possible probable PVP gears from BG only and using some Special Rank points earned from PVP rather than farming NPC. 5.Improving New bie experience so they enjoy fast pace game and default NT gears not nearabout equal to +10 stats 6.Lvling up from 65 to 68 through quests and killing a fixed amount of mobs daily to attend the required experience to lvl up rather than introducing hours of farming at one area....which not only consumes time but makes sleepy...and tiring More Exp from PVP map and BG like from rewards which can be gained extra if player done those fixed amount of killing mobs daily 7.Bike enhance +12 :v at 195 More thinking will edit once done Thanks for keeping game uptodate
  7. WISH - Big bertha PU IGN- √Sparky
  8. Delete Resurection from game :<
  9. That doesnt mean u play 18hrs ....fugging braindead kid
  10. Am a Doctor anything else u wanna say
  11. How can u ? u have no life 😧 This is needed I tried finding on RG side but medic is so less available .... Some Insane pulls of sniper making it so annoying Addition of some MM would be great for some squishy Arkana
  12. https://imgur.com/a/UqaYFry Twice already just after Boss dies Mother DC u from server
  13. I wonder if thats at max graphics with lightfx on or not....too much glare
  14. Well both have same mindset so its okay 2020 fortheloser
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