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rant: ds vs abyss

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welp first time doing an actual run of dragonside sanctuary and compared to abyss dungeons this is alot more easier.... why!?

for ds the hardest part for me was human eis which tbh isn't much when you realized she's a suped up version of diane in hoo but with minions, and maybe thunor and that's just due to the field that drains hp and mp.

now for abyss 3 of these demons have insta kill mechanics, one of which is especially annoying due to a cc combo thrown in before hand that can hit the spawn, and another one where if your pet despawns while in combat with it will set it off instantly. tbh the third one isn't bad you just lure the other bird through a portal and into the murder circle, and watch it evaporate while the cc doesn't go through immunities unlike a certain fox's... >_>

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Well DS became 2 years old yesterday. Since then there has been 2 new sets of armor (110 Awaken and the Abyss Set's) and the Haven Weapon's (Not to mention the large array of trophies that have been added). A lot of these gears also feature resistance dropping which is super important for DS. Like an example of this was Eis' Dragon Form.

Abyss was never suppose to be hard and in my personal opinion instant kill mechanics don't make it hard either (just anoying). It was just suppose to be harder than something like a trial would be where you can turn your brain off and auto run.

Honestly speaking in combination with the Awaken classes and the current gear you'd be hard pressed to actually make something hard as there is such a wide gap between the top of the game and the bottom of the game. Like when Haven came out the party I had testing just blew up almost every boss except Karen in seconds. But upon release I saw a lot of players struggle with some of the bosses just because their coordination for their gear was lacking (Stacking -Res etc.).

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