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new lesson on life worshipper

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today i learned that soul chaser is unusable if you already have a knock down immunity on you. not just the knockdown immunity, but also the heal meaning if a reaver is in play on enemy team there goes your trump card unless you have an elegant dancer in your party

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Unless I'm missunderstanding this post this doesn't appear to be the case.

I just tested this now on the live server and the results I got where that it was working as normal. The only caveat I found with this was that it would reset the Knockdown Debuff to the 8 seconds.


Image 1 was taken just before I casted the Soul Chaser's and Image 2 was taken just after being healed and you can see that the debuff duration was reduced from 1min+ to 8 seconds.

If you could provide a video of this and maybe look into things such as Glyphs and KP that maybe affecting this.

Edit: Remember for Soulchaser to take affect you have to be attacked after falling below 30% HP and not just going below 30% HP. You will know when it's ready to take effect as another buff will appear in your buff bar.

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i'll keep that in mind and hopefully it was just a cale proc when hit below 30% hp, but on a fun side note i found out lw buffs work on kage and crolla  so now we can see those big guys run at them with near 900k hp gaining 2% of it per second with some p/m-atk

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