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SBlauncher doesn't work


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I opened a new topic because it passed 10 days and my problem persist. On 11 December i said:

"I cannot start the SB game after login and pressing the play button. I verified the game, but still, the X icon opens in the tray and ... nothing happens.

Yesterday it worked without problems. What i can do?"

It worked fine until that day, I didn't change my configuration, I didn't install any new programs, no new updates, nothing :(


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No i don't, i saw your answer in the old topic (ty for info), that's why i opened this new one. And also i tried to close everything that was running in background.

It is frustrating because it took me so long to create the user and after i played 5 days with no problem now i can't play anymore. :(

Help pls.

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It is only me or the download not working?

URL: https://sb.vendettagn.com/download.vgn



I tried to insert an image from URL and didn't work so i will put the URL here, hope is no problem:


You can see the only thing that it is starting with windows it is the sound ..


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Usually whenever I run into this, I close all programs/applications that I know has a history interfering with SB and flush the DNS.  Once SB is back up and running, then I open those applications again.  I also make sure the SB, SBLauncher, and the xm applications are set to run as administrator and compatibility mode to Windows XP SP3.

It would also help if you told us more about your computer and what it runs.

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