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  1. ZhangLiao

    AK time

    the current AK time is horrible go back to the previous time, please
  2. just copy link and use this link in other page in your browser.
  3. i have same problem. just copy link and open in other aba ^^
  4. what makes me sadder is the default response... "look for the problem on my computer or my internet".
  5. i get disconnected every 5 or 10 minutes. the only solution is vpn, but... omg alot lag! I changed my internet provider, but to my surprise...continuous being disconnected. someone will solve the 'SERVER PROBLEM' ? I'm tired of looking for the problem on my computer, other people are also experiencing the same problem.
  6. NB 21x9, but... it was a very nice pvp. now only true fks join for lose in bgs! or... EmilySears (SexyChibiusa) only for get wings. HaHaHa after block dual loguin im very happy. i hoping some fks back for game
  7. ZhangLiao


    you is main DE... haha maybe you is more '='
  8. ZhangLiao


    the big subject in chat right now is nerf PU and buff SW. SW is so weak...
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