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  1. Please fix the fx for the major mech.
  2. I am a SB player but had the same problem, many recommended to use a different browser, I fixed it by right clicking the download button and selecting "save link as", you may get a security notification but this site is totally safe.
  3. I fixed it using Google DNS, just type it in the browser; and there are instructions on the page, if you don't know how to change it.
  4. I guess I shouldn't write the url address, but just type "hola vpn" in the browser and it will be the frisrt, with a happy flame face, then just download the installer, if you can't activate the installer, right-click on it and unblocked must be an exe of 1222 KB. Once installed from browser choose the country and connect.
  5. For me that problem stopped when using a vpn, selecting the connection to France.
  6. I'm pretty bad at the game, so I'd like weaker monsters (small pool of health) but in higher numbers. Arcana are supposed to be super soldiers, but I have marathon matches with my ME against all enemies. Just for fun, I like to go back to Enocia Canyon just to decimate a bunch of monsters the way I think being a super soldier should feel like. PS: I ruined my game by abusing the winter leveler, but that was my fault.
  7. I had a similar issue, I had to change my DNS to use the google's; about the two monitors also happens but the game will open on the main monitor and you can drag the starter menu if needed.
  8. Use right click on the download button and select "save link as..."
  9. IGN: Min3rva I just reached level 25, so I don't know the game well, I don't know what to wish for; whatever your will is, something that my arcana and I can enjoy. Happy Holidays Mother Vivi.
  10. It is useful to configure your DNS to use the "Google Public DNS"
  11. Maybe I am wrong but the error seems to be the username no you e-mail, so maybe pick another nickname.
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