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Developer Updates


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Developer Updates

Hey everyone!

This thread is to update you all on some of the upcoming content coming in 2022 that we have planned and are working on for Eden Eternal Awaken!

As per usual we will not go into lots of detail about the content as things may or may not change during the course of development but also we like to leave some things to be a surprise on release day.

The first piece of content to expect is a new dungeon that will be the new source of Guild Town Statues. This content is the current focus in development and an expected ETA would be safe to say somewhere in the next month or two. We've made lots of progress and quality changes to this content so we hope that is reflected when it is released.

The next piece of content that may be included in the above or released after is an updated to the One-Eye Roger system. We wanted to make this system a little more fun and have more inclusive rewards for both players trying to do their enchant achievements and players who have completed them already.

We have some more content in the planning stages. We will give more information about that at a later date.

That is all we have to update you on for the moment but I may update this thread in future with some images or information.


P.S Many thanks to @MrDoudou for helping with designing and testing the new content.

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