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Hello, everyone my IGN is Amaris! I would like to share with you some insight and information on the original community made wiki that I'll be reposting the link to today. This Wiki was created as a guide for Eden Eternal Vendetta (Awaken) for the community to use when they're in doubt with their quests or just stuck at a leveling block. 

The guide is pretty straight forward to use; the main page consists of a linked list of every page that gets added (so all you have to do is click the page you want to go to on that page!) as well as some other various miscellaneous information about Vendetta.
The pages themselves are pretty basic format so it is easy to read and understand as much as possible, we do not add pictures as they will cause it to lag more so for any guides that need pictures you're going to find them in the useful links page (this is a small example of how to navigate the wiki).

The owner of this wiki Pao and I appreciate all who would like to use this wiki and anything you'd like to be added can be inquired to either one of us, you can find our contact info on the wiki's page. Thanks for reading!

Wiki Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CAkzpiMKacccouaYzLoi2uKEPyJ0s07caihNP5QLv6Q/edit?usp=sharing
Shortened Link: http://bit.ly/2uZUh1Z

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