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  1. Boxes: Blue Sky Koi Pinwheel ✔️06/30/22 Altar: Mysterious Tweety Lipstick (Legendary) ✔️06/30/22
  2. BOXES: Hello Kitty: Blue Ushanka ✔️04/28/22 Robust Amaris/Magic Amaris (The chibi one) ✔️05/06/22 ALTAR: Myterious Blazing Eye (Legendary) ✔️06/13/22 Mysterious Toy Cigarette (Legendary) ✔️04/21/22 Aurora Lance (Legendary)✔️05/19/22 in MB
  3. As far as the arena medal/title icon goes I think the way it's designed will be more based off the arena that the #1 title is for, since we could hopefully get to a point of having all arenas be active again. But for that they need to be fun and rewarding for people to feel like queueing and not with alts just to leech stuff. We could go back to the days where we need to get gear or items for gear from arenas, this is partly why our arenas have died. I personally think being able to queue with a friend or guildmate would be the best way to make it more active along side a new or map rotations. But if this does become a thing I think that classes should be locked again so no one can change inside, also lock smoke bombs out so they don't ruin things because they are big cheats when it comes to PvP. The thing with people avoiding a certain group shouldn't really be an issue, even in the past people would avoid a certain 2-3 players who qued in arenas because of broken classes like Conju or arena sets (in Aeria days) and still were able to queue in with other sets of people because of it being active, which is our goal. The rewards themselves are open to changes still, mine was just a suggestion but I do think PvP tokens should be a main reward from arena ranks even if the arena is MBA. You can build on the costumes more, add more of them to the game and make new arena quests with different rewards than the ones we have which will be a start to making things more active by giving us incentive or a reason to queue without big changes having been added yet. There's a lot of people who avoid doing capes and wait until they can afford bags because arena quests are unreliable for collecting war stones for capes, you could add PvP tokens/fragments to a daily and a set amount of war stones like 10 or 20 per different arena daily to help as a small start to making it active. You can give us new "buffs" similar to the "Fearless Resistance", "Versatile Potential", "Courageous Vigor", and "Strong Defense" buffs that we can gain from arenas that also last only for 2h. Maybe something like a upgraded version of those like we have couple buffs that turned into spouse buffs or entirely new buffs if you're willing to do that. As for the rest of the suggestions I will just say; okie and thanks for reading it, I hope that when the time comes it will have been considered.
  4. @JordanI just have some small QoL changes and a few suggestions since a racial patch was possibly in the works, mentioned a few forums ago. QoL Changes: 1. Remove captcha from guild towns and player housing. It's not really a place it should be popping up in my opinion, especially when trying to summon 100+ mobs at an altar or 80+ baby phoenix the old fashioned way after the Sakura Island nerf to them, it'd be nice to at least not have to deal with captcha ruining the mood more. 2. Make Lv20+ summoning blueprints purchasable in stacks of 100+ if possible, the Lv95?+ ones can be purchased in higher amounts but not the low level ones and I think this change would be a nice change to accompany the guild town leveling changes. 3. Portable Bank and Portable Auction time be extended to be at least 2 weeks, giving us good rotation with our Daily Login rewards since they are every 2 weeks for one Bank and one AH. 4. To help with bringing back arena, I have a few reward suggestions. Rank 1: Eden Crystal x30(NT), Corona's Heartflame Lv120 x1, PvP Token x5, Honor Star x1500 and similar to 1v1 a "Rank 1 Arena" type of title that will last for the entire month and have an icon over their head with a special glow. Only 1st rank in every arena bracket can obtain this title, so 3v3 will have it's own and MBA it's own, etc. The rewards for 2-5 will be similar to 1st place but dimmed down on the EC/HS amounts and so forth and so on. 5. Add 115 bloods/cores to the loyalty item mall. I see all the other Lv115 materials however the bloods were left out and they are useful whereas the cores are not currently. 6. Change the 3v3 and 10v10 and MBA maps to new ones, spice it up for us or give us a chance to be in a new one or the old one similar to how TW maps rotate. 7. Let us be able to queue up in our own set parties before entering 3v3 or 10v0, we should be able to que as 2 and get a random solo or que as 3 and fight vs another 3, etc like this. 8. Heroic Trait Tome and Memory tomes available for login reward coin trade. 9. Stack CC formula boxes like DS boxes. - I'd ask for gem BPs too but I feel you won't, but if you do yay. Suggestions for Racial Patch: 1. Anuran can craft "Enhance Essence Powder Lv120" making another use of Lv120 Corona's Essences. 2. Zumi can craft "Wonderous Pouch" A sort of Lv110+ wonder pocket/4th dimension bag that can have NEW items in it such as Lv110 and 120 pet weapons and accessories, a chance to obtain Lv14 enchants crafted or blueprints, the other misc items the old ones consisted of but new and improved. 3. Human can craft physical, mana and claret fusion resist gems similar to our courage/compassion resistance.
  5. I've done rune enchants 1-90 within a 2 week time span without fully dedicating all my time to it, I know of someone who finished it in like a week. It isn't that hard and because of what it is I think that it's worth a bit of a grind considering the other achievements for legendary can't be transferred to an alt of the same account like enchants/HoO. Really though, just spend some time on it without asking it to be made easier. A lot of other people have finished this achievement and some people have done it multiple times. PvP is not dead, even NCTW has been more active than it usually is, but especially awaken. Arena being dead would mean you finish your quest even easier.
  6. The crafting system itself has nothing to do with the reward box chances being so high for DSR material boxes, just my opinion though. Celestial already has implements from GoP that were not the drop system, sadly. As a someone who crafts overall for achievement, I don't particularly find anything wrong with the current Celestial crafting system aside from the daily quest being 1 (I think it should at least be 2) token a day when we have a chance to get specific tokens 3+ from bosses per day and sparkles from bag/random chance pick, it makes things a little unbalanced in that sense. Now back onto the actual topic; I'll agree that the DSR box is more than sad to get 2/3 or 3/3 in the majority of our runs over a SINGLE formula box or tokens, even sparkles and most times the formula box isn't even there. I think it should be adjusted to give us something somewhat more useful or if anything it can be replaced with the x10 sparkles or even make a thing of x5 or x1 sparkles, something USEFUL over something that's insignificant and a waste of our time entirely. I also think that the formula box should have a 100% chance to be there in every card pick, that way we only miss it when we don't choose it instead of losing out on the chance entirely because it isn't 100%. Currently Celestial is the HARDEST content in Eden, we spend a lot of our time and resources (potions, pod, etc) as well as effort in doing CC, but we get to lose at the end of the day because of this box. This isn't One-Eye-Roger, we shouldn't be losing out because of a misc reward that isn't useful to anyone anymore.
  7. Altar: Mysterious Summer Kimono (Legendary) ✔️02/04/22 Mysterious Bodacious Wig (Prime) ✔️ Beryl Blues Star Stone ✔️1/28/22 Box: Robust Amaris✔️05/06/22 Robust Ruby Star Amaris ✔️01/27/22
  8. With this I can agree that Demon Fire immunity is good, it gives more people a chance to poke boss. However, it's a bit sad for the people who choose to heal these bosses because they've become such DMG nukes to the under-geared who are hitting them and results in less/no rewards for certain players (I.E. The nubs and healers). It'd be a nice change overall to give max rewards to an entire party or to the person who pokes it even if just once. I understand alt leeching is a thing, but majority of people don't even do their mains currently, so if all rewards are NT anyway I don't see an issue with doing this change. - On this topic of rewards; I'd like to ask that fireworks be removed from the boxes or swapped for life leafs of the NT kind at least, something more useful to players. My only "real" complaint is that bosses like this should not be buff removing our potions/skills/etc. It was extremely hard to DPS Melody on Executioner as it was, I attempted that the entire first day and despite having 90% eva she took my stacks nearly every time she would remove buffs. So with that said, I'd like to agree with taking out buff removal and keeping their current HP pool/maybe a slightly bigger one if needed. o/ Thanks.
  9. 1. I'd like to ask/suggest that this change from Patch V25 Classic be done for Awaken server as well. Our population isn't nearly as big as it used to be and we've many "alt" guilds with high level buildings and alt leaders keeping them active, I think it'd be a nice change to add to incorporate more active guilds into leveling up guild towns, and help them feel as if it's not a "chore" anymore since it takes a lot of time/people/gold to do. Guild Town crafting will now give 5x Building EXP on the following: All level 20 Orange Rings and Necklaces. All level 23 Orange Armors. All level 20 Potions. All level 20 Farm, Mining and Summoning Blueprints. 2. I'd also like to suggest that the original quest lines for Dragon Knight/Sage/Mimic get a "instant" option upon following Patch V90 for Awaken server. The Mimic one I've thrown in just because it is "tedious" to some, more so the focus is the other two extremely long quests that often bug and noobs get lost on doing a lot of the times, resulting in them stuck for days. 3. Updated Explorer Rank Rewards: If nothing else I think that the heartflame should be updated to a higher level as our gear proceeds far beyond Lv70, these have become quite useless and literally just stock up because there isn't anything to use them on for people in the top 5 ranking. I'd like to suggest that it be at least a Lv100 heartflame, if you're feeling generous maybe even the original Heartflame that isn't level locked and top 5 monthly ranking be the only accessible way to obtain them.
  10. IGN: Amaris. WISH: Eden Crystal x999 (1 stack).
  11. I've fixed the typo in the wiki now. ^^ Ty for pointing it out.
  12. I think you forget that in the past Garden agreed to EVERY other guild's whims of wanting FIXED sides, this has been the ONLY time that the majority of our guild refuse to agree to it and for good reason. Jordan has stated and said it twice now, he will not fix teams without consent of both guild leaders and rightfully so because it's weight that is put on both guilds because of being the only competitive PvP guilds. if one guild cannot go then someone's going to get upset either way about that so it will just repeat history again and again. This was his choice as well as the majority of ours; and you keep forcing it to be your choice when it doesn't involve just you, it involves EVERYONE OF BOTH guilds. You can't berate and force people to stay out of PvP. You claim your guild is PvP main, yet you claim that you're mostly under geared and yet you want under geared out of TW? 🤔 I think you need to learn some respect for others and find some new things to do with your time, PvP is only 30m out of 24hrs of a day, go outside, sir. This is also my last post, it's not worth my time anymore.
  13. Our guild leader isn't an alt FYI.
  14. 1. The GM has already spoken about fixed teams, continuing on like this in a rampage is absolutely absurd and pointless. You guys have already PM'd two of our guild members today, telling us to tell our "leader" to fix teams, can you not take the hint? We've already done that for you guys in the past as IndigoChildren which fell to pieces in 2 weeks. 2. We are a PVE MAIN GUILD, PVP IS NOT PRIORITY. We do PvP for fun and your precious guild member RikoudoPain knows that very well since he was once one of Garden's PvP officers. The fact you guys continue to push like this just shows you have 0 respect for our guild and the GMs say. 3. I don't know if you can count, but we average 10-15 players for TW on a good day where as your guild averages 15-20 consistently on a daily basis. If anyone is hiding behind players, it isn't us. We've come to PvP win or lose, tried to our heart's content and did what we thought was fun for us on those days. Example: Last Sunday's GvG. . Example: Today's Territory War.
  15. Altar: Divine Seraph's Wings (Legendary) ✔️08/26/21 Mysterious Spiral Blush (Legendary) ✔️08/16/21
  16. I don't think releasing new tools is a bad idea at all, the fishing rods imo seem quite lonely having only Lv100 rods where as other tools have Lv30-100. It would just add to the fishing rods selection is all. You already made Lv9 gems exist, there's just no enhanced versions yet so I do think it'd be sad to leave those undone overall. Bears I can fully understand, you'd have to start basing their base stats off of another stat or mix and match those if not. As well as base their skill effects on another skill or maybe even a fusion of things, who knows. 😐
  17. I am the one who re-did them for Jordan, along with all the other colors and a lot of other costume recolors that we have. Nice to know they'll be out soon! \o/
  18. Crystal Altar Mysterious Shadow Kitty Ears (Legendary) ✔️05/13/21 Mystery Box Magic/Robust Summer Ren ✔️05/13/21 Robust/Magic Moonlight Autumn✔️05/20/21 Mysterious Astral Ponytail Ribbon (Legendary) ✔️05/13/21 Heart of the Ocean (Legendary) ✔️05/08/21 Magic/Robust Royal Blade Naga ✔️06/10/21
  19. Crystal Altar Magic Succubus (Prime) Mysterious Shadow Kitty Ears (Legendary) ✔️05/13/21 Mystery Box Robust/Magic Moonlight Autumn✔️05/20/21 Mysterious Astral Ponytail Ribbon (Legendary) ✔️05/13/21
  20. Nope, this isn't it at all. It's just that you complain and rant, and rave all the time about M-DPS everywhere that it is to the point you put down any PDPS. Your argument was that PDPS are much stronger than MDPS and MDPS are lackluster in PvE thus resulting in no one using MDPS anymore in PvE and Jordan nerfing PDPS (some of which were completely unnecessary in many peoples opinions). Most of which I feel was based off meta theories, not actual fact or reality of how the metas truly are. Some people just don't have the time to go and re-gear every class you say, but in gearing 1 HA class you essentially gear 3-4 easily and get many things done, I don't see how this is at all hard to do (I have geared a character on another account and finished awaken 110 armors in a few days if nothing less than a few hours depending on trial parties/drop RNGs (thanks to being able to stack many awaken books for extra stones and fossils). I rarely speak in world chat and I never cried or complained about MDPS ever. I frankly do not enjoy MDPS at all, I am a healer main at heart and will always be, even with my main healer being nerfed to half of what it used to be. My 2nd main is Assassin even after it's nerfs and minor rebuff. I just wish that things were the way they used to be on this server. Sorry again for my annoyances and disturbances, hope next patch goes better for you. I will not respond anymore in order to keep this forum post on track. Overall my thoughts of the last patch were unnecessary nerfs. Executioner: I think other things should have been done for exe's nerf, like the DMG dealt buff being decreased to 5-10% instead of handicapping it with nothing and even having to share it's new P-ATK buff with the entire party. It is no longer the tank we used for Sakuya fights where the tank NEEDs to hold aggro or it messes up and can result in wipes due to the KD/Stun spam the boss gives on the current target between shockwaves and not being able to do damage cause of foxes/shockwave (meaning healer can easily get aggro) BA: This class has only been used as a farmer for the longest time and the holy skill almost never used, no one ever gems for it and if anyone uses it, it is likely just to survive the fatal wound inside of palace or the huge dot in mine. Berserker: I think the nerfs to this class was 100% unnecessary, berserker is generally the lowest tier PDPS in the current meta and is used as a de-buffer. The only thing that truly makes it OP is the amount of regen ability it has, the DMG output it gives is next to nothing to worry about and yet it still got nerfed. BM: This class I will admit has been OP for quite a while and sure some people were abusing an infinite KD (need I remind, not everyone was doing this and still suffer for it). The overall DMG loss in KP is kind of sad, but the saddest part is the KD (which you said you will fix?). I still think that this could have been handled better, DMG KP loss could've been 4% in every KP talent because of the overall DMG loss being 10% from each skill.
  21. Imagine coming back after years and not participating in the current end-game PvE, let alone PvP and trying to make the game M-DPS ONLY. Honestly, I'm sick of listening to your BS about the current metas for PvP and PvE when you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Just spare us all and duck off your high horse, go experience things before you try to get them nerfed and turn our server into a anti-PDPS server because of your retarded ideals. If you didn't play and you didn't stay to watch each meta change, and you have 0 experience or knowledge then stop talking now AND GET SOME FIRST. Many of us have been loyal AF to this server through many meta changes, through many class nerfs regardless of the nerf actually being needed or not. Why are you so butthurt that M-DPS aren't top dog in PvE? Is PvP not enough for you? All we have in PvP is capper classes, they don't win the party vs party fights. Abyss and Haven give us PvE use for M-DPS whether you agree with it or not, not everyone will go and use the cheese method. Some of us don't want to be M-DPS mains like you. 🙃 You rant and you rave all over peer chat, honestly it's the most annoying thing to have to see in a GAME we're meant to play for FUN or to RELAX. If this game isn't fun for you the way it is, then maybe you shouldn't be playing it. And by all means, voice your opinions, no one is going to stop you. Just don't force your ideals onto all of us cause not everyone agrees with it. And quite frankly, I think these nerfs were some of the most unnecessary ones the game has ever received. Wrong, it's no longer top DPS(Tank) in our end-game content anymore. The 20% SELF DMG buff it had was quite helpful for using it as a tank for bosses like Sakuya. Soloing 4T now takes x3 the time it used to, good game, solo players are getting hurt through this and berserker's nerf. 🤷‍♀️ Not to mention BM's KD is now broken and KDs every so often for 2s or 3s or if you get lucky a max of 4s. I have tried this many times and have brought someone else with to count with me to be sure of the times. It'd be nice if you can find a better way to fix this "infinite" KD bug that not everyone knew about or bothered to abuse. I just wish that more people's opinions mattered in this game. More than just Siroco play this server. Some of us haven't quit for the other classic server or Aeria that contest vendetta's livelihood. Is it so wrong to hope for our voices to matter too? instead of just getting ignored when we make good suggestions. What about when we said we didn't want Haven or Abyss? Doesn't mean poop, huh.. This isn't the content we wanted, doing achievements is a demotivating thing as it is and now it's even worse with Haven and Abyss. People that are here miss the old trials, we miss getting to play a variety of weaker classes for FUN because of being able to chill and relax while progressing in old fashioned trials. I'll apologize for being a handful or an annoyance to @Jordan, but I won't apologize for speaking my mind. If I get banned for saying BS and duck off then so be it, good luck. I'll be done now. I'll just leave this here and say this isn't the only person's opinion you should be listening to.
  22. Gem Altar Masamune (it's white grade and silver icon) Thanks
  23. Nanami

    Blockade Jewel

    I'd really, really, really, really LOVE if it were to be changed to a Auric type of effect instead of the current Blockade Jewel. I've had to start on a 4th Lv110 runner because of the dumb way it works currently, which means I've spent a lot on cape achievements 3 times already, necklaces, rings, armors, the weapons needed, etc. (Doubt we'll be able to ever have account shared achievements even if it's just titles no points, but it'd be super nice at this point!) It's not nice to have to keep starting over and over (class levels/awakening them included). I've asked @Jordanmany times in the past to change it since my 2nd runner got accidentally leveled, so please at least change this item. I have to spend IRL money buying these stupid things for them to still have a chance at not stopping EXP gained 'cause of the way they work and the way Status Assistant works. 😭 I also know of someone else who went through the same issue but has probably long quit so I am not the only one. Thanks for taking the time to read/respond.
  24. I'd like to make a point to these suggestions again as we've had no change and essences are TOO rare between 5 people rolling on rolls to fight for the 1-2 that drop every 3-4 days. Haven got a daily Box with a chance at 1/6 essences (including souls) which nearly guaranteed a essence a day and twice on maint days from that alone, as well as 3 boxes per run for fragments. Although we had bags increased and souls are slightly easier to get now, we are still struggling to gain essences and 3-4 weeks pass, still barely enough to craft 1 set so I ask of you to take this suggestion and implement it. Abyssal Doom Set: Triple hit rarely procs if ever, I haven't seen the triple hit ever but others say they seen it once or twice and the double hit proc'd less than my 1% tower gems when I tested it out for 1h in Sakura.
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