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Gearing up at 105?


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I used to play on aeria but stopped a few months after mimics were released so I don't really have a clue on end game. Exp seems of no problem but my I think my gears are outdated that field mobs are a threat now. I'm 105 atm using tk90 sets and trying to look for suggestions on what to do or to prioritize next.

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  • VGN GM

The 90 TK set is still fine for you as it levels up with you.

You might be missing some other defensive aspects which is causing you issues such as resistances and equipment.

Make sure you have equipped all your certificates and try asking around from some trophy enchants for your trophies as they will give some decent health.

It's also worth making sure you level up all your classes to level 80 using the Basic Class Level Stone from Temple Ranger Yukari in Aven. This will give you more Health.

Other things that you can do is do some of the legendary achievements, specifically the armors and world bosses as again more health and resistances.

Without seeing your full setup however this is probebly some of the best advice I can give.

If you're dead set on improving your gear though, you might want to try get some in game help to get the level 95 Awaken Armor. The quests have been simplified a lot now so you should be able to do most of it solo but you might need a little help getting the pre-awaken pieces and one or two of the bosses might need help.

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@Jordan  Been actually grinding my classes for a week till I saw someone talking about that rock thingy on guild chat. Good thing that one was on english since my guild chat is like 99% non-english 😅 Now I got my classses all up 80 and those with patak bonuses @ 95+. Currently in the process of making another character hoping I could 2-man the dimention trials so I could get the armors for awaken. But yeah currently got 0 resistance on me that might be the real problem 😅

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  • VGN GM

I don't remember the exact level but somewhere between 80 and 100 you will get a level up reward box that gives all the older trophies for the battle map bosses (Things like Corken's Whisper). Those trophies are really good for getting some resistance as well as putting some trophy enchants on them.

There is some other gear thats worth grabbing too to increase your resistances and failing all that you can buy some chisels from the market and use the basic resistance gems from Aven (I don't remember the NPC's name but I think his title is something along the lines of Basic Gem Merchant, he's not far from the warp portal).

There is a lot of information for new players to digest and its hard to convey it all the time. I am looking into ways to maybe make the information more easier to see for new players who may not want to read all patch notes from the last 6 years.

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In the meantime, you can use the TK set lv80 and get the free lv80 chisels from [Basic Gem Enchanter] Urn at Aven near the Soul Guardian and buy the basic gems from him too to boost your resistances.

While using the free Battlemaps boss trophies, you can match them with the Vendetta Starter Cape, Rings, and Necklace to boost your resistances.

While leveling up and doing mainline quests, I recommend using Blood Knight (templar awaken class). You just need to use 2 skills: Bloodsword's Mark and Bloodsword. Just make sure you hit the enemies with Bloodsword's Mark for it to make Bloodsword spammable and heal you every time you use Bloodsword.

For boosting your damage, get Great Blood Knight's Axe from Bel-Chandra in 95 Trial Kahlo Tower.

Upon reaching level 115

Get the Robust set rings and necklace from the fame chest in the last 3 maps: Robust Essence Necklace (Sold by Grumond Guard), Robust Dire Ring (Sold by Fallmyst Fellowship), and Robust Icy Ring (Sold by Diamcrys Favour-Frostmorn Mountains).

For the trophies, I recommend getting Zarloe's Blight Soul from Zarloe at the Quarantined Map from Grumond Grassland and upgrading it to Grumond: Zarloe's Blight Soul.

For the other one, choose from this:

Ask someone for help to get Dimension Lord's Tooth from DoS.

Hak'Zurk's Mighty Axe from Hak'Zurk in DSR

Or go to the Lv100 trials: Darktide Cave and get Cooked Wolf Meat. This is a healing trophy and will help to support you.

Sorkin's Stash: this will boost your EXP, both normal and awakened CP, and loot rate.

Those set will support you from farming gold both in Palace of Dreams in Roaming Hills, Quarantine Mine in Grumond Grassland, and Dragons Keep in Singing Valley. From then on you have a source of gold to make a better build for your character, if so, you can start building Blade Acrobat for a fast and better farming though this class is very high maintenance as you need a good set of gears, weapons, and accs for it to survive as it doesn't have any support skills but it does a good amount of damage on mobs while farming and have a big spammable aoe skill with proper items.

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