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SW nerf suggestion


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SW has become more of a nuker and less of a sneaky assassin. I bet most of us agree that this broken class needs a little bit of a nerf. So here's a nerf/skill-rework suggestion from a perspective of a stealthy SW main.

Disclaimer: I'm an odd player so these suggestions may not make sense.



Poison Smoke - reduce DOT to 1 instead of the current 3300, revert name to smoke screen

Too op... No more DOT dps for SW please. Sure DOT on smoke works awesome for SW vs SW pvp but it should be minimal just enough to cancel concealment. Tbh I dun understand why SW have DOT even tho we dun have any plasma skill to begin with.


Epona Sprint - replace "stun" with "immobilize" for 3sec. This should be parallel to secret charge.

Cheek Cutter - add 3sec stun or 4sec silence. This to compensate for the loss of stun in Epona Sprint.

With both of these, SW would no longer have it easy against most SE.


Poison Needle - replace DOT with -25% acc and -40% chk-acc, improve detection from -3 to -20, rename to "Blinding Shot" or something like that.


Laser Focus - reduce concealment from 45 to 32.

Consequently, reduce detection of Kumari Armor from 40 to 15. This numbers should balance out the concealment/detection between the relevant classes while SE still retains the upper hand over SW by default.




Here are some of my suggestion for skills from other classes.


Mind Over Body (PU) - add 60 detection, remove 20% acc and 15%ch-acc

Detection Cocoon (PU) - remove 50 detection, add 20% acc and 30%ch-acc, rename to "sharpness cocoon" or something like that.

These should make PU detection skill more viable against SW. At the same time eliminate the stacking of detection point from cocoon and medics' detection mastery on top of SE. Medic + SE should be more than enough detection so PU should not be included in the equation.


Intuition (WH) - increase detection from 54 to 60, increase duration from 9sec to 15 sec.

Ik nobody invest in this skill nowadays... but why the heck WH has detection skill to begin with? Give detection to CB instead. They may want detection more than WH cuz CB tank skills dun last long and are very vulnerable against SW if we "wait out" till their buff runs out.

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