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  1. Newbies fail to appreciate the game cuz they're stuck in the emptiness of barbiron, nemesis and ellis. Either make those maps interesting for old players so they will flock in there or make the newbies sail faster in those waters. Easier to do the later I guess. Fiddling with the exp gain is a headache, right? Thus I suggest to flood the areas with exp boosters nt. Replace the rewards of some main/side and/or daily quests with xp boosters nt. Just how much revenue ya get from exp boosters? It might be a good idea to sacrifice that in exchange for increase sales of pets and datachips. I believe people will be more willing to spend their bucks when endgame is within their reach. You guys were generous enough to feed us excessive amount of exp boosters nt during events. I believe it wouldn't hurt to do so with the newcomers cuz edel's quests' rewards are simply not enough.
  2. Ain't playin anymore but... Ya haven't played enough if ya still haven't been here. But I betcha haven't explored these parts of Enocia. Thank you 2018 Seona DG exit bug!
  3. cant complete that quest in amara. Mine's on the list for years already. Some other viledon quest can be completed in amara tho.
  4. PVP nowadays are shite. It was kindda fine and not totally skewed to one faction couple of months ago. That was before ya added the new lingeries in the game. Take a hint. It's not the lingeries emselves but where/how they drop that causes players to desert and loot along the winning side.
  5. Thanks for the valuable info. Really helps a lot. I guess I now hold the record. There's still plenty of rooms for improvement. Lost direction after the first worm lol. Didn't skip third worm. 2nd and 3rd boss done slower than usual. Forgot to use nerve control agent all along. Dun have speed lingerie. Didn't use golden chrono.
  6. I thought that those giant worms if left alive will power up the final boss and its summoned minions.
  7. bored tried to do it under bad ping (subtitles for my banter) still fast enough tho
  8. Bought a new slightly better potato that comes with pre-installed win10 blight. Tried to match the architectures but the blight didn't go away. Used 32dll despite my win10 pro 64-bit as you did and now it's edible!
  9. Oh finally this culture section. Humanity has Declined Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Grand Blue Monster Barakamon Asobi Asobase Shimoseka Paranoia Agent Saiki Kusuo No Psi Nan Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl I prefer VN over anime tho
  10. Reduce hp of mobs and bosses in tt so that ME (and WH) can DOT em more effectively. Increase their void and def to compensate for the lowered HP otherwise the dg would become way to easy for other classes. would it be nice for ME to have an improved version of exp skill in her skill tree?
  11. ahegao pajamas... Culture Costumes > Sci-Fi Costumes
  12. It's been a year since it got badly nerfed. Now I thought 39-55 NB is devoid of any reward but look what I've got. an Al Kasava Consolation Pack after they killed Abba. So, other than the garbage Abba drops, what's the winning prize in lowbie NB?
  13. It's my "panic skill" used mostly in dire situation. It's not easy to hit only one specific key when panicking ya know.
  14. this is yesterday's first NB this is some months ago this is a year ago Oh how much I love this community!
  15. drop rate chip @ reasonable price
  16. FK hospital eh? Their tactic works without breaking any in-game rule so dun blame em. It's RGs fault for not putting up an even bigger hospital. Not everyone wants to play support in the sideline. I'm terribly guilty of this, thus will build medic once I gather enough resources. On the other side. I imagine hospital vs hospital would be a terrible pvp experience but let's just cross the bridge when we get there.
  17. I humbly disagree... Gimme free mech shards. F**K YOU! I aint here to pvp. I CAME HERE FOR THE BEWBIES~! Seriously. I highly doubt that turning this mmorpg into mmopvp would do any good. Tho not in a good shape, this game is fine as it is. Want some change? Change the playerbase instead cuz it's full of shit. Shit people drives me away more than an imbalanced game.
  18. Great if ya can tank until all of the mobs start attacking u. Problem is that mobs come from varied location from the map, thus they dun arrive at once. The mobs closest to the boss starts attackin ya right away while the mobs far away will take time to travel arriving late. If ya cast ghost walk or Laser Focus too soon when they still far enough, then ya wont be able to reset their agro and keep attakin ya. that aside Another thing that might cause trouble is the mob's attack animation. Watch out for slow ranged mobs cuz they can easily dispel ghost walk and Laser Focus. Like mobs attack so slow that ya already in ghost walk mode before they hit. Best to cast Fade in a relatively safe location where no mobs in proximity. Better have high level Ghost Walk for more eva/ch-eva so that those slow mobs would miss. Have Escape Artist on before casting Laser Focus.
  19. Suggested Retail Price for selling AP items in consignment. unique grafting tool = 3.5K skill reset code = 3.5K narak skin = 5K narak blood = 7K arkana name reset code = 3.5K plastic surgery ticket = 3.5K xp booster = 1K cyberskin backpack = 2K warehouse code = 1.5K premium medallion (7days) = 2K premium medallion (15days) = 3.5K premium medallion (30days) = 6.5K guardian blessing (30days) = 6.5K pet (any) = 6K pet slot expansion = 7K pet datachips = 3K (move speed, acc, resist, evasion, attack, ch-attack, healing, ch-acc, ch-eva, crit rate, crit power, crit eva, crit def, gold collector, drop rate)
  20. Yeah, kind of. I only use mouse for managing equipped gears & inventory, talking to npc, casting napalm, and some other chores.
  21. Pardon the necro. Dis might be of help for shadow. My gear can be seen at the beginning of part 1. Skill tree is http://limeox.info/app/scarlet/sim/?c=2&l=11&s=00ak011d2741600003628890004 Sorry for the bad quality. My potato can only do so much. I intended it to fit in only one vid but I didnt realize bandicam is capped at 10min, thus turned into three parts.
  22. I listen to all sort of core metal xenophobe-core kupal metal fap-core _____________________________________________________________________________________________ pop-core socio-commentary-core history-core poetic metal / homework-core
  23. Yeah! Just play the game. Not go for the win. ...so launch new sb server or revert back to the primitive sb? Eitherways, I'm all in.
  24. sicat


    err... ummm... he missed my point. You too. Has nothin to do with dots. I was only givin away hint, i.e., dun give us chance to counter. Cuz it didnt seem like he, with his own ability only, want to prevent us from castin ghost walk durin pvp. I mean if ya dun want us to cleanse yer debuff durin pvp, then stun/disable us to death before we can cast ghost walk without callin for nerf. If there's no gap on his rota that get no chance to cast ghost walk, then there's no need to make ghost walk dot cleanse exclusive. No point in cleansing after when we're already got killed. While I cannot argue against that... I'm more on beefing up PU than nerfing SW. Not its tankyness but its detection. I suggest add +40 detect on mind over body but in return nerf cocoon down to 20 detect. That would resolve the issue of SE + current cocoon being too op. That 25 sec of 20+40 detect should be enough deterrent against most SW yet not as effective as SE's permanent 89 detect . SW wanting to prey on PU will have to invest heavily on concealment sacrificing significant dps and abilities. on the second thought... 60 detect + in plain sight is reaaalIy scary. So maybe just scrap that idea. btw define stupid comment
  25. sicat


    its funny how yall SW just jump on opportunity to tell how squishy you are so u deserve more damage. as if giving passive damage and 2 debuffs not enough. plus they got to cleanse themselves on arkana mode. its kinda pathetic to see all of the SW crying here. ...I dun recall wanting moar damage. Well, I might actually did before I learned to play this class and that's probably a year ago. there is a skill called poisonsmoke. use it and see how tanky you get. i have never seen any SW complain about having fucked up high damage. all you people say is you deserve high damage because of the squishiness, ...same goes for PU back then. No DE ever complained about being too tanky too, ya know. Nor was there any WH complainin bout em being too accurate in disablin fully buffed SW? We all bitch about each of our classes' weaknesses all the while sayin nothing bout our strength and that's pretty normal. Bitchin bout one's own inability to deal with other classes... now that's not normal. i have not said about removing ghostwalk here. i am just saying ghostwalk to remove the DoT exclusively. listen here: SW are not the only squishy class in the game. CB SE PU are squishy too. but SW is better because they can hide and cant be stunned in escape artist. Lemme remove the subtlety of that statement. What I'm, sayin is that your rota suck. If' yer chain of attacks involve allowing SW to cast ghost walk, then it's not our fault that we can counter ya. Please overhaul yer strategy before callin for nerf. LOL talk about strategy here. i am not asking enfeebel to beat SW. i am saying to use it to counter SW atk. and you can hit a fully buffed SW. (please dont cry about it too now). there is poisonsmoke thats 15 y in distance for that. about bike : idk how long can you bike. or how far can you bike in a BG. SW kills other DPs class in 3 shots. cant yall see the broken damage here? yes SW need high dps but not this fucking high. Again. Please overhaul yer strategy. I have already given away too many hints to beat our class.
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