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  1. As an SW, Ch-atk is the way to deal against SE and other SW afaik. With normal atk, ya cant raise enough acc to offset those classes' high eva. On the other hand, chakra accessories gives high enough ch-acc to against those classes' ch-eva. btw. Building pure ch-atk results in significantly low dps (both in pvp and pve) cuz raising ch-atk usually comes at the expense of crit-atk. Building pure crit is just as bad if not worse. I'm still trying to figure out how to balance ch-atk, crit-atk, and pvp-atk. Then again, I'm just a nub.
  2. Remember the Halloween event last year when we were showered with loads of naraks. For weeks, everyone tried to enhance their gears and end up wanting to kill Catherine. I noticed, not just on that event, that the more people doing (+) at a time the lower the success rate. It seems like busier the server doing rng the less favorable the results.
  3. Tips to minimize redundant kill quest: 1. Only do series of level quests. Say, complete all lv20 quests before doing any lv21 quests. 2. Synchronize the tasks of both the main quests and the side quests by doing similar kill quests simultaneously. Say, complete both the main quest and side quest for killing mob X before doing any kill quest for mob Y. 3. If ya cant synchronize quests, then just do the main quests and disregard all side, daily, and repeat quests.
  4. sicat


    I doubt that. Maybe trivial for other classes but my fragile SWs felt the difference in the mobs' dps. My RG dies a lot trying to farm em while my FK does it like a walk in the park despite being on the same level, same skill set, and exactly the same gear.
  5. sicat


    Rank injustice Points - just in case this topic this topic haven't been brought up before Farming RP in FK amara is a little bit relatively easier compared with RG amara. RP mobs for FK's are lv59 but lv64 for RG's. Iz there anythin can be done bout dis?
  6. If potatoes can still run it, then its all gud.
  7. ik the solution for bullying is beyond VGN domain... so there's that but pvp in SP... seriously? Who's deranged enough to sign up for SP expecting quality pvp experience?
  8. How bout the previously suggested lv60+ Soccer? As for the current allotment of BG's, it goes like these (lv49cap: SP, Siren, Janus) (lv59cap: SP, Siren, SA) (lv60+: Janus, SA, TP). correct me if i'm wrong I suggest to distribute em like dis (lv49cap: SP, Siren, SA) (lv59cap: Janus, Siren, SA) (lv60+: Janus, SP, TP) so that 60+ gets to kick balls. No more SA in 60+ cuz it's broken to begin with. Take away soccer from 59s cuz it's only useful for boosting until lv52 imo. There's a good spot in Ellis that is relatively more viable source of exp compared to SP for lv52-56. There is DMH for lv56+ or even for lv54+ if geared enough. Of course, lv60+ SP would be totally pointless if it just give a relatively small amount of exp. I say the amount of exp we get from farmin it should be enough to lv-up a lv64 to lv65 in less than 12 match.
  9. didn't click gold sink? Enhancements removes too small amount of gold from the economy while it's fairly easy to farm 1.2k gold per hour from DMH, thus potential for inflation. Enhancement is maybe enough for a gold sink atm but it wouldn't be bad to add another one. And that's where skill reset, I propose. Enhancing +0 to +12 only removes around <1k gold or even 2k gold with self-crafted naraks. On the other hand, I'd be very much willing to remove 3k gold from the economy for a skill reset or even 4k gold if it's not obtainable anywhere else.
  10. ^ Wouldn't it be nice to have one of the vending machines sell "skill reset code NT" for gold and/or RP? Let's say for 3k gold and/or 50k RP rather than for VGN points and as random free giveaway in winter event. 1. Cuz I'm poor irl! 2k VGN points is almost equivalent to my one day salary! Seriously, it could further lessen the p2w attribute of the game. To counter the loss of revenue, I suggest to have "Jewel Fusion SG" take its place in the AP store and that should no longer drop from event bosses. 2. Cuz more access to the said item allows people to experiment more on skill builds which could result in a more dynamic pvp. Heck, people might skill reset in the middle of NB and AK. (wont prevent zerg tho) 3. Cuz skill reset has huge potential for a gold sink for a pvp-based game like SB. If I'm not mistaken, enhancements (+) is the main gold sink in this game. Failure costs gold. The failure in enhancing a gear is caused by RNG -- a factor we almost have no control of -- thus very annoying. Isn't it less frustrating to spend gold resetting a skill build than loose gold out of pure (bad) luck?
  11. FC wont balance things out as long as people are unwilling to play underdog. Atm most, if not all, who wish to FC are motivated mainly by bandwagon. <- just my hunch. No FC for those who wish to complete kill quest. Instead, I suggest to make FC an exclusive privilege of (if not mandatory periodically for) angels and archangels.
  12. but if it's just about reaching lv65, why not increase the exp of all DV mobs instead? or maybe decrease exp required to lv up for lv60 and up.
  13. It's better to pvp with your own buddies simply because they are your buddies. Lowbie battlegrounds is generally more meaningful as a farming ground than a place for professing superiority complex. As what sand said, play with other players and you run the risk of facing a jerk who would deny you all the bounty of the battleground. about of factions: If you chose RG, then you will eventually be a part of the zeRG. If you are in FK, then you will eventually learn to love to bully ungeared lowbies. RG are more reliant with one another compared to the FK. I think that's the reason why beggars once proliferated in the RG side. No, seriously. There isn't much difference between factions. RG and FK only differ in color theme of/and cyberskin armor. Factions are just excuses to be able to pvp, otherwise it's all the same gameplay. For sure, there are time periods when there are more RG than FK logged in, and vice versa on other time periods. But there's neither fix schedule nor absolute correlation between the number of online players per faction vs time period. Well, there is AK where for some reason FKs dominate during Wednesday while RGs on Saturday... but that might be among the very few exceptions.
  14. so you are a group. I suggest you split into both of the factions. Some play Royal Guards while the others play as Free Knights. It would also be nice to synchronize your progress for a better pvp experience.
  15. Questing and appreciation of the storylines were my main motivation in playing this game. Never really felt any drag until lv45+ when the exp required to lv-up started to vastly outweigh the amount of exp gained from quests. If ya equate progress only for leveling up and/or gearing up, then yar bound to hit "nemesis wall".