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Hello, new to SB completely, heard about the game in the past but never played it. 17 level at the moment, game seems kinda dead in beginning but that's to be expected I guess. Hope to see more people at latter levels. I do like the game, I know that VGN can't do anything about it but if only the character customization was more detailed, specially sliders for body.


Quick few noob questions, where can I get lingerie unsealer? Does it make character's breasts visible? I did see another character whose breasts were visible completely. Also, I keep seeing some very nice clothes/armors that don't look like mine sci-fi, it's just basic today's fashion clothes such as fishnet stockings, skirts, tight tops and stuff like that. Where does one find those and how much do they cost?

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Hi and welcome to SB. Yes, the game doesn't become more populated until you hit L50+.

Lingerie unsealers drop from World Bosses in Enocia/Mereholt/Barbiron/Viledon. They can also be purchased through Consignment NPC (Gloria) for 40-80G. You can also use VGN points (real money) to purchase on from the in-game item mall (Pressing V) but i DO NOT recommend doing it that way.

With respect to costumes there are a few things.

1. The only normal costume that drops in-game is called the Gold-Star Commando and it drops in Nuclear Bunker. That is a L40+ daily battleground. Unique costumes (that gives additional stats) drop in battlegrounds (Turnpike/Janus/Soccer Pitch/Second Ark/Siren) or in dungeons (Small Spaceship, Abyssal Temple or The Acheron).

2. Using VGN points, you can purchase Mystery Boxes (that change weekly) that give you a chance to win a costume. Check here to see what's available this week. You can check the Promotions section to see a visual of the costume that are in the mystery boxes. Costume Mystery Boxes are usually 299 VGN points.

3. You can also use Consignment NPC to buy any of the costumes from answers 1 & 2, assuming that people are selling them.

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