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  1. GoRy


    I agree with Siseneri.
  2. GoRy

    Complete LoD times

    Everything seems wrong after the time change, let's wait if something happen with server time.
  3. GoRy

    One of those money topics

    Luring with pets is essential, you can aggro up to 15 mobs, without pets just 5.
  4. GoRy

    One of those money topics

    Always go in attack when you are archer. DH can leech HP, so when you attack a group of mobs, you will probably get healed back to full. Lure with pets and them send them away with F and kill the enemies alone. It will take a while, but you will kill them.
  5. GoRy

    SP Perfection rates

    That's unfortunate, but there is not much we can do about it, anyway, I wish you to get well soon!
  6. GoRy

    One of those money topics

    Buying already bought equipment will be very expensive, so try to get something and improve it in the course of the time. Yes, it also depends on your bow and dagger, but DH should not have problems there. Better equipment = less time to kill these mobs. I don't visit Act 5.2 for dropping, because I can solo Act 6, but DH is a good investment, it is a strong SP and it comes handy in Zenas raids.
  7. GoRy

    SP Perfection rates

    You can also drop Draco's claws and Glacerus's manes in Unknown Land in Act 4, but watch out, the enemies here are strong and you can always get killed in PvP by a member of the opposing faction.
  8. GoRy

    One of those money topics

    I will also try to answer your questions, first thing I tried to get at your level is pet with good HP and lot of dolls. It is a essential thing for archer in act 6 to have companions with good amount of HP. After this, I would invest in champion equipment. Accesories and alts are things I focused on later, when I was already 99+30.
  9. GoRy

    One of those money topics

    I would suggest you to also visit Act 4 raids, because when you get lucky and receive r7 box, you can make around 15kk for single raid. Regarding Act 5.2 mobbing, if you are archer, I recommend using Demon Hunter specialist, you won't maybe even need to use potions if you do it the right way. By the way, thanks for creating this post.
  10. GoRy

    Lucky moments showoff

  11. GoRy

    Lucky moments showoff

    I will start with this one
  12. Had luck and wanting to show off to others? Then you can post your lucky moments here!
  13. I don't agree with this suggestion. Leave it how it is.
  14. GoRy

    New searching mode for Raidboxes

    Yes! I definitely agree!
  15. GoRy

    Is it easy to level up?

    Hello, the exp rate here is x20 related to official server, for example, finishing Act 1 (Time-Space 55) will get you to atleast level 83. At this point, you can make level 88 in just few visits of LoD with Ancelloan, which is relatively cheap. After reaching this level, you can make level 92 in Act 6 quest very quickly. So, in tl;dr, levelling here is very easy in comparison with official server.