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  1. Word Game (ノ>ω<)ノ

  2. Balance Archer SP (5 - 8)

    Not bad, I like it.
  3. Make mane/claw tradeable

    Making these items tradable is not a really good idea. You only mention one reason, but you don't even think how players would start to trade. And they would trade a lot. Actually, people will make a lot of money from selling these items and it will just make easy server even easier. Perfection on SP should stay how it is, imo. Unnecessary intervention into the game economics.
  4. That would be a hella big intervention into the game system, which would have to get reworked. But something similar already happened on Metin 2, when they added Lycans after lots of years with 4 classes.
  5. The zodiac raids

    The idea does not seem bad. But I suggest you should try to invent more than this before you write down topic. I am curious what you will come out with.
  6. Double accounting

    Well, there is at least some type of protection regarding commending with alt characters. The thing is that these players beg. For example, I have experience with PLAYER and Susanita, both of them writing in my whisper messages "Commend Please T.T". That is not directly trading, as they get these commends for free, but it is really annoying and the point of the commend system is just gone. Commendations should be given as rewards for helping others, being useful and nice to others, not for begging.
  7. Upgrade rate

    +15 is not for everyone. You should have counted with that. I think these rates are just ok.
  8. Suggest mob act6

    Even if I really hate it, I think it is okay. You can't just dominate in Act 6 zones without even having a piece of good equipment. Everything would be easy and unfair to players, who had to go through everything in the act before you.
  9. Complete LoD times

    I am happy that my chart helped you!
  10. Hello! Dai here!

    Welcome here and enjoy your stay!
  11. Upgrade rate

    Well, you consider just the probability of success, but you ignore the number of attempts, the factor, which is essential. If you kept the original rate along with rate of gold and the fact you can buy everything needed to upgrade just for gold, everyone would already have OP equipment. I am for keeping the current rates.
  12. About gillion

    Well, I personally made weak chars and exped them to level 35, then went into Fernon, entered the PTS and left these two chars in first room and did the PTS solo. You can make lots of gillions without bigger preparations this way. Or you can get your chars better and do PTS in Western Krem, where you will get more gillions, and also, it is easier to locate energic fields.
  13. Gold farming Tipps

    There are many ways to make some good money. As VoidSlayer said, I would definitely go and exp to lvl 88 fast, to get access to Act 6, you can drop plenty of valuable items, from balances to AW gloves/shoes. Don't forget Act 6 raids, when you are stronger, they drop equipment and a lot of money. In addition, you should make daily quests, as doing the trio of quests - Kertos, Valakus and Grenigas grants you 4,2kk just from rewards from quests (Earth Elements), aside, you will also get some money from drops at the end of raid, plus you get raidbox where you can get cool items, if you are lucky enough. And you can even try to make some offline profit, by classic method of buying cheap, selling expensive. The most efficient way is Gillion buying and Cella selling. If you are addicted to it enough, you can make tens of millions in few days. You can also try buying VGN and selling items, but not much people selling VGN are found nowadays. You can always donate to get some VGN too. (That is really the fastest way to make money, but for the cost of paying real cash.) Also, cool thing, if you are in active family, you should always visit Glacernon raids. There is not a bad chance for R7 crates, which are valued in prices around 10 to 20 millions per one. (Depends on raid.) I hope you will find your suitable way, good luck.
  14. Basar

    I agree just partially. It may be good thing, but I would definitely leave it just for people with NosMerchant Medal, as they pay for benefits in bazar and they can access the bazar from anywhere, it would not be big impact for the players. Vice versa, I can imagine someone without NMM seeing his item getting sold and deciding to change their plans (could be raid, TS, or something else) just for retrieving the money. So yes, I agree, but just for NMM owners.