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GS Bounty Hunt Event

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Hello everyone,


As a new GS i would like to bring something new to the in-game so what about a GS hunt? :)

Now you might wonder. What it is about? What we have to do?

Let me explain to you. Me and any other GS who will take part in this will go and hide in Ellis or Amara and once he is ready in a spot he picked, a Wanted will be applied on his head. Then all you have to do is find him and take his wanted.

Date and time: Sunday 1st April 2018   14:30 (server time)


  • NO ALTS (please make a fair game for everyone to enjoy it)
  • Once you have taken a wanted kill stay behind and enjoy the rest event, please don't make us expel you from future events.

EVENT WILL BE HOSTED BY GS's from both sides.

FK SIDE: [GS] NoRunNoGun

RG SIDE: [GS] Spherical aka Moo

Note 1: If the faction of the Wanted GS decides to protect him, there is not much we can do about it. :)

Note 2: If any other GS take part on this event, will be added on this thread.




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