GS Bounty Hunt suggestions

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Hello everyone,

So now that the GS bounty hunt event is over we would like to hear your suggestions and anything you would like to see next time. Also thanks everyone who took part protecting and hunting the wanted GSes. We hope you had some great time out there.

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I enjoyed the event and helping host it, I do have some feedback from the RG players and some observations from myself.

When we did the hide and seek part and the player found us and took the wanted that went quite well but the RG faction kept shouting saying they wanted to protect Moo, when we eventually decided to tell them where we were it encouraged a bit of pvp and they seem to enjoy protecting me and the base dive one we did was fun.

when we moved to amara it was harder to control and the cooldown time on wanteds was a bit of a pain, Rg's seemed to have fewer numbers on and struggled a bit.

It was suggested that the gs's hosting the wanteds should be of the same class, Moo was a relativey undergeared squishy 59 medic and NoRunNoGun was a 42k geared De with two or three medics healing him at time which made things difficult in the base dive and amara as there wasnt a lot of RG online at the time, it was suggested that the two gses be a similar class and gear level although that may be hard to do.

A lot of peeps were asking whats the prize, as it was a test the wanted was the prize this time round but we may be able to award points next time, we need to see what format the players enjyed most and how to improve it for the next time.

Over to you guys.

best bit of the event for me was the rg trying to protect me when the fk's based dived to try and kill Moo

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