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Summer Art Event 2018 [CLOSED]


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 Summer Art Event 

Hi guys, to celebrate Summer I'm opening this art event for you.

The event consists in creating an art work about Eden Eternal with a Summer theme. You will have to draw for your art.

  •     1. You can only submit your drawing once, anyone caught using multiple accounts will be disqualified.
  •     2. Do not sell artwork for people on the event, let them do this by their selves.
  •     3. Fotoshopping / editing an image from the internet is not allowed.
  •     4. Make sure to include in your post your IGN (in game name), so I can mail you with your prize.

 Prizes : 

 1st Place (1 winner) : A legendary Costume of Winner's choice 

 2nd Place (2 winners) : 5 Event Points 

 3rd Place (3 winners) : 3 Event Points 

Things to keep in mind: 

  •  We have the right to deny any item requested if we think it shouldn't be given.
  •  You can't choose Mystery box, Diamond Altar, Event box or Anniversary exclusive items.
  •  Items will be sent to winners Item Mall.


Event starts today, 06/01, and ends at 06/19.

Arts should be posted below this post.

Have a nice day and good luck, May Art be with you !

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Hello to all,

I am the first participant of this competition

Here is my interpretation of the theme:


IGN Name :


Guild "Chocolat"


Bonjour à tous,
Je suis donc la première participante de ce concours
Voici mon interprétation du thème


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Well, winners were chosen. If you didn't win, don't worry, you will have another chance. :D

And the winners are:

Congratz to winners and thank you all for participating ! Was really fun to host this event. Prizes will be sent as soon as possible, so don't worry, if you won you will receive them.

Thank you and have a nice day !

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