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  1. Sorry to hear that . You've been very active in the forum and people enjoy chatting with ya. Take care Nayxa.
  2. Got this from gamefaqs:D I am surprised so many are the 25-36 age range, lol.
  3. Why do you have to quit Nippa? Even though I don't know you personally, you're one of the best GS in EE. /sad -- Anyway wish you the best in the future and come back once in a while. Take care Nippa.:)
  4. Welcome to the VGN Staff Karah! Hope you like it here and hope we are rooting for you so stay for a llloooonnngg time, k?>:D muhahahhaa
  6. Thanks for answering [GS] Armades ! Don't worry, I will use contents for this game and in-game related stuff^^
  7. Are we allow to cut out our character from the game and make something out of it? For example, like this: screenshot windows 8 For this wallpaper I made a long time ago, I used a scan and cut it out via photoshop. Then I manipulate the image and it turned out like this.
  8. Your love it feels so good And that's what takes me high Higher than I've been before Your love it keeps me alive Thought I should let you know When you touch me it means so much ~
  9. welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay:D
  10. Use a helmet Vivi to make sure that your brain wont explode:D. You're such a genius, lolxD. Evil puppy will be there to watch your timely death>:3. muahhahah
  11. Welcome Luxdrayn! You've been pretty active in the forum and we are glad to have you on the ee team! Thanks and take care bro. See ya around=)
  12. Who knew Jackie Chan can sing? o.o/ Kim Hee Seon is Korean and Jackie is Chinese. In my Sig, Saranghae in Korean means I love you, so I put it in my sig meaning "I love you Eden Eternal". Saranghae is the only word I know in Korean, lol.
  13. Bash - Its been 3 years for Eden Eternal and we are very thankful that you are hosting the game. I never played the game from Aeria, but all I can this is an amazing game. Kudos to you Bash. Here, eat some chocolate candy. Almost Halloween!:D Vivi - Thank you so much for helping Jordan with the patch. You're a one cool person that doesn't take any bs from anyone. People should be aware if they get on your nerves, their dingaling will be cut off. muahhahahah. Just kidding. In all honestly, the GM team makes a perfect foursome and its all I can say:). You can ride the alpacas and see the beautiful glow from your pet. Keep going, don't stop. Jordan - Hello mate, how've you been? Hope you feel better from your cold. When you feel better, come back with your amazing Absorb-ing ideas and give your all for the amazing patch and being a amazing GM. We hope that awakening Lvl 100 weapon, Lvl armors are for real! So right now, drink some tea or eat some comfort foods to get better from your illness and come back stronger than ever. Thy - Hello, Thy. You've a pretty good GM too. Popping up from no where and laying a smackdown on the abstractly evildoers, lol. Thank you your hard work even though we all know that you're busy in real life. Come and check on us here and there, so we, the players, can have some fun chatting with ya. GS - Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to to this game. Without all you all, we wont be having events like this one or other events in game. So proud of you guys. In my mind, the GS team are Mythical creatures and works hard to help the GMs when they are not around. Thanks GS team. Lets go!
  14. Thank you so much for the drop list Nanami. Can you make the fonts a little bigger. That's all^_^
  15. He's really funny^^. Try to watch with an open mind and you will laugh a lot, lol. If this video offended someone please tell me to change it or lock the post. Thanks!
  16. Mine has to be: Rurouni Kenshin Soul Eater Claymore Tokyo Ghoul Princess Mononoke Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Naruto Bleach. One Piece Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust I know theirs more, but I forgot them. lol
  17. Draw Naruto! I drew this picture a long time ago featuring Pain and pervert jiraiya^^ Some poster on Deviantart said they looked like fish lol. I am glad you're bought a tablet. I cant use it because its hardT-T. So I sold back to ebay hehe. I hope you enjoy and play around with the tablet Monoki^^
  18. np^^. Can you add weapon types that belong to a class? For example: Pierce - Sickle Shot, Bows, Gun. etc. I bookmarked this post when I needed, lolxD
  19. Welcome abroad mate. We are happy to see you here and enjoy the game.:D
  20. I agreed with Jordan. The blue hurts my eye, lolxD. Nice guide tho:)
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