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  1. Make these with Black Fur and Bloody color Claws :D or!!!! Make it match with these plz :D
  2. ✔️08/09/19✔️08/15/19 ✔️08/09/19 ✔️08/15/19 ✔️08/09/19 ✔️08/15/19
  3. ~ Mystery Boxes ~ ~ Crystal Altar~ ~ Gem Altar ~
  4. Summer Splash IGN: iMiko
  5. ~★~★~★~★~★ Costumes@Mystery Boxes or Crystal Altar ★~★~★~★~★~ ~★~★~★~★~★ Head, Face, Mouth, Back@CrystalAltar, GemAltar ,MysteryBoxes ★~★~★~★~★~ ~★~★~★~★~★ Mount, Weapons, Stones@CrystalAltar or MysteryBoxes ★~★~★~★~★~ ~★~★~★~★~★ Prime - to - Legendary ★~★~★~★~★~ Unless im blind i don't see this as legendary in Archive (>_< ; ) ~★~★~★~★~★ Dye Altar(different colors +Black n White) ★~★~★~★~★~
  6. ⋆Life Sentence Jailbird Chic Threads (Legendary)@Crystal Altar or Mystery Boxes ⋆Mysterious Fiery Battle Robe(Legendary)@Crystal Altar or Mystery Boxes ⋆Brutal Bear Paws(Legendary)@Crystal Altar or Mystery Boxes(Different Colors? If possible? ><) ⋆Baby Northern Peeper(Legendary)@Gem Altar ⋆Mysterious Bridemaid's Updo(Legendary)@Crystal Altar or Mystery Boxes Biggest one i been waiting for is Dye Altar please!
  7. Miko

    Christmas Event!

    ❆Erufu❆ "Long lived elves are children of the natural world, and strive to live in harmony. Possess a graceful, slender physique by their long, pointed ears. It is a mistake to consider them weak or feeble." "They can contain surprising power." IGN: Mikotato
  8. Miko

    Halloween Event!

    ✞ Adonai of Elohim Cloak✞ IGN: Mikotato "As the dark , dark night, a silent evil hosts an evil purpose. Thirsting to take his underworld like a heart in solitude, you can embody the will of the goddess who lies in this cloak and so purify the darkness."
  9. ⋆Blue Powder Dye @Crystal Altar ⋆Mysterious Chastity's Hood (Legendary)@Crystal Altar ⋆Mysterious Singer's School Uniform (Legendary)@Crystal Altar ⋆Mysterious Kunoichi Costume (Legendary)@Crystal Altar ⋆Mysterious Candy Sweetheart (Legendary)@Crystal Altar or Mystery Boxes (Suggestion) ⋆Mysterious Guerllia Garb (Legendary) @Crystal Altar ⋆Mysterious Olympics Cheerio Skirt (Prime)@Crystal Altar ⋆Mysterious Peacock Tail feathers (Legendary)@Crystal Altar ( Different colors? If possible? ><) ⋆Mysterious Spectacles (Legendary)@Crystal Altar or Mystery Boxes(Suggestion) ⋆Mysterious Fox Mask (Legendary) @Gem Altar ⋆Elite Mummy Revenge Bandage (Legendary)@Crystal Altar or Mystery Boxes(Suggestion) ⋆Mysterious Toy Fish (Legendary)@Crystal Altar or Mystery Boxes(Suggestion) ⋆Mysterious Feisty Nobel's Wig (Legendary)@Crystal Altar ⋆Mysterious Soft Snowman Hat (Legendary)@Crystal Altar ⋆Mysterious Royal Floret Hairpin (Legendary)@Gem Altar ⋆Mysterious Sweetheart Lollipop (Legendary) @Gem Altar Just some costumes/weapons/backs/accessories I haven't seen for a while or haven't seen at all in my opinion ><! ⋆~Just suggestions~⋆