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  1. Miko

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

    ~ Mystery Boxes ~ ~ Crystal Altar~ ~ Gem Altar ~
  2. Miko

    Summer Art Event 2018 [CLOSED]

    Summer Splash IGN: iMiko
  3. Miko

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

    ~★~★~★~★~★ Costumes@Mystery Boxes or Crystal Altar ★~★~★~★~★~ ~★~★~★~★~★ Head, Face, Mouth, Back@CrystalAltar, GemAltar ,MysteryBoxes ★~★~★~★~★~ ~★~★~★~★~★ Mount, Weapons, Stones@CrystalAltar or MysteryBoxes ★~★~★~★~★~ ~★~★~★~★~★ Prime - to - Legendary ★~★~★~★~★~ Unless im blind i don't see this as legendary in Archive (>_< ; ) ~★~★~★~★~★ Dye Altar(different colors +Black n White) ★~★~★~★~★~
  4. Miko

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

    ⋆Life Sentence Jailbird Chic Threads (Legendary)@Crystal Altar or Mystery Boxes ⋆Mysterious Fiery Battle Robe(Legendary)@Crystal Altar or Mystery Boxes ⋆Brutal Bear Paws(Legendary)@Crystal Altar or Mystery Boxes(Different Colors? If possible? ><) ⋆Baby Northern Peeper(Legendary)@Gem Altar ⋆Mysterious Bridemaid's Updo(Legendary)@Crystal Altar or Mystery Boxes Biggest one i been waiting for is Dye Altar please!
  5. Miko

    Scary Story Entries!

    ~I'm not good at writing long paragraphs especially stories. Just trying for fun. ~ As the sun sets, a high school boy returns to his apartment and notices three giggling girls sitting around a black, shadow-like mass in the courtyard, they noticed the boy staring with curiosity and tells him about their companion whom they personify as their friend, "Ichigo-chan." They claim that "Ichigo" invites him to play with them, but he declines and promises to play with "Ichigo" soon. When coming home, he noticed that the shadow-like mass and the girls weren't there anymore and thought of them as strange kids. The next day, the girls get told by " Ichigo" that the boy would pass by again that day which they do and tells him about "Ichigo" knowing about his arrival and notify him on his promise, but he uses his part-time job as an excuse and thought to himself how would a shadow-like mass know. When he returns home, the boy finds the girls knocking at his door and claim that "Ichigo" spoke of visiting him to see if he can play and they point to a black shadow on his ceiling, claiming it to be "Ichigo". Spooked, the boy throws the girls out claiming that she is not here and to stop this game with him. As he goes to his room scared and concerned he sees the black shadow like mass claiming to be " Ichigo" on his ceiling and watches in fear as it's black shadow manifests eyes come out of the shadow and speaks of his promise, before it pulls the boy into itself. Finally the girls sit in a circle in the courtyard and are happy for the boy kept his promise to " Ichigo" as they sit around two shadows...... ~The End~ 🎃 ~ H a p p y H a l l o w e e n ~ 🎃
  6. Admiring the beauty at its fullest -Mikotato
  7. Miko

    Christmas Event!

    ❆Erufu❆ "Long lived elves are children of the natural world, and strive to live in harmony. Possess a graceful, slender physique by their long, pointed ears. It is a mistake to consider them weak or feeble." "They can contain surprising power." IGN: Mikotato
  8. Miko

    Legendary requests

    ~ ~ Body ~ ~ ★ Mysterious British Olympics Cheerio Skirt (Prime) • Mysterious British Olympics Competitor Tee T-Shirt (Prime) ★ Mysterious French Cobalt Olympic Threads (Prime) • Mysterious French Cobalt Olympic Garb (Prime) ★ Mysterious German White Olympic Threads (Prime) • Mysterious German White Olympic Garb (Prime) ★ Mysterious Korean Olympic Threads (Prime) • Mysterious Korean Olympic Garb (Prime) ★ Mysterious Hong Kong Olympic Threads (Prime) • Mysterious Hong Kong Olympic Garb (Prime) ★ Mysterious Japanese Olympic Threads (Prime) • Mysterious Japanese Olympic Garb (Prime) ★ Mysterious Malaysian Olympic Threads (Prime) • Mysterious Malaysian Olympic Garb (Prime) ★ Mysterious Thai Olympic Threads (Prime) • Mysterious Thai Olympic Garb (Prime) ★ Mysterious Chinese Olympic Threads (Prime) • Mysterious Chinese Olympic Garb (Prime) ★ Mysterious Portuguese Olympic Threads (Prime) • Mysterious Portuguese Olympic Garb (Prime) ★ Mysterious Brazilian Olympic Threads (Prime) • Mysterious Brazilian Olympic Garb (Prime) ★ Mysterious Spanish Olympic Threads (Prime) • Mysterious Spanish Olympic Garb (Prime) ★ Mysterious American Olympic Threads (Prime) • Mysterious American Olympic Garb (Prime) ~ ~ Back ~ ~ ๑ Dreamy Seraph's Wings (Alpha) ๑ Blueberry Bear Satchel (Alpha) ๑ Sea Sprite Wings (Alpha) ๑ Super Cool Peacock Tailfeathers (Alpha) ๑ Blue Freedom Wings (Alpha) ๑ Azure Alpaca Backpack (Alpha) ๑ Tempest Lazurite Wings (Alpha) ~ ~ Head ~ ~ ✿ Mysterious Bunny Hat (Prime) ✿ Mysterious Alpaca Ushanka (Prime) ✿ Mysterious Hand-Dyed Double Pompom Christmas Hat (Prime) ~ ~ Weapons ~ ~ ❄ Lake Laku Lobster Lopper (Prime) ❄ Cupid's Bow (Prime) ❄ Plumed Fan (Prime) ❄ Legendary Painted Drum (Prime) ❄ Crystal Wand (Prime) 。:.* ⓈⓊⒼⒼⒺⓈⓉⒾⓄⓃⓈ *.:。
  9. Miko

    Halloween Event!

    ✞ Adonai of Elohim Cloak✞ IGN: Mikotato "As the dark , dark night, a silent evil hosts an evil purpose. Thirsting to take his underworld like a heart in solitude, you can embody the will of the goddess who lies in this cloak and so purify the darkness."
  10. ☆ ~ Lucky Star ~ ☆ Konata Izumi 'She refers to herself as a prankster, and finds great enjoyment in teasing her friends. She avoids studying, thus her grades are uneasy. However, she is an expert in pulling an "all-nighter,"' d(-w-)b
  11. Miko

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

    ⋆Blue Powder Dye @Crystal Altar ⋆Mysterious Chastity's Hood (Legendary)@Crystal Altar ⋆Mysterious Singer's School Uniform (Legendary)@Crystal Altar ⋆Mysterious Kunoichi Costume (Legendary)@Crystal Altar ⋆Mysterious Candy Sweetheart (Legendary)@Crystal Altar or Mystery Boxes (Suggestion) ⋆Mysterious Guerllia Garb (Legendary) @Crystal Altar ⋆Mysterious Olympics Cheerio Skirt (Prime)@Crystal Altar ⋆Mysterious Peacock Tail feathers (Legendary)@Crystal Altar ( Different colors? If possible? ><) ⋆Mysterious Spectacles (Legendary)@Crystal Altar or Mystery Boxes(Suggestion) ⋆Mysterious Fox Mask (Legendary) @Gem Altar ⋆Elite Mummy Revenge Bandage (Legendary)@Crystal Altar or Mystery Boxes(Suggestion) ⋆Mysterious Toy Fish (Legendary)@Crystal Altar or Mystery Boxes(Suggestion) ⋆Mysterious Feisty Nobel's Wig (Legendary)@Crystal Altar ⋆Mysterious Soft Snowman Hat (Legendary)@Crystal Altar ⋆Mysterious Royal Floret Hairpin (Legendary)@Gem Altar ⋆Mysterious Sweetheart Lollipop (Legendary) @Gem Altar Just some costumes/weapons/backs/accessories I haven't seen for a while or haven't seen at all in my opinion ><! ⋆~Just suggestions~⋆
  12. I can see u doing dis Vyvy :< hue ~