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I am done!


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Good bye to everyone.

Goodbye Yumi and Jordan, the ONLY staff members that listened to community (even not being Twin Saga staff members), not thinking EVERY comment/suggestion, is a attack/offense.

Bash and Par, go fuck yourselfs with your complex of insults. In any time i did a insult to you guys, but you aways says i did. And there ya go, this is REALLY AN INSULT to you.

I tried tell some suggestions, and you guys only said "Stop cry for free items!", "Stop whining!", if this is how you manage your servers, well, i am not surprised why your TS server is way emptier than the other PS (i wont even talk about SB and EE, because VGN is the only PS for these), even with much more updated content.
The server isn't the problem, the staff managing it IS!

If you don't want suggestions, is just better CLOSE THE DAMN FORUM FOR SUGGESTIONS.

So, that's it. Feel free to ban me, for sure will delete this thread, since you guys don't like when ppl tell the truth.

Keep on with your INSULTS to the community, and you will aways have a dead community, with only ballsuckers and bad staff insulting members telling false informations.

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I know your frustrated, if you want to leave then feel free. It was nice to have you here.

I know that Bash and Par did not mean to insult you, especially Bash. He was incredibly frustrated with the mass complaints of players complaining about various things, even though he couldn't be around for a lot due to his computer issues. Now, I know that you also are upset and frustrated, but all we have ever asked is to be patient with Bash during this issue. Trust me, I know you and many others are frustrated and think that the packs we gave out aren't enough to make up for the lost items/levels/etc. I was going to get in touch with Bash before he put up the pack, but he hasn't been around much. No one's fault really on that. 

We appreciate your suggestions, but not all of us appreciate the backlash as well (not saying that you personally brought some in, but people can take criticism differently than others). This month has been VERY difficult on all of us, so we're trying our best to show that we care about all of what has happened with the lag/disconnections/rollbacks/etc. We've all been stressed.

Again, sorry to see you go. Good luck to you.

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  • VGN GM

Self absorbed anger. None of the comments made were directed towards you so thank you for the insult :) jeez Twin Saga really did attract the ladies.

I am really confused on the suggestion thing is it because we reject your suggestion or something? Lol Like wtf is really going on here I am rather confused.

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