"Arch-elementalist Wind/Lightning" Build Guide

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"Arch-elementalist Wind/lightning" Build Guide.


Hi guys. After severals months to make a good arch-elementalist, I finally make it. I show you how to make a arch-elementalist Wind/lighting !

Let's start !

On this build, we use the Wind and lightning stance because he have a regen spell (wind storm) and good burst spell (Lightning stance). compare with the ice/fire stance's he have a good spell but is very weak in solo and very long to setup on boss fight.

I use the "Great Magician Staff" for the bonus damage (lightning bombardment and wind tornado +30%) and M-atk +5% and "Evil Eye Rune Grimoire" for the +20% MAG (only use on a group of ennemy or during the magic burst charge)

"Magic Burst" is really good for burst (+5% MAG stack 10 time). Charge up with the wind stance, once reach 10 time, deal heavy damage with lightning stance skill.

Ezelin has the lowest basic HP stats (90%) but his "Affinity Magic" (+20% M-CRIT DMG) is really good and avoid allocating more KP or certificate.

Human is good too with +5% CAST SPD and regen MP skill but his HP is low (97%)

This Class has a very weak defence, don't forget to allocate some resistance gem on your equipments .

2. Gameplay:

2.1. Stance System:

These two Stance has unique properties:

-Wind stance: Wind resistance +10 and move speed +10% can provide HP regeneration,buff and boost skill (usually we start with this stance).

-Lightning stance: Lightning resistance +10 and move speed +10% provide heavy damage and aoe (use this stance only when "Magic Burst" is charged).

Of course you can boost stat and skill in using KP in class talent.

2.2. Charge "Magic Burst" faster on boss fight.

Charge the magic burst is really boring on single boss fight but i found something for charge faster. When use "Magic burst" stay near the boss, use "attack" skill (or double click on the target) and cast a spell. Now he is stack up to 2 instead of 1.


2.3. Cycle

Active: Lightning: Arcane Shield

Wind stance: "Evil Eye Rune Grimoire" or "Great Magician Staff"
Lightning Stance: "Great Magician Staff"

-Wind stance
-"Magic Burst" 
-"Auto attack" x1 (double clic or "Attack" skill) don't forget stay near the boss.
-"Wind Bombardment" x1 (Cast spd +10%)
-"Wind Storm" until "Magic burst" is charged
-"Wind hydra" (Lightning stance skill DMG +200%)

-Lightning stance
-"Lightning Storm" x3 or 4
-"Lightning bombardment" x1
-"Lightning Tornado" x1
-"Lightning Hydra" x1








4.Certificate and class talent.


Allocate on Staff master and Black magic is really important. Gift of magic is great too !

For the rest allocate on Wind and Lightning branch.

Typical 2H weapon master and M-ATK +10% for some accuracity and damage boost !



Messie: Luck Glyph  
Warrior: Last Resort Glyph 
Knight: Frozen Knight Glyph 
Templier: Healing Light Glyph 
Dragon Knight: Drake Tail Strike Glyph 
Thief: Cruel Slashe Glyph 
Martial artist: Meditation Glyph 
Blade dancer: Noctural dance Glyphe 
Samurai: Shrine belief Glyph   
Hunter: Digengage Glyph  
Engineer: Laser Cannon Glyph  
Ranger: Meteor Shower glyph 
Inquisitor: Final Verdict Glyph
Cleric: Death Glyph 
Bard: Roaming Thunder Glyph
Shaman: Rage of Storm Glyph
Sage: Aura: Invisibility Glyph 
Magician: Silent storm Glyph
Ilusionnist: Meteor storm Glyph
Warlock: Infernal Glyph 
Luminary: Holy Prayer Glyph


Recommended: Magician Lv2, Healer Lv2, Complete support potion Lv5, Reality mana knowledge Potion (All HL Pve Donjon except GoP).

Optionnal: INT AGI LCK Potion Lv1-5, Malice ward Potion lv1, Mulled vine (HP+10%).


Recomended: Fire Meteor: M-ATK +5%, Violet starlight Luna Rock: INT et AGI +3%, Sprite Salacious Star Stone: INT +7%.



Pet with skill "resistance collapse"

Glitzy Sprite princess: Great for the heal.


Magic armored scorpion: Recommended with the M-ATK +7% and all stat +5%

Thank you for reading the guide ^^



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Thats a nice guide, but i think you made it some months on past and forget to patch somethings.

Arcane wizard lvl 100 set > Awakened Infernal set

Magic shirley (7% m atk and 10% staff m/p atk).


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