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  1. While I agree that the mentality of players factors in largely to the state of the community when it comes to PvP, I don’t think it’s productive or necessarily accurate to speak in absolutes in this context. I think that whether or not the players who aren't going will be incentivized to participate in PvP through useful/relevant rewards is ultimately going to be up to them. Just to make sure it’s understood and my suggestion here isn’t being misrepresented, I’m not presenting this as some one-size-fits-all solution that’s going to instantly bring us back to 50+v50+ TWs every day. As evidenced in the language used when I say: There most likely isn’t going to be a singular thing that we can change or improve that is going to be “the answer” to fix everything, as such, I would recommend against disregarding solutions that could fix certain problems just because it won't be "the answer" to all problems. Abuse can be mitigated to some degree through the implementation but it is true that the potential for it will still be there. Depending on how well we can mitigate, the question basically becomes if it will be worth it to effectively have no meaningful PvP rewards on the server to prevent a few players from gearing a bit faster than normal.
  2. I’d like to present a suggestion concerning the rewards players get from Battlefield PvP. (Territory War, Guild Elimination, Guild Arena, Battlegrounds) It is well known that there is little incentive for players who are not optimally geared to participate in Battlefield PvP. If players receive some sort of benefit to being active in PvP, I think it’s likely we’ll see an increase in participation at least on some level. I’m aware that Eden Eternal is not some hardcore PvP game and players should not have to go to Battlefield PvP to get exclusive items they can only get from there. Right now, the main reward that a player gets from participating in Battlefield PvP is war stones. Unfortunately, for the Awaken VGN server at 130 cap, this reward is quite insignificant. In the “classic” era of the game, war stones were a reasonable and useful item to obtain over time for players to gear themselves, but I think the reward system should be modernized and fit into the actual meta of the “awakened” server we play on. The Battlefield Reward Chest’s reward outcomes should be changed. Unless there is a new method implemented for players to obtain war stones over time, then the chests should probably continue to give war stones in addition to the below. I think we can accomplish this in one of the two ways. Allow these items to randomly come directly from the chest. Incorporate a new currency (or rework PvP Tokens) into the game that you would get from the chests and have these items bought from an NPC. The new items we should be getting from participating in Battlefield PvP are: · Zodiac Sparkles · Abyssal Soul · Fragmented Abyssal Soul · Azure Crystal · Viridian Crystal Fragment · Empty Parchment · Angelic Parchment · Demonic Parchment · Blessed EXP Jar · Cursed EXP Jar · Abyssal EXP Jar · Viroona Godstone · Event buffs such as: o Mulled Wine o Abyss Flower Charm o Abyss Grown Mushroom o Corrupted Crystal There are probably other items that would be nice to add, but I decided to be a bit conservative on this suggestion to start. I would be interested in hearing community opinion on the above and if anyone has any ideas of what reward would make a good incentive for players that I have not yet considered. I'm sure someone out there has a great suggestion to add. Thanks for reading.
  3. Thank you for your feedback! To address your concerns, the entire purpose of this post is to consult the community on their overall perspective of these proposed changes/suggestions. I thought I had made that clear, but in case I didn't there you go. If you're worried about the active guilds not seeing these suggestions you can go ahead and link whoever you have in mind as this is a public post. I'm not sure if I used poor wording earlier to communicate this, but I am not stating or implying that anything NEEDS to be changed. The above suggestions are my opinions on what can be changed to make the game more fun to play. I had no problem playing the game in the current meta for the past year or so and was able to work with what we had in order to get by. We ended up winning 7 GvGs straight before I decided to take a break from playing in February due to it just simply not being fun anymore. I don't say this to boast, but to engage with the argument presented in your anecdote of learning to play without a mouse (which I personally think is very respectable). It's not about a lack of effort for me, just about whether the game is fun or not. In any case, your criticisms to the actual suggestions are mostly fair and I thank you again for your engagement. I'm probably going to edit Point #7 a bit because it seems the idea I'm trying to present isn't very well represented by the words I chose.
  4. Thanks for your response, and I appreciate your opinion/honesty on Point 7. I can see now that the way I formatted the paragraph and presented the idea makes it seem like I am listing a bunch of damage reduction changes that I want to see implemented. The idea is essentially to find a way around the "noodle fight" problem when you have around 10 geared players vs 10 geared players, and we don't need what I listed in order to do that, I was just stating these are the changes I had considered and I have not found a way to implement the solution. Instead of it being like X party having trouble killing Y, its more like both X party and Y party have trouble killing each other. The players that do get killed die pretty much as a result of RNG burst damage (sadness, doubles, triples). I would rather have my party get wiped because of misplay than having 10 minute+ drawn out fights. This is one of the main things that sap the fun out of the game for me personally, but I wouldn't want to see players getting one-shot everywhere for changes made to accommodate parties fighting at the highest level. Thanks again for providing your input, feel free to share if you have any alternative solutions to the problem presented in Point 7 or any general ideas of your own that you would like to see implemented.
  5. Thanks for your input. I think it's a interesting idea to look at certificates and KPs. Maybe something like awaken class certificate combinations being introduced would help add some cool things you can do with your build as well. Changing KPs alone though I think would have a hard time fixing the problem you're describing, but I agree with the idea. Depending on the class, currently we don't really sacrifice much by putting most KPs in damage skills and I think most people will continue to do this because it's easy to cap the stats you need anyway with POD etc. Unless the alternative to damage skills was something very strong like damage reduction or very useful added effects to skills I think we'll just end up with people ignoring most KPs for damage/resistance because the stats that most of the KPs give we'll be able to get. Good suggestions!
  6. Thanks for the response. The change you're quoting is not intended to fix the problem that you are describing in your reply. I might have just chosen my words poorly in my original post, but I am not asking to get all of those damage changes I listed implemented, rather, those are the options I have considered in service to fixing the issue where party vs party fights end up taking forever when all of the healers/supports are up and doing their job. I can understand how dying to random really high burst damage that you and the person hitting you does not have control over can be frustrating. Changes to damage variation and double hit POD buffs could help in this area. I wanted to avoid asking for modifications to specific double/triple item effects for this change but that might be the next place to look.
  7. I was shooting pretty high with this one, admittedly. Would it make a difference if the suggestion was to instead only remove the green stun cert and yellow mundane cert? If not remove, then reduce to a 1% chance? I'm not too married to this suggestion in particular so disagreements were expected. I'm sure there is a compromise somewhere, though.
  8. I understand and acknowledge your disagreements as you are entitled, however, for other readers, by no means are these changes meant to "benefit" myself or my playstyle. As some people know I mainly use AE in the game, with the build that I use all of the POD and stat requirement changes would definitely make me weaker. I myself utilize CC Certificates when playing against other players due to their utility, so once they are gone I will no longer have them available to use. My own healers use smoke bombs to sneak revive members of my party when needed so we'll no longer have that option. I also use the nightmare sleep enchant when I play as well. I don't think it is always a good idea to not change something simply because that is the way it was, but rather based on the effectiveness of the change. I hoped that this conversation wouldn't have to become toxic. You seem to have some interesting ideas of what we could do to help the state of PvP (like the move speed thing) and you can suggest them yourself in this very thread, but you need to understand that your ideas are not my own. It would be a shame to ruin a potentially productive conversation over some grudge you might have. If you have any ideas of what else we can do, feel free to share, you won't be met with a toxic attitude from myself or anyone from my guild.
  9. Hello, The following is a list of changes that I think would contribute to an overall more fun and rewarding PvP experience for everyone who participates. I would like to get concurrence from the community on these proposed changes so we may be able to see them get implemented. Throughout the post, I will refer to “Battlefield and Arena PvP”, by this I mean Territory War, Battlegrounds, Guild Elimination, Guild Arena, Elysian Island, and 3v3 Arena. The removal of output variance in healing and damage skills. If you are unaware, most skills we use have a certain amount of random values for the damage or healing quantity they can output. My proposed change, for example, for a skill that has a chance to do between 1.00x and 1.20x damage, we would make it just do 1.00x damage every time. This would be MONUMENTAL in allowing every player in the game to test out builds, find out what does more/what does less and further their understanding of what gears they should use to their heart’s content. This also serves to get rid of the random factor to the damage and healing we do in PvP to contribute to a fairer competitive experience. There are very few skills in the game currently that function this way already, if you would like to check for yourself see Time Manipulator’s Galactic Concoction/Time Freeze and Luminary’s Light Split. The removal of smoke bombs and character augments (such as poison powder, baby powder, teddy bear shampoo, etc.) being effective in Battlefield and Arena PvP. Smoke bombs unfortunately invalidate the unique characteristics of classes and races that have entire skills dedicated towards just going invisible or getting out of combat. With smoke bombs removed, utility and value will be restored once again to those classes that have lost theirs. Mid-fight revives will have to be planned more thoroughly and carefully and humans will once again have a useful racial skill. The various character augments make many characters too small to be effectively seen or targeted during Battlefield PvP when standing behind or around other players. If complete removal of the character augments might be too much of a change (such as in the case of GKs who need it to see their party members), the alternative is to make the effects of the character augments only be client-sided. In other words, when you use a character augment such as poison powder, only you will see the effects of it and everyone else will see you as normal. Nerf Antor’s and the 75 Awaken Pike Antor’s is supposed to have a 6 second mundane effect as per the item description, but the effect lasts for 8 seconds. In addition, the effect can proc again once it has already activated, leading to the potential mundane of a player for 20 to 30 seconds (which does happen). Ideally, the effect time would be correct to 6 seconds and it would be made so that it can not proc again if already activated. The Level 75 awaken pike has an unfortunate place in the current meta of the Battlefield PvP of awaken server. With the reasonably tanky Blood Knight, parties can now get hit by large AoEs that have no cooldown. The effect of the pike mundanes targets for 3 seconds but does NOT give mundane immunity to the affected person after the duration of the effect. This results in players getting mundaned over and over at random intervals throughout the course of every encounter or Party vs Party fight. My suggestion is to make it so that mundane immunity is granted to players after they recover from the debuff of the pike. Removal of RNG CC Certificates (Yellow DK 4% Mundane Cert, Green Engineer 4% Stun Cert, Yellow Templar 4% Stun Cert) The random effects of these certificates, in my opinion, do not contribute towards a fair PvP experience for most players. Neither the attacker nor the attacked have any control over their activations, however the result of their activation are potentially catastrophic for any class receiving their effects. To remove this bit of uncontrollable randomness from the situation will allow players to have more control and agency over what happens and what they are able to achieve during PvP encounters. Nerf certain POD buff effects and increase stat value requirements at Level 130. At the current patch of the game, players have AMPLE resources available to them to reach 100% in any stat they are interested in. In this current standing, POD sort of serves as an overkill, and players can neglect portions of their build and have the gaps filled in with POD buffs. There are so many accessories, trophies, sets, gems, enchants and capes that are renderred practically useless due to the amount of free stats we’re given. With some changes, we can create a more diverse and creative game with unique builds that gives value to many underutilized or ignored items. If you don’t know what I mean by “stat value requirements”, every stat that is percentage based has a value required to hit a specific percentage. So for example, you need around 5100-5200~ in value of mcrit rate to reach 100% at level 130. The changes I propose are as follows: Change 10% Block POD buff to 5% Block Change 10% Parry POD buff to 5% Parry Change 10% Cast Speed POD buff to 5% Cast Speed Change 10% Attack Speed POD buff to 5% Attack speed Change 10% Double Hit POD buff effect to 3% Double Hit Raise stat value requirement for 100% Accuracy from around 5200~ to around 6100 Raise stat value requirement for 100% Evasion from around 5100~ to around 6100~ Raise stat value requirement for 100% Cast and Attack speed (not affected by flat values) from around 5300~ to around 5900 or 6000~ Raise stat value requirement for 100% M.CRIT and P.CRIT rate from around 5100~ to around 6200/6300 Raise stat value requirement for 55% Defense from 45k~ to 60k~ Raise stat value requirement for 70% Parry by a reasonable margin (not able to accurately test parry values not affected by flat percentages) Raise stat value requirement for 50% Block by a reasonable margin (not able to accurately test block values not affected by flat percentages) Nerf the necklace sleep enchant “Nightmare” Nerf the sleep enchant proc effect to now inflict a sleep that is cancelled when attacked. Now, the sleep enchant will still allow for the guaranteed interrupt, however will no longer be another RNG CC that is potentially catastrophic to the one inflicted. This will allow for counterplay as the one attacked will be able to measure their response to getting hit by this according to their reaction time. [Unknown]Elimination of the Party vs Party fight Prolongation This is probably the most impactful suggestion, yet I myself have not yet found an effective way to implement the solution based on everything available to use in the current meta. The idea is to avoid party fights that just drag on and on and on with players not dying due to the amount of damage reduction available as things tend to get out of hand when 4 or more supports are in the same party. Of course, we wouldn’t want to make it so that people just get one-shot due to players becoming too squishy, but at the same time I don’t think anyone wants to fight the same party at the same crystal for 12 minutes straight (Stardust vs Garden GvG 02/19/2023). There are quite a few ways this can be approached, and I will list what I have considered so far while not sure which way would be the best: -Nerfs to the sources of damage reduction such as Pet prays, class skills, territory war buffs and certificates. -P-Heal / G-Heal change or nerfs while in Battlefield PvP (similar to arena but not as drastic) -Changes to HP increases in Battlefield PvP Please feel free to share alternative approaches that will fix this current problem as I'm not yet aware of a 1 size fits all solution to the problem. -- I would like to see what the overall impression is for these changes as I genuinely believe that all if not most of these would be highly beneficial to the community. Let me know what you guys think.
  10. As far as AE with Gemini is concerned, there have not yet been AEs walking around with 6-piece Gemini and wiping full parties. I am not sure which individuals this person is referring to but none of the prominent AE players that have had opportunities to fight against full parties have used 6-piece Gemini up to now. AEs using the Gemini combo isn't the reason why these full parties have been wiped. That being said, when many players begin using it I suppose we'll be able to observe the results.
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