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  1. @Jordan I dont know if its possible or if it will break the game but i have a suggestion why not make the Dungeon entry unlimited? But you can only get the drops/rewards like in 10 runs or less in a way that the old players can help the new ones after they burn their entries to their guild mates or on ther current parties so that old players who want to help more other players can have a chance to do so well its only my opinion it depends on how you wanna tackle it i know you have so much work to do and i like this game but if you can give it a time maybe you can pull this off thanks
  2. @Jordan is it possible to make a mace, sword, rapier, dagger, club in 1 pet pray thanks
  3. Hello I suggest to have more dyes on Alpaca Shop for Class Costumes If it's okay Thanks
  4. hi this make into Legendary, Thanks ✔️
  5. Different Colors Preferably White ✔️, Black, Red ✔️, Purple ✔️, Green ✔️, Gold ✔️, Brown (✔️ were just for the cestus)
  6. Is it possible to reset the timer Everytime the game reset?
  7. TK is now good for 95T focus on one thing an a time
  8. Farm Gold for Crafting Achievements Kill all the Elite Monsters, World Boss, 0/10 or Trial Boss Find a Nice Guild Do Awakening Stuffs Complete the Archive (If you like) Try All the Classes and Geared what you like or all of them Be OP in PvP and PvE Enjoy the Game and Have Fun 😊
  9. Did you use the patcher.exe when opening the game?
  10. How about the Snow Predator It has some fences and it has a lot of fences which sometimes you got stuck in the wrong times and less room to ran around
  11. Hello @Jordan 1. Is it possible to have a Temple Arena Schedule after Reset so that people with other time zones can participate on such place 2. Because the Root Bug is fixed can you at least reduce the knockback of Mutants when it go Berserk since it's too far and the result will either reset the boss Thanks that is all! 😁
  12. Is it possible to make a different colors if it's a robust or magic thanks
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