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  1. Hello i Suggest Mysterious Men's Resolution Garb on Altar ✔️07/02/20 Summer Queen Lenna on Mystery Box ✔️07/09/20 Thanks
  2. Strangely enough i have been using it when I fuse a pet with Alyssa before in order my Wrath of Nature which is in slot 2 to be saved so if it's only for slot 1 I should have lost it in the process and I'm using prime pets in fusing pets before
  3. Hello @Jordan As I Remembered Correctly this items will keep the pet pray and skills right Or it was change so that it will just keep the slot 1? Just Confused. But my Problem is maybe it was overlook or something Because when I use these items It keep my Slot 1 and Slot 2 but it Change my Slot 3 Was it on purpose or maybe just overlook since you are also busy with different things Thanks just want to clarify things Your doing a Great Job in this Game
  4. For me Engi Pots Help a lot when capping crystals in clutch time idk but it all depends on people or parties on how to fully utilize this tools
  5. Hello I Suggest Magic and Robust Aryn on Crystal Altar and Magic Enchantress Claire ✔️08/13/20 Robust Summer Lenna on Mystery Box Thanks ✔️07/09/20
  6. Hello Thanks for Putting my Request i Suggest Cute Bear Hairdo ✔️06/04/20 Robust Summer Queen Lenna ✔️07/09/20 on Mystery Box Thanks
  7. @Jordan is it possible to make a mace, sword, rapier, dagger, club in 1 pet pray thanks
  8. Hello thank you for putting my suggestion I suggest Robust Summer Queen Lenna ✔️07/09/20 On mystery box Thanks have a good day
  9. Hello @Jordan why is it i cant unpacked things everytime theres a new patch? i have the latest winrar ive put it in the exceptions idk what t do thanks im always stuck there thanks hope you can help me
  10. Hello Thanks for Putting my Request Today I Suggest Robust Summer Queen Lenna and ✔️07/09/20 Magic Tiger Cub Haku ✔️04/23/20 Thanks , Hope you doing well 👍😁
  11. I like Option B Not only we have a higher chance to obtain it if we do more run Thanks
  12. Hello I suggest to have more dyes on Alpaca Shop for Class Costumes If it's okay Thanks
  13. hello I suggest for Crystal Altar ✔️04/04/20 Thanks
  14. hi this make into Legendary, Thanks
  15. Hello Some of the new mounts and pets has no animations Even the old new mounts too thanks