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  1. Oh ok2 so the other one is instant thanks though
  2. Hello If there are cool off hand costumes from other like some more demonic or angelic Idk if there are since I don't play other games besides EE Preferably red/black or blue/white And Also if you can put some brown Wings it will be cool too
  3. This is also related to the knight quest apparently there are 2 knight quest is the 1st one bug or the second one? or both? And why did you put 2 knight quest ? Thanks for the answer I want to know which what I will need to avoid buying
  4. Hello S+ is the highest stat can a 4 star pet can obtain but only in 1 stat since a pet weapon can be +14 I don't think you need more dmg but depends on you and lv85 blue weapon is the highest atm Other stat can be covered using the pet necklace and if you know how to re roll then you know how Pet Conversion Fruit works As what Mozz Said you can choose which stat you like to get higher since it don't matter in end game
  5. You can make your alt strong just buying the achievent 1-65 is good focus on your main weapon and armors You already have a geared char you can farm gold easily and do the quest again using an alt but takes time and a little work since you know how you do it
  6. Oh so the slot is for the back up weapon no wonder repair Hammer don't work But who would like to have another weapon if they can just repair the weapon? I can only imagine is the switch from 2h to sheild for skills but will it ruin your set up if the weapon just change suddenly after you hit a certain durability?
  7. Ok2 thanks Jordan The armor slot works though but the other 2 slots don't
  8. Hello as I was checking my bag In backpack manager we can auto repair using repair hammers But I can't seem to put the repair Hammer on the weapon and off hand slot Was it intended that way? If yes can you tell us why? And if there are any items that can be put there if not repair Hammer? Thanks and Have a Nice Day
  9. We have Sakura but w/o crystals and stuff If you like a 24/7 PvP map w/o reward it just like Sakura which only purpose is to test some things We have 3v3 with rewards yet no one bothers
  10. Can we put Pet Battle Theory on Crystal altar Thanks
  11. Well kage has no holy and dark But still it's also a nice class
  12. This class is nice since it's the only one who can do a p atk elemental
  13. Yes you increase the drop rate of Dragonside soul and essence but not the Dragon Soul
  14. Hello is it possible to increase the drop rate of dragon soul on each elite dragons? Like 0,1,2,3 per kill Or make a daily which you need to kill 2x or 3x of all the elite dragons for a x1 dragon soul it's better than hunting it for an hour then gives you 0-1dragon soul Or make a daily that trade x10 water stone, holy stone etc. All the elements stone x10 each for x1 dragon soul or it's up to you what's the x number needed Thanks