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  1. COmetkun99

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestion

    Hello I suggest Mysterious Chic Earrings Legendary on Crystal Altar thanks 😁
  2. COmetkun99

    My Jittery Heart, I mean hands?

    Welcome New GM It's a Great thing VGN is going stronger by adding you in it Enjoy your stay 😁
  3. COmetkun99

    NA server?

    Btw @Jordan is it possible that the soul guardian on the new dgns are the one causing the bug? I mean if I use the soul guardian sometimes I get forced close but if not and just use the soul return and the magician skill I can play without being dc'ed I think that the soul guardian is an Intruder or something that's not to be there Maybe or maybe not Just saying Maybe you can look into it or not depends on your time. And tbh I lag/DC more after the patch I thought EE can hold more players than what the current playerbase now Increase in players is nice since it will make the game lively !
  4. COmetkun99

    Honor Stars?

    The twist of fate tool are in demand now that's why sometimes the auction is out of it But you can make an alt who can make a tof and other stuff Having the honor stars in the pod is the best thing since it's hard to obtain it before
  5. COmetkun99

    NA server?

    Hopefully the lag issues and disconnections will be resolved at that time 😁
  6. COmetkun99

    Alpaca Capsule

    Yeah I know this but the honor stars is a chance sometimes u get it sometime soon u won't but thanks anyway
  7. COmetkun99

    Alpaca Capsule

    Is it possible to put honor stars too 1x or 5x is okay just a suggestion
  8. COmetkun99

    Patch 44 Feedback & Issues

    Yeah I'm having issues like that too the client just forced closed idk why, I open 3 clients then most of the time 1 got DC, I open 2 clients 1 also got DC, and when I open just 1 client I experience alpaca, thought it's a server issues but maybe it's something to do with the patch since I experience this issues after the latest patch
  9. COmetkun99

    New Altar

    Why because you completed the archive? Or your suggestion doesn't come up that soon?
  10. COmetkun99

    About DGNs currently

    The soul guardian have enough CD after you finish the dgn unless you are really really fast which is not
  11. COmetkun99

    *Battlefield Poet: A Discussion*

    As I tried it on BP for me is good as of now for PvE
  12. COmetkun99

    Patch 44 Feedback & Issues

    Then it will be unfair to those who completed it they also wait and farm the bosses
  13. COmetkun99

    Suggestion about adding Guild Change Names

    Maybe because some people will level the guild and just sell them away to other players via in game gold or real cash who like to have a lvl12 guild without doing nothing just my opinion though
  14. Idk if anyone tried it yet but the holy skills can become a gem now and what if they put both the holy skills? Will it override the other? Or perhaps u can't equip the same holy skill of the same awaken class? I agree to add more time for about 5 - 10 secs duration of each buff but idk if it will be broken or not And LW is a strong buffer when partnered with ED I think that was the design for the class Burning Metal in bard was given to BP as it was on the Dps side Yeah as Nippa said LW is more a buffer than a healer
  15. COmetkun99

    Patch 44 Feedback & Issues

    The gold drops of Crystal Utopia Dgn are lv 85?