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  1. TK is now good for 95T focus on one thing an a time
  2. Farm Gold for Crafting Achievements Kill all the Elite Monsters, World Boss, 0/10 or Trial Boss Find a Nice Guild Do Awakening Stuffs Complete the Archive (If you like) Try All the Classes and Geared what you like or all of them Be OP in PvP and PvE Enjoy the Game and Have Fun 😊
  3. Did you use the patcher.exe when opening the game?
  4. @Jordan Can you put Bill (Fishing Rod Merchant) on Guild Town too So that not only we can save time people will know where is the area on fishing And Is it possible to reduce the orange Mats used on monster Stone? Like x200 orange mats + Green Mats or x100 per orange Mats (Ball, mine, gloves) the White mats will retain in order to maximize all the mats you have
  5. Hello Flaming Dragon Star Stone on Crystal Altar ✔️09/17/19 Thanks, Have a Great day!! 😁
  6. How about the Snow Predator It has some fences and it has a lot of fences which sometimes you got stuck in the wrong times and less room to ran around
  7. Hello @Jordan 1. Is it possible to have a Temple Arena Schedule after Reset so that people with other time zones can participate on such place 2. Because the Root Bug is fixed can you at least reduce the knockback of Mutants when it go Berserk since it's too far and the result will either reset the boss Thanks that is all! 😁
  8. Imo if you really are that many and want a classic server why not band together in our current server and stay at 65 Start fresh together with your friends, create a guild with only lv65 and if you want a gvg with only 65 maybe Jordan can make a mode or make a channel for only lv65 cap (if that's possible) After some time you will ask for more lvl cap because you are bored and then the time will come that the classic server will be like the current server The thing is i think the new players or returnee can't pick up the pace? since there are so much to do so much requirements in order to really go into PvP and be the best While in lower lvl cap you only need to do this until that cap and you enjoy stuffs since you are all equal and most people can catch up You will realize it's just the same We all started at low level and we are here now at lv100+
  9. Ok2 thanks didn't know that one Is it also possible to make GHeal and Pheal Visible on the Character menu? So we can track how many we have thanks
  10. Is it possible to make a different colors if it's a robust or magic thanks
  11. @Jordan Is it possible to make a white fishing rod that can be bought by gold Or make an alpha where we can trade it using the daily log in coin Thanks
  12. @Jordan If possible the easy mode for dragon sanctuary Is once per day Less drops Daily quest won't count So that hardcore pve still have some rewards
  13. Hello can we have Night King Alpaca as Legendary if possible a quest after you have the Alpaca set legendary thanks or an item in Crystal Altar