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  1. Hello I would like to request Chaotic Holy Wings SoulFlame Dagger and Cherry Blossom Dagger on Crystal Altar if possible if not pls put on box thanks
  2. @Jordan Hello The Daylight Forest Leg Gem: Runner I can't seem to proc the 1% Movespeed does it work? Even the 1% on Nightmare Neck enchant I can proc it Is it bug? Or is it me that I can't proc it Thanks 😊
  3. Yes unless you can archive them other characters can use it with that same account
  4. Is it possible to reset the timer Everytime the game reset?
  5. Hello Thanks for Putting my Request I Suggest Verdigris Aquadancer Luna Rock on Crystal Altar ✔️10/22/19 Thanks Have a Great Day 😁
  6. Nice infec plus for this one Maybe for prime and legendary furnitures only And you can have more furniture cosmetics to be available in game in the future if we have this feature
  7. I think Malice is important in pve but depending on class though especially mutant lv100
  8. Hello Thanks for putting my request I suggest Sassy Idol Starstone on Crystal Altar ✔️10/15/19 Thanks Have a great day 😁
  9. Hello I suggest Lush Idol Starstone ✔️10/03/19 And Robust Armored Scorpion ✔️10/17/19 on CrystalAltar Thanks 😁
  10. TK is now good for 95T focus on one thing an a time
  11. Farm Gold for Crafting Achievements Kill all the Elite Monsters, World Boss, 0/10 or Trial Boss Find a Nice Guild Do Awakening Stuffs Complete the Archive (If you like) Try All the Classes and Geared what you like or all of them Be OP in PvP and PvE Enjoy the Game and Have Fun 😊
  12. Did you use the patcher.exe when opening the game?
  13. @Jordan Can you put Bill (Fishing Rod Merchant) on Guild Town too So that not only we can save time people will know where is the area on fishing And Is it possible to reduce the orange Mats used on monster Stone? Like x200 orange mats + Green Mats or x100 per orange Mats (Ball, mine, gloves) the White mats will retain in order to maximize all the mats you have
  14. Hello Flaming Dragon Star Stone on Crystal Altar ✔️09/17/19 Thanks, Have a Great day!! 😁