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3 events in 1?

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Hello Arkanas,

3 events will happen at same time all together?

Well yes. That's exactly what will happen ^^

Event will happen tomorrow, 22/05/2019 and server time 6:30 PM (means after Nuclear Bunker)

  • Trivia event (theme will be sb in general)
  • Scramble event (theme will be sb in general)
  • Random number event


There will be 3 questions, 3 scramble words and 4 random numbers


  • NO ALTS (ofc you can take part in all 3 events but only with one char) 
  • All winners will be checked so if caught of using alt to win more you will instant lose your winning points. 
  • Keep your answer in one shout, don't spam in chat or you will instant lose in case you answered first.


Winners will get 1 event point

Events will be hosted by [GS] NoRunNoGun


RG SIDE: StillAlive

Good luck everyone.

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