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Christmas Event!


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Hi,guys! Since Christmas is coming and I've been receiving a lot of requests to make another forum event I will be opening this Christmas event! This event will be the same as the Halloween one. Let's see what you have to do.


So,the event consists of creating a Christmas costume or mount. You will have to draw and create a story/description for it. Winners will be chosen based on their drawing's ideas ( I don't expect you guys to draw like Picasso,but I wanna see some good ideas on your items) and the creativity of the description. Make sure to read everything to guarantee you won't make anything wrong.


1. You can only submit your drawing once,anyone caught using multiple accounts will be disqualified.
2. Do not sell artwork for people on the event,let them do this by their selves.
3. If you don't want to draw, I will allow fotoshopping/editing an image from the internet,but the description/story must be original.
4. Make sure to include in your post your IGN (in game name),so I can mail you with your prize.


1st place(1 winner) - A legendary of winner's choice.
2nd place (2 winners) - 50 Eden Crystal's 
3rd place (3 winners) - 30 Eden Crystal's

Some things to winners keep in mind:

•If you choose a 1h weapon,you will only win one of it,not 2.
•You can't choose mystery boxes,diamond altar or anniversary event exclusive items.
•We have the right to deny your legendary requested,if it can't be given.
•The amount of Eden Crystals will depends of the number of participants.
•The winner will receive a message here to tell me which legendary you want,so keep an eye on the forum if you win!

Event starts today 12/14 and ends at Saturday 12/24.

Well guys,that's it. Hope you like it and any doubt or problem feel free to message me and I will help you!

Cya and may the odds be ever in your favor!


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"Long lived elves are children of the natural worldand strive to live in harmonyPossess a graceful, slender physique by their long, pointed ears. It is a mistake to consider them weak or feeble."

"They can contain surprising power."

IGN: Mikotato


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Teenager Christmas Mage


that magical time of the year where even the most frosty of hearts can feel love and hope of peace for humanity,


And where does this magic come from?
Because if you had no idea, we introduce you, the youngest daughter of Santa, with her knowledge of magic and her candy staff she will enchant you with a charm of sweetness and will make you forget the bad times of the year


Erase that serious face,

Smile and let yourself be enchanted and go and celebrate with your loved ones
Because Christmas is Now!!!


IGN: Nima

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Above the clouds, that twinkle light concealed by day, exposed by night.
Then midnight came, I watched it fall on top of our tree, as I recall small little fairy stumble down Wearing a star as her crown She giggles then fixed her big red bows And playfully hops with her tiny toes Her steps brought this colorful light She danced and laughed, its a wonderful sight.
Then I moved slowly down the stair Afraid to give her, a little scare she look my way as she leap She found me, my heart beat skip With cute little smile, she wink at me How curious, I woke up under the Christmas tree.
*Giggling Fairy Crown*
*Giggling Fairy Dress*
IGN: Cruxty
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Santa Claus No. 02


  La imagen puede contener: calzado y botas


La imagen puede contener: una o varias personas y texto

Santa Claus distributed gifts until one day he fell by the fireplace and a child saw him that kid from the fright that killed him and inherited his powers wrapped in a light his wardrobe changes to a modern and the elves want to take revenge every Every Christmas they, The elves take up arms and go out in search of the powers of saint, unfortunately the powers granted are so powerful that they can not face it and every Christmas the elves become stronger to be able to defeat it.

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Short Christmas tale

Two simple knocks on the wooden door were enough for Rho to notice he had a visit, and he wasn't surprised to find his sister Meiboku at his door. After all, it was Christmas.
"Please, come in. You must be freezing out there." he signaled, opening the door for her. "I'm just heating some chocolate."
"That sounds absolutely perfect." she replied with a big smile as Rho closed the door, sealing the howling wind outside. And sitting by the fireplace, they had a cup of hot chocolate talking about their year, their plans for the next, remembering their family and enjoying an afternoon, for a change, outside of the battlefields.
A while later, Meiboku presented his younger brother with a small box. The look on Rho's face was clearly a question.
"Your Christmas present." Her usually big smile turned even bigger as Rho teared through the envelope, finding a beautifully crafted Ripple Necklace.
"Oh, wow, sis! This is amazing! Thank you SO much!!" he said as he tried it on, but a sudden realization made him stop. "But... I didn't get you anything..."
Meiboku gave him the smile she inherited from their mother, and looked out the window.
"Don't be silly. I already have everything I asked for."
"Oh? And what is that?"
Standing, she opened the door and walked out, and now smiling at the sky, she finally replied:
"Exactly this. A white Christmas!"


IGN: Rho

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!!Christmas had arrived!!

Aven was preparing to celebrate with all the Eternal Guardians the awaited holidays, but something wasn't like previous years, the arrival of the Grinch Roger brought fear and darkness. Warriors, Magicians and Rifleteers. All of them attacked him, but Roger was so powerful nobody could beat him.

It was time for the eternal guardian to prepare for a last fight and bring happiness to all the people.
The blue crystal located at the top of the mountain in the land of beginnings, often called by adventurers as Limestone Mountain, offered its power, creating a magical outfit which would shine through darkness and defeat the Grinch.

A Crystal outfit with the strength of a diamond and as red as a ruby. White snowflakes crystallized over it, frozen magic glittering with great power...

!!The eternal guardian is ready for her adventure!!img005.jpg


IGN: Mitsuky

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It a story about a elf. She saved by a eternal guardian and she hope she can repay the eternal guardian. She follow the eternal guardian every day. Time passed,eternal guardian married and getting older. She thought she will end up her live by following him .Until that day,it was Christmas, everything change,the Bane Prince attack the eternal guardian village .the elf sacrifice herself to save the old enternal guardian

ING shanoice

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Winners were chosen! If you didn't win,don't worry,you will have another chance in the future.

  • 1st Place: Nima!
  • 2nd Place: emperor and Rho!
  • 3rd Place: Cruxty,Miko and Mitsu!

Thank you so much for participating,guys and congratz to winners! Prizes will be sent soon,so keep an eye on your mail in game.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! All of the best for you all and thanks for being an amazing community to work for! Love ya <3 !

Cya next time ~ bye bye o/

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