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  1. I think the game is FAIR between mdps and pdps if you know how to play it (not counting minor class bug) it just pdps harder to play and built than mdps, because mpds easy to build, easy play and easy result (burst). So majority people will chose easy road (mpds) than hard road (pdps), be it f2p or p2w player. If you know how to play pdps, it easy to kill mdps. If we trace history majority of people play mpds for so looooong years like more than 5 years, until jordan do some adjustment on awaken pdps and player start moving to pdps, because pdps became easier to play, it then make this people realize the value of raw gem pdps and explore it. My self main mdps because i like mage/wizard thing, but when on top i become bored mpds, I need new trill build raw gem pdps which people rare to play. My target 1-2 hit kill assasin back then. this before jordan do adjusment. Cheer up bro, dont be sad because u play minority class or over some minor like p-rest. You will get the trill and happinest to craft raw gem. ----- As for fairness between f2p and p2w, hehehe, be it real world or virtual world, people with more power always win. Money is power, Grind is power, Intelligent is power. If we want fairness between f2p and p2w, the answer is NO, server and staff need money to run. people with money will get more booster than free one, it hard rule in so much game. so f2p need to get more power by more grinding and intelligent than p2w player. ----- btw I don't like parry as it lack compared to eva. overcap parry still make u die than overcap eva. yeah overcap, because it better to overcap than cap it, when you get debuff, you still get reserve to patch.
  2. Drop List Pre-awaken Weapon lv 65 trial MAYOR : Cestus, Drimoire, BRANDA : Dagger, Mace, Shield SLAIN : Guitar, Sword, Axe, Club, Staff MALICE : Gun, Rapier, Bow, Hammer thanks Mom
  3. hi, can someone show me list of all pre-awaken weapon drop list of lv75 ? the site of aeria got taken down. thankyou IGN : Mom
  4. ------------------------------------------- HOPE ------------------------------------------- Loving you is the sun of timeless night, even in the light of misty clouds where the birds always sailed in the blue sky with its tiny wings. do not let on, baby. I need your voice reciting my poems that I'm still alive. and if I have to die, I want to stay in your voice. ------------------------------------------ Category : POEM IGN : Mom
  5. emperor

    Christmas Event!

    IGN : Alyssa_ Here my costume design with some fan art on it this story I made my self but this made me cry each see it : In the end " Alyssa_ " die hikz hikz .. T^T ...
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