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  1. Introduction Dimension of Souls is a custom map exclusive to Vendetta Eden Eternal and contains lots of different items you can buy using a custom currency called "Dimension Soul Token". Getting Started To begin using the maps content you must complete the mainline quests that will appear in your Available Quests when you hit level 90. Once you head over to <Rift Inspector> Jordan and complete the quest you can now enter Dimension of Souls and continue your mainline quests for the map by speaking to <Village Lord> Sheldon located (X:496, Y:258). These two quests require you to go around the map and just kill a specific amount of each monster and will reward you with "Fragmented Soul Token", after completing the two quests you will then unlock the rest of the repeatable quests. Currency's The first currency is "Dimension Soul Essence" and "Dimension Soul". These can be found by killing monsters and bosses throughout the map. These items can be converted into "Fragmented Soul Token" via NPC <Soul Trader> Shyman. Dimension Soul Essence (x100) for Fragmented Soul Token (x1) Dimension Soul (x25) for Fragmented Soul Token (x1) The next currency is "Fragmented Soul Token" and "Dimension Soul Token". The "Fragmented Soul Token" is obtained from either the mainline quests, the daily quests or the trades with <Soul Trader> Shyman. The "Dimension Soul Token" is obtained via NPC <Dimension Trader> Snapper. Fragmented Soul Token (x6) for Dimension Soul Token (x1) Potions The potions require materials gathered from around the map from the different monsters.
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