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    Another things coming with this update: - Stack amount 99 -> 999 - 4th character slot - Costume inventory expanded - Family invitation now offline possible. The familyhead gets a message when user gets online - While being in a raidteam the characterlevel ist hidden. By using the mouse on the line of a player the level shows up - mount Scroll: players under level 70 can get one of the above listed mounts vs using the scroll - there is also a new costume - a maximum production button in crafting options. You can craft or use all mats at once by using this button - The exp bar doesn't show you your % anymore. You have to hover to see the % - Userinterface (UI) resized in Act 4 and 6 - When typing text, typing stops when the maximum number of characters is reached - buffs and heals do not cancel anyone of transformation (transform into So for example) Thank me later
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    The game should get class rebalances every month by buffing underpowered classes with the help of the community feedback until everyone is viable. No class should be inferior to another. Increase warstone rewards on 3v3 arena so its not as dead as now. Some system to prevent tanks/healers to stall the round for 10 minutes and forcing people to disconnect from the game should be added, for example an area debuff that decreases -3k max hp each 5 seconds and stacks to 99. Being afk in this arena should be punishable with 3 day ban. Monster battle arena should be readded (it has been bugged for months) and balance the monsters and the weapons so the character base equipment has no effect here. A lvl 70 new player should be as strong as a lvl 100 full-achievement player for this arena to be fun. Talked about this one on another post. Awakened tw's should grant all pod buffs, just like basic tw. It's just not funny to do that shitty minigame all the days for months, it gets boring very quickly. Lower the crafting cost of the pod stuff so this change doesn't hurt Zumi's racial utility. Add a sakura island and a 3v3 arena for basic class, were the HP buff is the same as basic tw. Some people refuse to fight when they own 3 territories (kinda sad to fight only for 200 gold, don't you think?), increase the territory limit to 6 so there are more active tws. Aside of the 999999 reflect, people should start with +50% dmg, -50% dmg recieved and inmunity to all debuff for 10 seconds. This buff is not removed when attacking, unlike the reflect. That would finally prevent camping... hopefully.
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    Its not the first time we say to you that we are still deciding. Wait for an official announcement.