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    This guide will explain to you and help you understand how to: Make Money Save Money Invest properly Keep you interested in the game (hopefully) Whether you are new to the game or you have played a long time ago, or even if you never knew how to keep pushing yourself to level and make money to become stronger, this guide is for you! If you don't want to look for something that doesn't matter for you use the colour system to skip to what you need, also the numbers are approximately there but it doesn't mean you have to follow them directly. Text in green colour will be for players under level 84 (Investment phase) Text in red colour will be for players between 84-93 (Raiding & Mobbing phase) Text in blue colour will be for players above level 93 (Solo phase) So you decided to play NosTale vendetta! If it's your first time playing NosTale or first time on Vendetta you have to understand a few things. As you probably saw the rates on this server are different than the regular servers; https://ibb.co/kT3L7x You are about to make a new character or you already have one which is low level and you are interested in making money? You should probably not worry about making the money so much as investing in the right things and saving the money in different ways! When you start playing you should focus on making the transition part (80-93) the easiest so you can get into the late game faster! That means the following: If you are a mage you should acquire the first 3SP's (redmage/holymage/bluemage) so you can do Draco's and Glace's, you should also have your Kliff with you the whole time so he can level up and become more and more tankier so you can mob solo easier. If you are a swordsman you should acquire Crusader sp for draco/glace and warrior for everything else, you should really focus all your jlvl exp on your warrior and also you should invest a little into making your warrior sp stronger. If you are an archer you should acquire ranger for early game leveling, destroyer for glace/draco and wk for glace/draco+ Lod + mobbing, you should also keep your Kliff with you all the time so u can level up and mob easier latter on. Everything said here is about investment, so what do I mean by that? While you are leveling (which I don't want to go into too much detail since it's not the topic of my guide) you should only stick to Main quest until you finish ts 55 ( about level 84 since of the EXP rate impacting quest rewards). When you do these ts's and kill the mobs you will be getting gold which you should only invest into finishing the SP's quests (not buying it from NosBazar) and into equipment. Whenever you are doing your main quest and you are stuck you can go to NPC in NosVille Armored Bash and purchase equipment from him, then you can procede to go to Teoman Topp and upgrade them to +4 (don't go over since you risk of failing). Everything else you make you should save up for the future phase of the game. You can also save money by not buying anything from NosBazar ever in this phase and only focus on leveling and proper investment~ So now you are level 84 after finishing the questline and you want to start making money? Doesn't matter if you are Swordsman/Archer/Mage you should start making money and also using the money you saved from leveling, some of the methods you should use are: Instant combats (Not very quick since it's every 2 hours but it's a steady income) WOA farming (Fir Forest, Maple Woods, Mine, Sheli Lusha) The average drop of woa around 99 woa( 1 pack) an hour which roughly estimates 2.5-3m/h (depends on NB) Reselling ( This one is a bit tricky since you are probably a new player and don't know the prices so you should probably stay away from this one) Finding a family that does LOD and act4 (while doing LOD you level but you can also loot accessories and gillion stones and a bunch of other cool stuff( you should always check the prices on NB before dropping or destroying your items!) (When doing act4 raid you can always get a r7 box which is worth 15-20m) In my opinion WOA farming is the ultimate money making that you can always do no matter how strong or weak you are. If you are having difficulties you should invest in your sp to make it +5/+7/ or even +9 (if you really love the sp but you should probably not do that right now) and you can invest your Fame into honourable eq(level 88) So now you have money, what should you do with it? This is where it becomes very easy to go on a binge and spend all your money on things that are not worth the investment, when you could probably invest into stuff that will be a good payout! You should do sp5/6 amulet questline in act5 (if you don't know how to watch this guide from the UK legend PosiTv ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At5f-nq34Og (if you have troubles doing these quests farm more WOA invest more into eq(again only from Armored Bash, do not buy anything from Bazar just yet! and maybe buy some pots or make them~ ) So now you have the amulets, and you are asking for people to add you but you get kicked out huh? If it doesn't happen great do the raids! But if it does (like it happened to me sometimes) MAKE THEM YOURSELF!! You just made yourself be sure to stay in raid because you are the host.That's why if you are made the SP's in (Investment phase) Make Draco seals (1 seal= 20seed 20gil 20dona river ~~ 120k of gold per seal) If you loot 1 of the gold from the floor per raid you almost recover all the money and getting 5x raidboxes and 5x the rep. If you have quick enough fingers you can loot around 400k bonus gold+trading your reputation for reputation gear to make yourself stronger (LEVEL88) or selling Shoes/Gloves for money (around 600k-700k curently) + selling 5 raidboxes (prices always shift but lets say 1m-2m gold) you are making money~! You can repeat the same process with Glacerus( only the mats are much more expensive so you ask everyone VIA speaker to join you at glacerus and give you the mats (beforehand make 1 newbie character and with sandboxie bring it there so they can trade their mats over to the other char while you invite them to the raid ( which seal you made beforehand so you can control who gave money and who didn't. Now you make even more money from glace and you also get reputation so when on your off days you are lazy to do raids you can trade in the rep for shoes/gloves and make them your everyday 600k-700k) NOTE: You can get from NPC only 1 fame item per day, so pick wisely~ You can also do a lot of raids now. Let me start counting and explaining! Lord Draco 5x a day as you know, get yourself some easy rep ~ Glacerus 5x day - | | - Grenigas do the daily quest and get yourself more money (daily quest acquired from Bounty hunter at Port Alveus Square Valakus - | | - Kertos - | | - Currently a good choice would be Ibrahim since the bags are being sold for 1.5kk-2kk for a ~10m raid that's a good amount of money and 85+ should be invited since it's easy. Since the trophy system has been implemented all of the raids (Jelly/Slade/Spider etc) have been done more and more often for the trophy/raidboxes, so farming the materials for the seals and then either 1)Sell the seals 2) Make marathons (consecutive raids ) and ask people for some extra $$ to enter the marathon (as in the case of the slade, you could charge 2.5kk / 3kk per person to do 10 raids.) After sometime you will start to want to make more money quicker. Hopefully by this time you have solid Honourable equipement (or if you leveled up to 93 via act6 and lod and you purchased 92/93 set( which you should again not buy from NosBazar but make yourself) You are ready to start making more money quicker! This table was made by ChavezSempai and I won't take credit since it wouldn't be nice: Act 5.2 Now it is here where the thing is divided according to the classes: Archer It is the easiest thing to have, you can go through the easy way to grow all the articles of the 7 and create them. You can choose the difficult option to raise money and buy DH directly. Note: It does not have to be +9, with a +5 that you rent for everything you need. With an armor of 93 r5 + 6 and at least one dagger r5 + 6 or a forgotten hero r4 or r5 is enough to lurear in Act5.2 Most archers prefer to go without a pet to heal more. Budget Bushi Pumpkin x8kk Magmaros x 10kk DH x 30kk Armor r5 + 6 x 5kk-6kk Dagger x 5kk-8kk Total: 62kk This is the minimum necessary for Act 5.2 Gain x average hour of 5kk. This means that in 13h you recover the investment. Magician This is another class that may be easy to handle but it depends on your gameplay. We have it easy if we fulfill the rule of taking the first s4 sps before, since we would have the blue obtained. I would recommend raising the blue to +9 to have more element. the equipment basically the same, armor r5 + 7 and wand r5 + 7. The magician I recommend that you have the pistol of 92 also, because it gives you more enhanced. If you are going to try to lure, I would only recommend you to use I would recommend having a pet like the Bushi Pumpkin and an 88 armor of fame for your kliff and a couple of magmaros for the kliff . Budget Blue + 9 x 12kk Magmaros x2 x 10kk Bushi Pumpkin x 8kk Wand r5 + 7 x 8kk-10kk Armor r5 + 7 x 5kk-8kk Pistol lv92 x 300k Armor Kliff x 270k reputation Total 58.3kk This is the minimum necessary for Act 5.2 Gain x average hour of 3kk-4kk. This means that in 20h-15h you recover the investment. Swordman directly would not recommend it because it is more preferable that he has a sword of lv 95 and the expense would reach a total of 100kk or more. Here in this little guide I do not tell you how much is the cost of the materials they can use, but in the long run in the case of magician you will spend a lot of guardians to hold the lures with the pets. The average gain per hour going 3 people to Act 5.2 is 2kk-3kk per hour. This is one way to do it, for an archer you will most definetly enjoy this more than WOA farming and you will get your money back and be able to invest into your EQ, as for Mage you probably have your blue +9 already and a bunch of other things so everything you buy here will be helpful later on aswell. Now let's say you started making money here but you don't enjoy it as much, is there any other way to step up the game? Ofcourse there is haha! Act 6.1. A party of 3 is the best way to start (TL+WAR+WK). You do Hell ruin's 2 For archers what is needed is the following: Wild keeper +9, Magma+Honour set of res (if you tried act 5 you already have magma so get the honour shoes sum5), Armor 93 that is atleast r5+7 and bow aswell because most people won't want you unless you bring something to the table. If you are doing this for money you do not need to buy BOA, only thing you should invest in is FB(very cheap) and FP (full recovery potions) to keep you alive. If you are a mage you need the following: Tide lord +9, Magma +Honour if possible same reasoning for archer Armor and Weapon strong enough Same goes as Archer , FB and FP and don't need BOA in the beginning If you are a swordsman you need the following: Warrior +9 so you can tank Magma + Honour for sure Weapon is not important, you only need a good Armor You need only FP's Now what you need to know to farm A6.1 Doing it in a group of 3 gets you a share of money going from 7kk-13kk an hour (without counting the investment so like 6kk-12kk an hour total). How it goes, one of the 3 people need to have a pet to lure more, if you don't mobs are going to deaggro. Warrior goes first and everyone runs with him, when the lure is big enough warrior vokes, TL puts them to sleep WK ED's them and then you let the wk run out of the crowd and you pop them. If you are the Warrior and you are new to this you should probably ask someone to tell you when to stop and group them up :p. When you clear the lure 1 of the party member( who you agree to do ) loots everything, and he does that for the next hour. After that he splits the loot into 3x 1/3 of everything he picked up and gives it to his mobbing buddies , everyone profits! ~~ Now you're approaching THE BIG BOYS haha! So lets say all the money you make you always invest into PVE and never into PVP (trust me your time for PVP will come, but not now!) You have a good pet, good res, good eq and good sp's. What's the plan? Get better stuff. Get yourself to Champion level +30, and start making champion gear. I won't go into too much details on how to do so since now you're pretty experienced at this game. So we're all interested in how to make the most money possible so we can get stronger. When you get yourself better stuff from mobbing you should start doing the following stuff Solo IC (a lot of money for a few minutes investment , try it and see) Leveling ALTs! (Now what I mean by this as a gold investment is pretty simple, you can buff yourself and start doing number 3. and 4.) Act 5.2 with a twist (Farming again but this time charging leveling for between 3-5kk per hour (so you can make around 10kk constantly or more depends how good you are) Act 6.1 with a lot of twists ( Doing it solo, which will prove to make you around 20kk an hour if you fullbuff and good lure and you can charge in the meantime leveling for 6-7kk depending ''how good you are'' ) Reselling( By the time you get this far into the game you will know most of the prices of items and sps and eq's and you can start reselling, the better you are the more you profit, try it out) Act6 raids( you will need very strong gear to enter a team but the prize is worth the wait) Act 6.1 Time Space (Farming books , you can get a lot of money selling them ) Act 5 Silver coin farming ( Desert -> Neil's camp is the probably the best) What should you do with your money? Spend on whatever you find and throw it away? You can do that but you should always I-n-v-e-s-t haahaa! Get all the books for buffs,pets for mobbing, a fast mount for raids , partner sp (PVE) strong farming sps (WK for archer(always) Renegade for swordie, TideLord/Archmage for mage) and even stronger EQ's ,Accessories etc so you can start doing Act 6.2 when it is out. If you stayed until the end I am glad, if you think I missed something or I should add something please do say so, since I am a very open minded person who takes criticism well~~
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    Another things coming with this update: - Stack amount 99 -> 999 - 4th character slot - Costume inventory expanded - Family invitation now offline possible. The familyhead gets a message when user gets online - While being in a raidteam the characterlevel ist hidden. By using the mouse on the line of a player the level shows up - mount Scroll: players under level 70 can get one of the above listed mounts vs using the scroll - there is also a new costume - a maximum production button in crafting options. You can craft or use all mats at once by using this button - The exp bar doesn't show you your % anymore. You have to hover to see the % - Userinterface (UI) resized in Act 4 and 6 - When typing text, typing stops when the maximum number of characters is reached - buffs and heals do not cancel anyone of transformation (transform into So for example) Thank me later
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    The game should get class rebalances every month by buffing underpowered classes with the help of the community feedback until everyone is viable. No class should be inferior to another. Increase warstone rewards on 3v3 arena so its not as dead as now. Some system to prevent tanks/healers to stall the round for 10 minutes and forcing people to disconnect from the game should be added, for example an area debuff that decreases -3k max hp each 5 seconds and stacks to 99. Being afk in this arena should be punishable with 3 day ban. Monster battle arena should be readded (it has been bugged for months) and balance the monsters and the weapons so the character base equipment has no effect here. A lvl 70 new player should be as strong as a lvl 100 full-achievement player for this arena to be fun. Talked about this one on another post. Awakened tw's should grant all pod buffs, just like basic tw. It's just not funny to do that shitty minigame all the days for months, it gets boring very quickly. Lower the crafting cost of the pod stuff so this change doesn't hurt Zumi's racial utility. Add a sakura island and a 3v3 arena for basic class, were the HP buff is the same as basic tw. Some people refuse to fight when they own 3 territories (kinda sad to fight only for 200 gold, don't you think?), increase the territory limit to 6 so there are more active tws. Aside of the 999999 reflect, people should start with +50% dmg, -50% dmg recieved and inmunity to all debuff for 10 seconds. This buff is not removed when attacking, unlike the reflect. That would finally prevent camping... hopefully.
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    Its not the first time we say to you that we are still deciding. Wait for an official announcement.