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  1. Noka

    Pet Skill Book: Vicinity 3

    Check this answer for 3-2
  2. Noka

    NA Possibility

    No need to make a poll, its obvious that most people playing this live in America. I'm perfectly fine with this though, its impossible to find a solution that pleases everyone, so it comes down to finding the best choice for the part that has more people. Before someone says that european players, will not notice this, I want to say that if americans had lag when the server was in europe, the reverse will happen if the server is moved. I hope that I'm wrong, but nobody will know what will happen until the server is moved. We had the long stick for so long, so now this is our price to pay.
  3. Noka

    Re-balancing M-DPS and P-DPS damages

    Pure tanks have no place in EE, Shielder is just a good class in the wrong game. Paladin outclasses Shielder in its only good trait, because it has more cc, no weakness to any debuff and provides good support. I did a few tests and found that a good geared Paladin is unkilllable, while a Shielder dies quickly against DoT classes like druid and lethal. While DoT classes are not very common, i'm pretty sure if Shielder got more usage, more people would start picking counters. One of the suggestions I liked from this forums was dealing more damage the more hits it recieves. I think it suits Shielder perfectly.
  4. Noka

    Re-balancing M-DPS and P-DPS damages

    Don't get me wrong, there are more usable melee class, its just that the assasin is the physical counterpart of the gravity.The gravity is considered the best, yet time manipulators and conjurers are very useful and they can take out a gravity. The most similar class to the assasin is the asura, which trades instant dps for a cc, debuffs and lifestealing. Good zerk players can be very hard to deal with due to them having both tank and dps capability when hitting crystals. Fencers and acrobats are very strong with good parties because they spam high damage and lower the accuracy of everything they hit constantly. Finally at the bottom of the high tier we have executioner and blade master, which are awesome in PvE (they can beat assasin in dps) but they plain suck in PvP due to not having time to perform combos. Kage, Rakh, Shielder and Blood knight suck at whatever job you try to do with them. That's just 4 melee class that are bottom tier garbage. (Glaciers,Paladins and Elegants are supports, not melee dps)
  5. Noka

    Re-balancing M-DPS and P-DPS damages

    One of the best class in the game is the assasin, which is pure melee with a dash attack. That shows how it's not a matter of being physical or magical, but what skills your class has. Since the assa is a burster like gravity, he becomes S-tier, being weak to kiting is a minor weak point in comparison. When we say P-Dps we also include ranged dps, which again depends on the class. Reavers, LA and CA are very good and can kill opposing M-dps if they use their cc's correctly. The only thing I would suggest but it will not happen is that parry should work against magic. Parry at most can reduce 35% damage, since it caps at 70% and halves damage when activated so it would not break the game at all, plus the stat is kinda hard to cap.
  6. Noka

    Curious about MP optimization

    Yeah leveling classes that raises max MP actually punishes you. The new potion disappears when dying, meaning that you're wasting 35g everytime you die in pvp, or every 10 minutes if you're doing dungeons. From experience, you should not have problems keeping the MP with DoS potion + normal mp potion + the lvl 70 anuran wis potion, which is a much cheaper potion than the new one (also dissappears when dying). Also, halfkins waste more MP per second than any other race, for example look at this table: This makes sense because I seen some pp that can't live without a time manipulator, while I never had MP problems with some classes. Bad MP system overall, it should drain fixed numbers not %
  7. Got this data months ago when Vicinity 3-2 was released (this is only a guess, it may not be 100% accurate) Fatality Blade: Deals area P-DMG to the target. Any target with lower than 15% HP has a 10% chance of being killed instantly. Boss Monsters are immune to this effect. Falling Cherry Blossom: Deals double DMG to all enemies within 15 feet of target, causing them to suffer 500 Bleeding DMG each second for next 8 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. Destroy Armor: Deals P-DMG to all enemies within 20 feet of target, decreasing their DEF -15% for 5 seconds. Shadowless Sword: Deals P-DMG to all enemies within a 20-foot fan-shaped area, with a 30% chance of decreasing their ACC -50% for 5 seconds. Sacred Barrier: Attacks have 60% chance of decreasing target's Move SPD -15%. Stacks up to 5 times. 5 stacks of this effect additionally decrease target's Elemental Resistance -15 for 6 seconds. Permafrost: Strikes enemies in a 25-foot straight line, with a 20% chance of immobilizing them for 2 seconds. When immobilization expires, target's Move SPD is decreased -40% for next 5 seconds. Nameless Aura: 70% chance of decreasing Dark Resistance of targets -10 for 8 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times
  8. Devil Hunter was one of my most hyped classes when Jordan announced the awk rebalance, sadly it turned out to be a dissapointment, I wish it was a solo class like the assasin not a debuffer with 10-feet aoe range. I tried my best to make it usable with various builds, but the dps is just trash... even an ilusionist deals more dps than a devil hunter. There's already a topic about equilibrian.
  9. Noka

    Normal Class TW Changes

    You would be more helpful by exposing your opinion about this tw instead of trying to downgrade suggestions of people that don't play in the same way as you play.
  10. Noka


    The usage of this class raised lately, this seems to be a side effect of the new lvl 95 shields. The shields were made for dual class but here we can see a 2-handed user obtaining bulk while retaining its dps. So, maybe the option here is nerf their mace damage a bit so they can choose between more bulk with shield, or more dps with staff.
  11. Noka

    Normal Class TW Changes

    Thief already inflicts a 5 second stun with the glyph, so it would become a 7 second stun. No, its not much in normal class tw when rangers and warlocks inflict 10 and 15 seconds of fear respectively. Also stun doesn't raise the damage by x1.5 like knockback does, and thief has less p-atk base than 2-handed users. Maybe it would be better to just turn the stun into knockback so he can burst like his big brother the assasin. And MA is weak against players, its just a class with 3 sec stun that lowers -20 phys resist after attacking 10 times and skills that deals the same damage as basic attacks. If a MA kills you then you got gear issues.
  12. Noka

    Normal Class TW Changes

    @Luxdrayn Thief is still underpowered even with those buffs you suggested. The dash skill should be ambush, it makes more sense because of the name. Deadly containment should either last +2 sec or becoming usable outside invisible, otherwise thief would be a low-damage ma without resist debuff and a invisibility skill that ma can replicate with smoke bombs. As for blade dancer, what he really needs is more aoe range. Its dumb that ranged magic class has more aoe feet that a class that deals less damage and has to be in melee distance. Add the fact that pvp shields can't be used in tw basic class, bd is very frail. We all can agree that pure melee class are barely usable in general, ma is used solely for caping, and the warrior has a niche in chaining 7s of cc, a job that rangers and warlocks do better anyways. I'm curious about how Jordan will manage to rebalance those melee class.
  13. Noka

    Normal Class TW Changes

    I could post a wall of text about how I think each P-dps should be buffed, but instead I will put some steps that I would repeat with all p-dps class: - They need a dash skill to reach the target faster - They need to do high dps on par with the ilusionist - They need some sort of self-recovery, but not much Example: Samurai Fallen Swallow: Now quickly dashes towards the target, dot damage is doubled (this skill has the perfect animation to become a dash, and 1k dot per second is ok) Solar wind: When used, instantly recovers 10% of HP (it has 4s cd so its not broken) Crosswise Cut: Deals doublehit dmg, also lowers -15% atk and m-atk (useless combo made useful, can be spamed for good dps) Marduk's Tongue: Deals doublehit dmg, also increases +15% atk (same as above) Asura slash: No longer deletes purgatory debuff (that way you can launch some asura slash before recharging purgatory) Protrusion: Knockback time +2 sec (its dumb that it last the same amount of time as a meteorite, which is aoe, and ranged) Dance of cranes: Instead of lowering element resist, it lowers -10% block rate (so it helps all dps, plus makes clerics easier to kill) Shrine belief: Also instantly recovers 20% hp when used (long cd) Bazuda's cursed memories (trophy): Now it increases protrusion knockback time +2 sec instead of fallen swallow duration (most class have a trophy that extends their cc duration) Oisadar's steel willpower (trophy): Now it lowers shrine belief cd -50% instead of increasing it's duration (its base effect is plain useless)
  14. Noka

    Glyphs in the archive

    I don't think that adding triplehit damage to a warrior or giving a dash to a samurai would break the tw, all classes deserve to be useful, you've been proved that X-legend sucks at balancing with your own awk class rebalances. "class set 2 TW" sounds a lot more fun than nostalgia TW. I played original EE and all I can think off is the same 2 broken class with invincible zumis around. When there was 2 awk tws in Vendetta, it was short but it was the most fun period, back in the day where I supported normal class tw I was doing it with the mindset that "the Vendetta staff will also rebalance useless class", turns out I was waiting for nothing the whole time. People nowadays care a lot about class balancing in games, when they don't see balancing they quit, just saying.
  15. Noka

    Glyphs in the archive

    I have lvl 95 bear to craft glyphs for myself, so anyone who thinks that I suggested this because I waste thousands of gold to craft glyphs is wrong, its just that some people playing EE has a mentality stuck into the past. I hear those people saying that Ilusionist should not be nerfed because that's how it was in original EE, when half of the player base doesn't enjoy basic tws because of unbalancing. And lets not talk about the demon ashura one shoting people. For months I only logged in to play pvp, which is surprisingly good for a mmorpg, now went a bit more active thanks to Jordan adding GoP so that's why I started thinking about ways to make the PvE enjoyable. Well, now I know that suggestions like this are not welcomed by the playerbase. Actually I got this idea from Twin Saga, you could transfer gems between characters (which where similar to glyphs without timer for the people that didn't played), It was even more pointless to have alts there than in EE due to not having racial skills/craft, yet it was more enjoyable...