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  1. I can see your point in the stat thing, after hearing that is intentional and the purpose of it, I see the change with better eyes. Eva builds may become worth again without having to be a reaver. Still the pod complain remains, I hope the new maps come soon.
  2. The game feels very unbalanced after increasing the lvl cap at 120, not only you are now forced to grind for hours to be again good in pvp, you lose path of destiny exp and stats the more you level. My first suggestion is PoD, the more you level the less path of destiny exp you're rewarded, this is an issue since you're spending way more time to do an already tedious and boring task. Some suggestions (any of these will work): - Increase the lvl of mayland jungle monsters by +20. The issue with this is that it also makes low level players to do pod faster. - Make a dungeon-type map with 20 lvl higher mayland jungle monsters and limit the entry to lvl 110+ players. Issue is that I don't know if its possible to enable pod inside a dungeon. - Increase the lvl of viroona monsters by +10 and make them have 0 sec respawn like mayland jungle monsters. Most balanced suggestion, and we have antibot now so bots can't benefit from this. Next issue is the stats. The more you level, the less crit, cast, atkspeed, block, eva, acc, parry, def you have. If I understand the formulas correctly, this is only against people higher than lvl 100. Since there's no equipment that can counter this, I came up with an idea - Give a title at lvl 105, 110, 115, and 120 through quests. Each one boosts all base stats and def by +5%, for a total of +20% stats and def at lvl 120. I think this is the perfect solution. - Another one would be removing the stat curves after lvl 100, so lets say 3k crit is 80% chance at levels 100-120. Not sure if this is possible without source code access.
  3. You just said what I said on the second paragraph but with some maths on it, I knew it works that way and I have no complains about it, just wanted to see the reason behind the shop descriptions being completely outdated. Says that can only stack up to 500%, yet the server rates are already 500%. So no matter what logic you use, to me those new packages are just to hunt new players that don't know about formulas or even old players that don't care about the maths behind EE, so it still looks like a scam unless you write "applied before server rates" or the true %. That's my feedback. For reference, if anyone wants to calculate the true rate, divide the rate by 6, in the case of an auric jewel 50/6 = 8,33% exp increase, probably the only exp boost item worth buying since it costs 500 ap / 1€ and lasts an entire week.
  4. Probably late to the party since the expansion was weeks ago, but I noticed the new exp charm sales, and since I know how fucked up the "% increase" things are in this game, I decided to check some of the stuff that can be obtained ingame. Using the new trophy that gives +25% exp, I noticed that infact it only gives +4% exp. That's because the exp increase is calculated over the base exp of the monster before the server rates applied. You may say "I already knew that", yeah its kinda obvious to notice, but the thing is, this is a serious problem, because if its a glitch it needs to be fixed and if its not a glitch, is a scam because vendetta is selling items for AP that doesn't give the boost mentioned in the description. The other fix would be being honest, and change the description to these lower rates, so +50% exp charm should be called +8% exp charm.
  5. Noka

    New PvP Mode and Rewards

    There's so many things impossible without source code. I appreciate your efforts of improving PvP but as you can see, what can be done is very limited. Your idea could be applied to 10v10 (which is dead), with a few tweaks. Your NPC buff and coin exchange features are 100% possible, so by picking those 2 features, plus your idea of being some sort of siege PvP, it could become a good pvp mode. Defenders team spawn inside a fort, with a crystal, a door, and warps to cross the door. Attackers spawn outside, with an npc that gives tw siege weapons. Both teams have the buffing npcs you said. Attackers team have to break the door with a siege weapon in order to attack the crystal. The crystal can be destroyed without the need of siege weapons. Door can't be healed by healers, but the crystal can. Expand the idea if you like it. I'm still elaborating my idea of monster arena revamp so I don't want to think much about this.
  6. Noka

    Why 1 tw on weekdays?

    Wouldn't that be like desert island survival? Sakura is like every free pvp zone in any game, the more people play the game the more is filled. I would add free pod to the whole area and make a tiny part of the area lower your HP max so you end up with normal tw HP (to test normal classes, since there's no way to do it outside tw). As for monster battle arena I think I will better make another topic someday. Uhh and what's with this unnecesary guild fight? nobody can't change how people behave, as I said tw's would be better if guilds assisted even when they have 3 territories, but I know that's not possible. Sometimes I asked myself what whould happen if the 200g reward didn't existed... would people go to tw every possible day or they would stop going because of no incentive? probably the second, human race is greedy.
  7. Noka

    Why 1 tw on weekdays?

    I suggested a remake of the monster arena yet not a single change has been made, the suggestion was good, the few people that reads forum liked it and all it takes is a few value tweaking, completely possible without source code. That arena right now is a graveyard, so its the perfect place to implement a new PvP mode. It was very fun in the original server when the level cap was around 70, and it's sad that its broken in this server because the HP is so high that it becomes a stall war. Well, he is listening to me and to all the people here, so not sure what you're saying. This is the first time I see a patch that limits the amount of time I can play this game, it would be like restricting fae field to 0/2 instead of 0/10, people that farm gold would play less. I'm not leaving the game forever either. There's longer cc's in normal tw, but yeah it feels less stressful, and no PoD was actually my favourite feature of this tw, whoever thinks that playing a dice minigame before each PvP is fun is lying. I have like 15k loyalty points only from doing this dumb minigame.
  8. Noka

    Why 1 tw on weekdays?

    I was pissed when I created this topic, but seems that there's actual discussion so I'm going to elaborate my opinion about this. I know I'm kinda a special case in the server, my definition of wining is the definition of losing for most people, but I'm still going to expose it anyways. If you don't want to read the entire post skip to "When it comes to PvP" part. When playing a videogame, you must have fun. You can buy some game in steam, enjoy it and eventually moving on because you beaten it. That doesn't apply with online games. When you play online, you expect at some point to see the same everyday until a patch comes. That's the definition of endgame. So, is endgame fun in EE? partially, there's a lot of achievements to do, a lot of class to try and level and craftings to develop. As long as you have something to do, you can have fun. Achievements are known to be ultra-boring to do, and yeah its true but if you're obsesed with raising stats like me it can be fun at the end. Anyways all the achievements you make, all the classes you raise and all the craft items you get have only 1 purpose: To improve your character in PvP. Like it or not, PvE is so easy that you don't need most of the stuff, and it's the weaker point of EE. When it comes to PvP, there's 4 main options in EE: tw, arena, sakura and gvg. Sakura is mostly used as a training grounds, don't expect it to be a "I can do PvP all day!" area, you will probably see some dude experimenting new builds, or nobody at all. Not complaining though, just saying that "go to sakura if you want 1v1" is not a valid answer. Arena... oh jesus, this is my biggest complain with the community, arena is almost never taken seriously, in 1v1 there's people that disconnects because they wanted to be paired with a multiaccount to get ranking, and in 3v3 people afk to get a damn 5% physical resist buff... c'mon guys, seriously? you don't even having fun doing that, and you're ruining the fun of people that actually wants to play a damn arena, I wish there was a punishment on this subject. GvG is the only mode that is always played as intendeed, even small guilds do their best there. My theory is because its the most rewarding of the pvp modes, and has more chance of being balanced since its one guild vs another guild. Tw is probably the best pvp mode the game can offer since its everyday unlike GvG. Sadly most people don't play it for fun. No, I'm not saying that if you're in one of the big guilds you're not playing for fun. I'm talking about those people that don't play when they own 3 territories, those people who spawnkill 30 minutes just to get a few points of advantage against other guilds, those people who leaves tw when they see more enemy force on the other side. Most people are like this actually, I know who plays for fun and who plays to get some stupid chunk of gold. Being the opposite of the 3 examples I said before already makes you a person who plays for fun. Why there's a dude named Noka in half of the tw's that does nothing except killing people and capping random crystals? the only answer is that I'm having fun. You see me always losing, I see myself winning half of the tw's, because having fun in a game that I played for years is a win. By lowering the tw amount of weekdays I can have less fun, to the point that I no longer feel this game is worth. Even if I'm in the minority, I felt I had to make this post.
  9. So... I just play EE for pvp, came back to the game nearly 1 year ago because of the rifleeter nerf and 2 tws / days and now its going back to the original schedule? I'm out with this, I don't even care about the new rebalance if I can only play the game 30 minutes or 0 if the RNG puts all the strong people on one side, nice way to ruin the game. (read my other post in this topic for a better, more elaborated complain)
  10. Noka

    Normal Class TW Changes

    Ofcourse, I didn't cared about races when creating my char either, however he wanted to main samurai and from personal experience its not a good class in pvp, because its cc's are too short to finish combos in time, while a frog blademaster (or samurai in normal tw) gets +5 seconds to perform combos, since stun, knockdown and frog racial all stack together. Class viability should not depend on a permanent choice that you do at character creation... lets say you buff human's wind armor to deal 5% slash DoT, it becomes a good dps skill against tanks but it would not change the meta or make a class viable. That's how the racial skills should be in my opinion. Also, halfkins are not garbage in the racial department. They have a very powerful and underrated 6 second stun with green class, plus they have the best enginer passive (+30% eva) and a very good one for inquisitor (+10% dmg). Almost all green class can use that cc to their advantage. Nothing special on the other 4 class branches, but atleast they are unmatched in one.
  11. Noka

    Normal Class TW Changes

    Considering he completely ignored the racial skill rebalance topic, I don't see that being rebalanced. It sucks because EE is a game about building, customization and free class change, yet you lose cc skills permanently if you don't choose certain races at the beginning of the game. Said skills are crucial for some classes, to the point where they can be 2 times more powerful if you pick the correct race. One day I invited someone that never played EE to this game (he was looking for a game with good pvp), and while I was helping him with character creation choices he said he wanted to main samurai, so I said pick the frog because it gets a 5 sec stun , he said something like "what If I don't want to play as a damn frog?". So yeah that sumarizes how dumb is this permanent choice.
  12. Noka

    Pet Skill Book: Vicinity 3

    Check this answer for 3-2
  13. Noka

    NA Possibility

    No need to make a poll, its obvious that most people playing this live in America. I'm perfectly fine with this though, its impossible to find a solution that pleases everyone, so it comes down to finding the best choice for the part that has more people. Before someone says that european players, will not notice this, I want to say that if americans had lag when the server was in europe, the reverse will happen if the server is moved. I hope that I'm wrong, but nobody will know what will happen until the server is moved. We had the long stick for so long, so now this is our price to pay.
  14. Noka

    Re-balancing M-DPS and P-DPS damages

    Pure tanks have no place in EE, Shielder is just a good class in the wrong game. Paladin outclasses Shielder in its only good trait, because it has more cc, no weakness to any debuff and provides good support. I did a few tests and found that a good geared Paladin is unkilllable, while a Shielder dies quickly against DoT classes like druid and lethal. While DoT classes are not very common, i'm pretty sure if Shielder got more usage, more people would start picking counters. One of the suggestions I liked from this forums was dealing more damage the more hits it recieves. I think it suits Shielder perfectly.
  15. Noka

    Re-balancing M-DPS and P-DPS damages

    Don't get me wrong, there are more usable melee class, its just that the assasin is the physical counterpart of the gravity.The gravity is considered the best, yet time manipulators and conjurers are very useful and they can take out a gravity. The most similar class to the assasin is the asura, which trades instant dps for a cc, debuffs and lifestealing. Good zerk players can be very hard to deal with due to them having both tank and dps capability when hitting crystals. Fencers and acrobats are very strong with good parties because they spam high damage and lower the accuracy of everything they hit constantly. Finally at the bottom of the high tier we have executioner and blade master, which are awesome in PvE (they can beat assasin in dps) but they plain suck in PvP due to not having time to perform combos. Kage, Rakh, Shielder and Blood knight suck at whatever job you try to do with them. That's just 4 melee class that are bottom tier garbage. (Glaciers,Paladins and Elegants are supports, not melee dps)