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  1. Elrond

    The End

    I didn't sell a shit this year lol. Maybe the last years, ye I am crying because I can't play anymore. Thats very sad. Anyways see ya guys on NosWings
  2. Double Raidbox event. LUL Get a chance to obtain double items out of a Raidbox. Sounds to me like the Greed Trophy
  3. Who the hell is searching for NosTale Privat Servers on Facebook?
  4. They are.. this is from the forum of HK x Entwell. They don't give a fuck at all
  5. All Daggers are Useless. All Guns are Useless. No Softcrit push anymore. It is somehow a buff for swordman
  6. Nah, you need to do the full quest. Dw, Wheat, Fragnant Grass and the red berries are at a 100% Farming Rate
  7. They are trying for 3 years on Vendetta. Is it offline now?
  8. 1. "Damage is increased up to X% at the probability of Y%"Old - This effect of main weapon is stacking with secondary weapon’s.New - If I’m attacking with the main weapon, it only takes that effect from the main weapon. In case of secondary weapon, the effect of the secondary weapon applies to damage calculation.2. “Damage from all Attacks is decreased down to X% at the rate of Y%”Old - This type of effects are stacking all.New - Each effects from Costume, Partner’s buff, Secondary weapon and armor will be calculated separately.http://app.2000fun.com/index.php/forum/thread/tid/5827119/page/4 BaLaNcE pAtCh
  9. Wish you all the best eventho you were posting a bit trash.. maybe it is caused by your brain cancer.. JK! Hope you get well soon tho!
  10. The change was too harsh, yes. Farming is not worth anymore, so are the 5.2 Raids. When you are farming in 5.2 you have to focus on the Diamonds dropping. They are the only worth income while farming. Everything else is useless. Sometime you drop some res, but it is very rare. Same is for Act 6 farming. The relicts were a nice bonus, dropping from monsters. The most shitty thing is the change for Draco/Glace Raids. It is often the case, that I get 4x Shining Blue gemstone out of 5 Boxes. So in the end I get 0 gold. Since Dragonskin is not worth a shit, neither is dragon blood doing those raids is getting useless. It would be nice, if you would make the restriction to selling spider eyes only. Since we got a bank it is useless to save money in spider eyes. btw where is the credit card for the bank? `-´
  11. Elrond


    There was a bug. It is in maintenance again.