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  1. stop being a toxic fuck lol he ansered neutral to you. calm down lmao
  2. Elrond

    add act 6 books to a shop

    No, in Cuby.
  3. Elrond

    add act 6 books to a shop

    I would not add them to a shop. I would add them into Raidboxes.
  4. Elrond

    Updates 2019 official server

    - [New feature] It will be possible to link items in Speakers: When using a Speaker you can press ctrl + right click on an item in the inventory. @Bash - [New feature] Parcels will be refreshed automatically after receiving the last one (a re-log won't be necessary to receive the next ones). - [New feature] NosBazar improvements: Possibility to type a page number so you can jump there directly (in case there are many items), new message in the chat when you have sold an item in NosBazar, possibility to collect all sold/ended auctions with one click, possibility to edit old auctions (as long as they are not already partially sold), and the name field (displayed next to the item) will now be bigger. - [Bugfix] Safe square in Fafnir's raid was often hovering over the ground, so it was difficult to see if you were inside or not. In order to avoid this, the map will now be flat.
  5. Elrond

    A report system

  6. Elrond

    Updates 2019 official server

    AFAIK just a quest
  7. Since we got 2019 I will start the same topic as @Kailash This is coming for valentines day. A quest with a new partner sp REM and RAM
  8. Elrond

    About act6.2 quest

    There is a NPC in Cylloan with a Shop. Buy the rod from there
  9. Elrond

    SP Balancing Plans

    Seems like I missed it. In my source it says Oct. 2018. His post is from September and he says a few months ago o.o
  10. Elrond

    SP Balancing Plans

    I found those Balance details. They seem to be from Korea 10/2018 Maybe someone from Italia can translate it? Sorry for the long posting, there aren't any spoilers here. SP1: SP2: SP3: SP4: SP5: SP6: Somehow I wasn't able to find any Scout changes. SP7: SP8:
  11. Elrond

    Skin Partners in Shop(VGN)

    In my opinion add them to future raids to have something to grind for or maybe as a reward for the Familyraid / map
  12. Elrond

    Draco and Glace

    Same as @TheHealersGod
  13. Elrond

    Youtuber? This is your section!

    https://youtube.com/c/KravosTv https://twitch.tv/Kravostv NosTale
  14. Elrond

    Some FC adjustments

    Leave it 1hour but be able to join the raid at the beginning of those 60 min.