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  1. @Bash You heared her. Do your thing.
  2. It would be fine if the changes would just save indiviually. Like SP1 his own SP2 his own etc. atm the order changes regarding the previous sp.
  3. guys chill. He will be home soon. Just taking the lambo a few rounds around the block.
  4. Thats a good point. Forgot to think about it. Maybe restrict it yeah. 1kk per day is already enough and only items for Other Inventory and Main. Anything else isnt really worth trading.
  5. In my opinion the best solution is to bind the requirement to all accounts on this IP. if account meets requirements + unbanned = unlock trade for all. If account meets requirements + banned = lock trades until first is true.
  6. Simple: Add under the equipment box at bash a quest box. Contains: Cereal Grain Blue Herb Fragnant Grass Wheat Vampie Pellet Berrys for Teleport at mythtical path (not sure about the names) 300x Seed of Power (for timespaces) (10x Iron Ore) No Need for a special NPC/Shop then.
  7. Elrond


    I am just doing this shit to able to reobtain my gold. Pure tortue.
  8. You can buy res at armored bash. This is not a problem. Else ask someone of your family who can help you. We dont need all this stuff for free. Just the quest is annoying as hell.
  9. Remove this shit "Try again in 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds" and increase drop rate. Yeah at least.
  10. Wheat Fragnant Grass Berry to Teleport on mythtical path (?) IMO Fairies are not needed. They level up extremly fast.
  11. Cereal Grain Blue Herb Vampie Pellet Wheat Fragnant Grass Red Berries for teleport idk the name Those Items are the hardest
  12. Elrond

    New prices

    Fuck the level dude. It is about the drops from lv 15 monsters. Drop with lv 99 from lv 15. GG Also you have blessing buff and the quest makes you lv 83 anyway.
  13. Elrond

    New prices

    A Blessing? To drop more items? 200 IQ. Outstanding Move.