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  1. We use it too. We put in seals, mats, potions for everyone and for our daily raids. I think every antisocial PvP Family doesn't use it. No wonder why you are wondering about the fact, that it is being used. It would also be nice, if items would automatically stack if you insert them into the (family) warehouse.
  2. Elrond

    Mini games!

    Because of botters
  3. The point is, bosses. But Raids have more than just bosses. So you got %Dmg on the boss but 0% Bonus on Monsters before the boss. So S-Large Monster is useless.
  4. Tell me the specific situation where S-%Large Monster > S-% Damage
  5. Well.. I can understand that you want this but economally it is bad for the server since the price of initalization potion will drop extremly and nobody will purchase them anymore
  6. +1 Also adding the "GM" Rewards like the other scultpures etc to the Mall or NPC idc
  7. Who the hell is searching for NosTale Privat Servers on Facebook?
  8. They are.. this is from the forum of HK x Entwell. They don't give a fuck at all
  9. All Daggers are Useless. All Guns are Useless. No Softcrit push anymore. It is somehow a buff for swordman
  10. Nah, you need to do the full quest. Dw, Wheat, Fragnant Grass and the red berries are at a 100% Farming Rate
  11. They are trying for 3 years on Vendetta. Is it offline now?
  12. 1. "Damage is increased up to X% at the probability of Y%"Old - This effect of main weapon is stacking with secondary weapon’s.New - If I’m attacking with the main weapon, it only takes that effect from the main weapon. In case of secondary weapon, the effect of the secondary weapon applies to damage calculation.2. “Damage from all Attacks is decreased down to X% at the rate of Y%”Old - This type of effects are stacking all.New - Each effects from Costume, Partner’s buff, Secondary weapon and armor will be calculated separately.http://app.2000fun.com/index.php/forum/thread/tid/5827119/page/4 BaLaNcE pAtCh
  13. Wish you all the best eventho you were posting a bit trash.. maybe it is caused by your brain cancer.. JK! Hope you get well soon tho!