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  1. I think that they well do a complete Set with Act 7. Like Fire, Water, Light and Shadow again. So Sp 9, 10, 11, 12
  2. Confirmed. They are SP Skins. THANK GOD FC Rework but too lazy to have own ideas sadly. Gameforge suggestions are going to be on point, as usual. New SPs confirmed too. Noice.
  3. @Bash And this is why you should just ignore all the hate coming towards you. NosTale Community in a nutshell. Every Server. It is always the same.
  4. Put the Mana Potion to the Bash NPC but not the divine one. Else the "crap" rewards of mysterybox will be useless.
  5. One Wof is 1 VGN. You can top up like 5$ and have enough
  6. You need to use the Ship in port alveus to the desert. Afterwards you have to get to the vulcano path and join there the act 5.2 where you can find Magmaros.
  7. There is no static list for such a topic. Trading is a bout knowing the prices, learning them and observe them. Look how they change. Once they drop. Wait. Check if they raise again. If they drop again buy! Because you know that they will raise again. There is also no fix price for +13 SP or anything. Just compare Ranger +13 and Wildkeeper +13 prices. Trading is about Supply and Demand. Try Trading with Res, Fairys, Raidboxes and SP.
  8. Benim* is a fucking retard troll from German servers. he got banned there a plenty of times. just ignore him.
  9. For these 5 towers you could use every floor of the yetirand tower in act 5.3/act 3.3 whatever For the defending object there are a lot of textures you could use.
  10. It is already implemented ingame. As I said before the new family system which was released on the korean server is live on gameforge servers for weeks/months. The fxp items were released with it. Those colored grahams were implemented with the same time as act 6.2
  11. Fuck you i was about to upload it nvm here are the gifs i was working on: