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    By creating an account on Vendetta Gaming Network, you acknowledge that we can lock/change/remove the account at any time for any reason. The rules listed here are mainly a guideline for proper behaviour within our network and can be changed/modified at any time. Staff make the final call for what to punish. These guidelines are subject to the staff's observation. Using the claim, "It wasn't on the rules", or "I didn't know", or "It's not worded like that" will not be tolerated and will be ignored. The rules listed here will apply to all games on Vendetta Gaming Network, unless otherwise noted. Should a member of staff not be online when a reportable offence takes place, please take full screenshots or videos of the incident and report them through our ticket system here. Mutes/Bans can be appealed through the main website here. These rules will also apply to our forums as well. If a ban is placed on your forum account, it shall not be removed and cannot be appealed. With these rules changing and updating, past bans and mutes will still be in place and will remain in place. The updating of these rules will not effect previous/current bans/mutes/various other punishments. Section 1 - Harassment We aim to create an environment that is welcoming to all players on our network. As such, certain behaviours will not be tolerated and will be punished if reported. Releasing of another player's information without their written consent Creation of videos/posts/memes for the sole purpose of harassing/impacting another player's in-game experience Personal attacks based on: their race, gender, religion, nationality, ethics, sexual preference and personal beliefs Repeated or unwanted actions to annoy another player (e.g PM spam, C.O.D spam, mail spam, etc) Direct flaming to another player Section 2 - Exploitation/Abusive In-game Actions Exploiting and abusing of any bug/glitch/exploit within any of the games will lead to severe punishment. Continuation of the behaviour will lead to your account being permanently suspended. Usage of any program to allow you to gain an advatange over another player will not be tolerated and will lead to a permanent ban. This includes but is not limited to: Publicly releasing how the glitch works Creating a public video showcasing the glitch Publicly releasing any information on how the glitch works and how it is done. Unauthorized reverse engineering/client modification to find said glitches/advantages Should you ever find a glitch/bug/exploit/hack in the game, please report it to the staff through the main website. Section 3 - Hacking/Botting Any use of a hack/bot that will give you an advantage over another player is strictly prohibited. Actions like these will lead to a permanent ban that will not be appealed. Bots/Hacks include, but are not limited to: Built-in keyboard macros 3rd party programs Unauthorized applications not provided directly from Vendetta Gaming Network In terms of botting, if it allows you to manually step away from the game while it continues to play for you, it is not allowed. Section 4 - Account Sharing/Item Trading We at Vendetta Gaming Network recommend that you DO NOT account share. If you share your account with another player, you will lose all support privileges for that account. You are also responsible for what a person does when on your account. Should they use your account to break the rules, your account will be the one to receive punishement. Should an IP ban wave be sent out for someone's account, you may be banned for their actions as well. This ban may not be removed, so we do highly suggest that you do NOT account share. If your account be scammed due to account sharing, all items and anything lost will not be returned to you. When trading and batering with another player, all trades are considered final. If you lose an item to a scam trade, it will not be recovered for you. Friendly reminder: Never "lend" an item to someone. Never give an item to someone so they may "try it on". Never give your password or account access to someone offering to buy you VGN. Never drop an item for someone to "see it". ALWAYS check the item tool-tip before accepting any trades Some items may look very similar! Make sure that you are receiving the correct item before you confirm the trade. Section 5 - Scamming Participating in fraud/scams to another player, within any transaction, is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban on your account. Vendetta Staff will NEVER promote a website in-game and we will NEVER ask for your account details, nor will we PM you in-game about a "special offer" just for you. Should someone be posing as us, ignore the message and report them immediately. The only websites affiliated to VGN can be found here. Note: All transactions are YOUR responsibility. We will NOT restore any lost items nor will we give any sort of compensation for falling for a scam. Section 6 - Cross Transfer of Account/Items You are not allowed to trade any items/accounts/VGN/in-game currency for any real life currency (EUR, USD, GBP, DMK, Bitcoin, etc). You cannot hold a trade for items/accounts/VGN that are not limited to our servers alone. Trading across servers will not be tolerated and will net you a ban across all accounts associated to you. This does not including selling PGC cards for in-game currency. This is allowed, though we recommend that you do this with extreme caution. Should you be scammed out of any currency, you will not receive it back. Section 7 - Buying/Selling PGC Cards Buying/Selling PGC card rules will fall under the basic rules listed in Section 6. While we highly recommend NOT purchasing PGC cards from other players, it is not against the rules to purchase them for in-game currency of your respective game. Please keep this in mind though: Should someone chargeback that card they sold to you, YOUR account will be banned for PGC fraud Should you be scammed of the PGC card or currency, we cannot return that currency to you. Section 8 - Fraud/Chargebacks Should a card you purchased be flagged as fraudulent, you will be banned till the negative balance linked to your account is cleared. You can clear this up through PGC's support page. We at VGN are unable to assist with payment issues. Section 9 - Inappropriate Names/Guild Names/Guild Icons Names that are deemed inappropriate will be forced to change, or the account will be banned (if the game does not support name changes). Inappropriate names/guild names/guild icons include, but are not limited to: Personal attacks of someone Any obscene, sexual or racist names Impersonation or attack of staff If it is a guild name that needs to be changed, the guild leader will receive the ban till the name is changed. Should the guild leader refuse to change the name, we will force disband the guild. If the guild appears again, it will be a permenant ban for those who helped create it. If it is a guild icon that needs to be changed, the guild leader will be 1 day to comply with the request before the guild leader is banned. Section 10 - Advertisment Advertising of any unwelcome behaviour listed in Sections 1, 2, and 3 will not be tolerated. Any sort of advertising like this will result in a permanent ban. Please note that speaking about other games/medic/etc is not considered advertisment. Promoting your twitch stream in-game may be done, but cannot be spammed in chat. Section 11 - Staff Impersonation Under no circumstances are you able to impersonate a member of staff. Using any sort of exploit to "change" your name in-game to make your chat messages appear as a staff member will not be tolerated and may result in your account being banned. Should your name be similar to a staff member, you may be asked to change it. If so, regulations for this will fall under Section 9. Section 12 - Staff Harassment There is a zero tolerance policy in place for staff harassment. Should you be found harassing a member of staff, you will be banned/muted for those actions. Appeals for these bans/mutes will also be ignored and you will serve out the full length of the punishment. Should you use an alternative account/character to dodge the punishment on your main account, the duration of your punishment will be increased on your main, and the alt will be permanently banned. Continuation of these actions after your punishment has expired will result in a longer one being placed on your account, up to a permanent ban. Should you believe a staff member's warning to you was wrong or out of place, then directly message them in private bringing up your issue with the warning. Should you have any additional issue with the warning/member of staff, bring it up in a ticket to a higher member of staff. Flaming/harassing the staff member about said warning in world chat/speaker/shouts will only net you a longer mute or ban. Staff require civility and respect in these situations, and do not deserve flaming/harassment back for something you believe was out of line.
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    Hey all, So it's came to my attention that there are a lot of rumors and bad vibes being thrown around especially towards myself. I feel like I need to address some of them as it's painting a bad image for new players and setting a trend to just throw pure hatred towards myself and the team. Innocent Bans (Apparently causing Anxiety) Since mental health is the number one goto these days, we can address this one fairly simple (not mocking mental health btw it is serious but people also use it as a weapon these days). Due to people who would quickly trade their entire equipment and items over to alts before being banned, we would take action before asking questions about a specific subject or report related to said players/linked players. If you open a ticket, discuss it with us, you're unbanned within 24 hours and can move on with your day (Obviously it may extend if you refuse to cooperate or we're not happy with the answers). I want you to think about this for a second, we have around 1500-2000 concurrent players online at most times. Why would we just single you out over everyone else? What makes you special? We always act on the evidence given to us and sometimes we're wrong (hence why you get unbanned). At the same time though, if we don't ban someone then we're not doing our jobs either... because you know you're the police, judge and jury now right? A ban is never 100% permanent, we may be lenient and give people a second chance. This is not us favouring anyone either btw... every subject, every case is different. Theres always 2 sides to a story and sometimes we can understand it. We're only human and we do make mistakes, sometimes our judgment can be wrong but we're the first to hold our hands up and apologise for that mistake. I don't care about the games or our community This statement alone is one of the biggest insults I've ever received. Just because we're not sat rubbing your belly or on top of every single case, does not mean we don't care. You need to be worried if all I am doing is watching forums and answering tickets because guess what? Game isn't being worked on. To say I don't care about this network or it's games is a huge insult. I work 12-18 hours EVERY day and only give myself Saturday off so I can go and do my IRL tasks before I go back to my desk and grind away again. I don't answer tickets on a weekend because that's our policy, I sat up for 4 days with only 10 hours sleep to get the servers back online and everyone praised Nefasto like he was a god. The authority complex needs to stop and this hatred you all have for me it only says one thing and that's you're jealous of what we have. We only care about money This one makes me laugh everytime because it's such a hypocritical statement. I'll give you something to think about... If we don't care about our community and the game then why would we care about the money? They come hand in hand, you don't create a sandwich, fill it with bull shit, slap a price tag on it and expect everyone to buy it with the attitude we apparently have do you? Counter-productive don't you think? At the same time though, everyone is so bothered about making gold to sell or "cash out" yet we're the ones who only care about money? (Bold statement I know but, DrunkPanda even cashed out and he apparently was a "fair" player). Addressing Players Overall I am a patient guy but, when I handle 100+ tickets and then get called out in chatbox sometimes I am a bit grouchy. If I have worked for 18 hours to then have someone on the forums question my integrity they get a mouthful. You guys "work hard" on your characters and lose a small fraction of it and you know what we get? "THIS IS YOUR FAULT, FIX IT NOW OR IMA QUIT". This is somehow our fault that you shared your account or were dumb enough to sign up to Falagardo's clearly fake site yet, it's our fault and you have every right to talk shit to us. We on the other hand must work 18+ hours, get questioned of our integrity and every thing we say or do is under the magnifying glass of the detectives who hold everything against us. That really is not fair but again we're supposed to lead by example and I can assure everyone I tell myself every single day to calm down and not let things get to me. I work very hard on my people skills but I also have a "take no names" persona because sometimes people deserve it. But that's the sign of someone who only cares for money and doesn't care for it's community right? My Comments I can keep going on with the subjects but I figured I'd clear up some of them and hopefully you actually read this and will actually give it some thought. We are not your enemy and we do care, the wall between us does not exist but you all gladly put one there and try bend around the rules to justify your actions. I've tried to explain it at every angle I can without it being picked at but I am sure someone will pick at it and have some biased view on why we're "fucking up" and you guys are all innocent people. But can't say I didn't try. Thanks for those who read this.
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    Ok, I'll be brief. How many times has it happened to press the G key involuntarily? How many times during raids do you see people who blaspheme for having pressed that key and for being left without SP at an important time? As we know if we use this key our transformation will cease and we will have to wait from a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 600. Now it is clear that I do not want to influence this button in any way because it is clear that it is a vital thing to be able to remove your SP whenever you want. I only wish that once the G key is pressed, a small window will appear (such as when you activate the ice flower oil) that asks for confirmation of the command. Like this: (Sorry for the poor quality but I used Paint to make the idea)😇 In this way, if I accidentally press G, I will have a chance to cancel the command and avoid the worst during certain activities) What do you think?
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    SCARLET BLADE SPECIFIC RULES Section A - Battlegrounds In an attempt to make battlegrounds fair for all those who join, we will have an AFK policy in place. Those that AFK in a battleground are subject to be kicked from the game to gain deserter buff, or banned based on the amount of reports received. Abuse of the report function in the battleground to force kick a normal player out of it will not be tolerated. Those who continue to do it will receive a ban on their account for all those involved. Also, exploiting and using any battleground terrain glitch to give yourself an unfair advantage. Any video received of a person doing this will result in a ban being placed on their account. While we'll make every attempt to deal with the reports as we can, some reports may not be acted on based on the evidence given to us. Should your evidence not show a rule breaker without doubt, then we cannot act on it.
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    EDEN SPECIFIC RULES Section A - Stealing/Resetting Bosses/Mob runs This rule includes, but is not limited to attempting to stop runs such as: Petra, etc. Any attempt to try and steal a run or boss from a player (by any means such as killing or resetting the boss) will fall under this rule. Attempts listed below are ones included in this rule, but this rule is not limited to the following conditions: Using monsters to kill the person attacking the boss Using any skill to be able to pull the monster away from the attacker in an attempt to reset the boss. Section B - Safe Zone Camping This includes, but is not limited to: Trapping your opponent in base and making it impossible for them to leave Note: This does not apply once they've left the spawn area as the game has counter measures inplace to prevent this (One Of A Kind Buff). Killing them while inside a Safe zone in TW Any form of forced spawn/safe zone camping that is found and reported will start with a week ban and continue up from there.
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    "FuCk vEnDeTtA sHiTtY sErVeR mE fOrCeD tO qUeSt mimimimimi mE qUiT yOu rEgrEt" Ay welcome back, lovely loyal vendetta knight
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    I don't agree with this, it's still using outside means to get an advantage over another player, even if there's a ban duration of 3 months I don't believe that will justify a reason not to use it. We should also think about how impactful messing with the game could be in the short term, in something like Rainbow Battle, losing a match and chance to obtain Jennifer's Hat due to another play hacking can actually be very impactful, every box you obtain could be the difference between that person getting it or not. So that player may be banned for 3 months, but the person who had to deal with the hacker wont get his box back. So the harder the punishment the less likely someone will attempt to abuse it.
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    i mean, having your account suspended for 3 months might be enough punishment, under the circumstances you just said, But i believe in people checking tickets to see if a report is "manipulated" or not. How would you fake a eagleeye report? I rather have less players, fair players. The game is still more of a Game for younger people, even tho most players are cocky 16 y/o's that try to prove something. Theres banter which i say is whatever, blacklist and ignore. i agree on that, but bigger insults should be aswell chatmuted with non english. Extreme racism shouldnt be even just a mute, should be some day break for me. This beeing a Thing is sad, jumping and trying to pk a GS as example just because he gave you a chatban is sad. You can't complare beeing in a family or who you are to get you into fights in Arena, with beeing a GS and doing your Job. People report something to you, you mute the person because it's your job and you get cucked from a whole Family because you muted someone inside a family? Sad enough, lol. I'm way to lazy to get into more, however thats all for now ^^ Udyr
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    honestly, no? Don't be dumb in the first place and try to get advantage over other People, in no way. You can't hack and then say "but pls no perma, because it was just eagle eye!" i rather not respond to everything i could here Udyr
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    I'm pretty sure just farming reps in Crystal Utopia is a good way to gain CCM fast.
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    Well you see... I've spent 88k CCM on awakening L95 sets (I did it before the update to lower the amount needed), plus the entire L100 weapon roster, and I'm at 130k CCM again. I know it looks annoying at first, but Mimic is a special class, it's meant to require some effort from the player. If you want tips on how to deal with Mimic, try to contact @infecttado. He's a really good Mimic main and knows how to farm skills faster.
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    New players needs resistances for completing quests but they can't buy resistances or Dona River Sand because of the trade limit. Because of that I'm suggesting putting dona river sand on vgn shop.
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    Hahahaha, I think you ask too much.