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  1. Did you really expect everyone here to be nice? There was enough you did wrong before, trust me. People remember that. I don't really care if its true or not but good luck on chemo - but don't expect everyone in a Nostale forum to wish u good luck and all, cus people won't. It's a Game forum
  2. Teemo


    Hey Boi, No, S-Dmg will only apply on the Weapon it is on. Having S-Dmg on bow will mean you need allstat on dagger. If you want to mainly go for AA, you need to go for a S-Dmg second weapon and an allstat bow. The only Stats that are global are Stats like Allstat, atk, element.. Udyr
  3. You can open Raid-Stones to create Seals, Group stones and whatever up to any Level. The Level-Range got removed. Practicly you could create cuby Seals with level 99+50, open PTS 35-45 with 50 and do Hunt Timespaces with level 1. Udyr
  4. Head over to https://www.vendettagn.com/ Into -> And send in a Ticket. But remember, if you clicked any Fake Advertising Link, shared Account and similar - it's your Fault. Udyr
  5. I joined, let's see how active it will get used
  6. Theres a Offical one, why not use that?
  7. hey fire, You want to make sure you have a WK in the first Place. WK is used for Erenia and Erenia is your big first way to make Money. Besides that also usable in every other Raid. If you want to join Zenas you need a Demonhunter and for Fernon raids you would need to look for a really good Scout. Thats the PvE part, however Demonhuntr and scout also work in PvP. Just different Point allocations. Theres other Sp's that work aswell, like having a Destro just for gas, a Canoneer for Glace or even an Avenging Angel. However if you play AA you would want sdmg dagger and allstat bow. You would want to have sdmg bow and Allstat dagger. Besides that - important are Attack > Element -> Hp and Defense is not needed but ofc good to have. When i started luring 6.2 Map 3, i only had an allstat bow. Worked fine. You don't need that expensive of Equip to start luring 6.2 alone. You just need a good amount of fullpotions, pets and enough of the usual Items. You still make money out of wasting insane amounts of pots. But what you want is the Exp anyway. What works aswell is just buying exp from someone. Udyr
  8. fairy +1 but use a good transmo, because fuck fairy.
  9. I assume you are trying to make the Large Warehouse which i'd love to do aswell. But as above mentioned they are not accessable on Vendetta at the Moment. I'd love to see a second Bash shop with items like that to buy them in. Not adding them to the Main-Shop so it won't get spamed. Udyr
  10. Just to explain the Issue here @Nayxa The Tradelimit exists, so goldtrading is denied. No Goldtrading = Good for the Server. But good for the Server does not mean good for the Players. Players dont gain anything from it, it just creates Problems to work arround when you play the Game. What that means is, there is no Positive Point for any Player playing this Game. It's for the server. I really hate the Fact how you are trying to talk it into beeing Amazing. It won't help you in specific at all, it will just create Problems for Players but help the Server, let's start beeing Real, please. I don't say it's that fucking bad, but the Point for it is to deny people selling Gold. The big Question is if Bash removes the Trade-Limit. What other way would fix the gold-Sell issue? And i agree, there is for sure alot of Players that will Quit again because of it. Udyr
  11. We can all be real here, the Trade limit is pure Shit. But it does its Job, just with way to high of a Cost for having it.
  12. Go here and create a Ticket with all Informations: https://www.vendettagn.com/support.vg Someone will work on your Ticket then. Udyr
  13. Welcome back! May the Games be enjoyable for you 👍
  14. ^ Theres stuff which i hate about most of the comments here. It's possible to do, doesn't mean its enjoyable at all. It's a big Yikes.
  15. welcome to the normies ❤️

  16. Send a support ticket here: https://www.vendettagn.com/support.vgn
  17. There is a Reason why Speaker-Delay is a Thing, and this is abusing the Speaker-Delay.
  18. Honestly, i would say the Person doing this here is triggered: You even whispered People ingame to help you on the Topic, you spamed everyone literally. I would say there is no Point in having a further discussion about this. My Opinion is clear, less drops in IC is okay - atleast people like you don't get Profit like this anymore.
  19. Let's add that cepik is pretty mad about the Change because all he did was entering IC's on a Channel, afk when mobs are there and then grab everything. Always. And i'm glad this is no longer a Thing.
  20. He is talking about scarlet blade, for sure. Here is someone with the same/ or a similar Issue:
  21. Yep, there will be one. It will be a bit belated and will be arround the 28th or so - quoting bash. I believe. But it will for sure happen.
  22. Hello, What he has is the Compensation Paket, which was a Compensation for Players with a Account a bit older. Thats why he has it, his account is a bit older and yours is prob. pretty new. So far, Teemo
  23. I love me some good Fairy Wings aswell.
  24. There is a Place in act5 which has extremely high exp making it a good replacement for LOD, but still alot less exp. Act 5 Town -> Top left into the Temple. Even Dark mons