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  1. Did you really expect everyone here to be nice? There was enough you did wrong before, trust me. People remember that. I don't really care if its true or not but good luck on chemo - but don't expect everyone in a Nostale forum to wish u good luck and all, cus people won't. It's a Game forum
  2. Welcome back! May the Games be enjoyable for you 👍
  3. welcome to the normies ❤️

  4. So you mean a new Server, i like that Suggestion, however - starting with a new Server will make Server 1 basicly die. Not sure if it is the best Idea
  5. kinda against it. Metin 2 is pretty Dead, most of the Players are split up on already 100's of Servers. Creating a new Server will result in the same Ending as 90% of the new Metin2 Servers - it will be dead.
  6. First of all; Thanks! Had a Great Time here as GS and as a Player. I hope i was able to help alot People on Questions, Problems or similar. I dont have that much Time anymore for Vendetta, so it was the best to leave the Team for now. We will still see us Ingame if i get back to beeing Active, or even back to the Team. I still wish you all best of Luck in Nostale and w/e <3 TAKE MAH LOVE Will be also still sticking arround in the Forum and be Helpful as much as i can. Thanks to everyone of you. Special Thanks to the full Team, they made staying in here really Enjoyable.
  7. o/ Welcome here and enjoy your Stay! To get GS you will need to wait till the Applications are open again, no ETA for it yet. However, if you have any Questions or need some Help just reach out for someone here! Udyr
  8. Welcome here at Vendetta! "Enjoy the Ride!" Udyr
  9. Hey, and glad you found to the VGN-Community! First of all, All of the VGN Games are not Pay2win. You can buy alot Items with Real Money, but most of it is good buyable from other Players. Making Money is Smooth and you have no Problems on getting these Items. Nostale is the atm biggest Community here, with alot Players on daily. I would even say more active Players than Offical atm. However, I wish you good luck in every Game you try here! Udyr
  10. Thats what i do in my Freetime, die in grenigas till i almost get kicked out.
  11. soo, since @Drylz also made a Introductions; i feel like i should do it too. For those who dont know me yet, my Ingame name in NosTale is Udyr (I play a bit SB) Im Arround since start of the Beta, which means i know most of the Veteran Nostale Players here on Vendetta. atm I'm lvl 99+4, playing a Swordsmen. I do have a second Character which i wont call here, but it's Class is Archer. (Some might know the Char anyway) In my Opinion Swordsmen is one of the most fun and best Classes in NT. Tanking, playing with mass of HP and beeing able to survive a long Time is one of the best Things. Enjoying it every day more and more. Dont Worry about the Potion Cost My Nostale Career started back then along Time ago on the Offical (DE) Server 3 (Zenas) and after a longer Time also 1 (Ancelloan). After many Years of playing Nostale got boring, so i decided to stop. Till the Day of Vendetta Beta Release came out. @Drylz and me decided to start here in the Beta, and we really enjoyed the Server on every day. (I might sometimes tilt a biiiit!) But at the End, we have alot Fun here and Bash does alot work for the Server. We are really Proud to be possible calling us GS here. You always gotta think about how much Work Bash does invest into the Server, be thankful guys. ____ Let's go on and tell you something about my Real Life here in Germany. I'm 21 Years old and im in Love with the following Games: Nostale; League of Legends; Diablo. I do speak the Languages German and English. Some Words of other Languages too. My residence is in Bavaria (Germany). I'm not a Weeb! *Dont even try it* ___ Also some Facts for Lol-Players here; I do not main Udyr anymore, Irelia is my main since some Seasons now. Udyr has just one of the most fun Kits on whole League of Legends. Running arround, fucking with everyone and not taking the game Serious. <- me irl ___ Hope i see all of you also Ingame! Udyr
  12. Hola Konata o/ also didnt know this Section even exists Udyr
  13. Welcome bru, Nosmagic was fine, just sadly way to laggy. Almost since the Start, but you still did a good job. Enjoy your Time here ^,^ 'Teemo
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