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  1. I don't think that the classes need any balance. It's more like the content of the game which requires different things. Element Down from the wildkeeper as an example. Even if you nerf it, people still would prefer wildkeepers in their erenias over other damage classes. Erenia debuffs herself with Meele Defensive = 0 which makes swordsman actually very good vs her. It's more like a lack of knowledge about the raid in depth.. Sadly when you start with the game and get erenia ready, all the host say like "oh we only need wk now" so you will apply this behaviour to your own raids when you will host some in the future. In the end, it's more about the players.. I guess o: (Hawk is pretty OP tho ) In my opinion the things that only prefer like one type of damage and don't have counterparts (Dragonrider's Gloves as an example) should be balanced. The new wings (Zephyr Wings) on the official only trigger their effect with either ranged or magic damage which makes them useless for swordsman. This are things which should get balanced tho.
  2. In my opinion, it depends on how long the patchnotes are going to be. If they are like v35, it's fine as it is. But if we have longer notes, like v33 I would like a table of content on the very top. (Maybe even clickable if the forum is able to do this) This would help if you are going to check the notes again just looking for one special thing, you find it faster.
  3. You can claim it here: https://nt.vendettagn.com/event.vgn
  4. It takes 3 hours of 6.2 service to reach +28. Honestly you don't need any blessings to reach the trade limit level (Level 83) since you get there by doing the quest.
  5. The Level packages are actually fucking great. They give all new players actually very good start equipment to farm & raid by themself. Overall I think, the experience for new players is actually a lot better then before.
  6. So far I know you get blue herbs & vampi pellets as a reward in some TS. So it should not be a problem actually. Not sure about this tho.
  7. Well.. that's what this thread is about. Not free for, but at least make it purchasable at a NPC.
  8. If characters are able to pick up stuff you still can sell the gold on them. The gold buyer just have to do the quest to be able to use it.
  9. I know, that's why I replied to sreny who suggested to lift the drop limit.
  10. Uhm.. you can drop it instead of trading it to sell Gold?
  11. You could easily just buy tons of like Spider Eyes at Bash, drop them, pick them up and sell them again. It would cause gold problems.
  12. Not sure about the fact to buy the items you actually have to gather. Maybe an increased drop rate or shorter time to gather/mine them?
  13. This may happen yea, but we should still wait for how it's actually going to balance itself out and hope on better rng for you
  14. That's some very unlucky rng then. Most of the time I just break even with the equipment and still having manes and claws o: And I buy a lot of boxes too.