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  1. Hi, the quickest way to level in this server is by doing the act 1 quests which will make you lvl 84 at the end, after that there's the Land of Death a map for exping to lvl 88 and once you reached that level you'll be able to get a6 and pay for exp until c28, as to how to make money, i highly suggest you to join all raids, make the jajamaru specialist and either host or get into namaju raids and chicken king raids which will give you a pretty decent amount of gold, Check out these links for better explaining and have fun in VGN:.
  2. There isn't much to say about it, a lot of us have gaming mouses who have more than 2 buttons or weird letters that we use often in other games which we cannot use here... i'm sure we would all love some more customization into our skills.
  3. Exp is already x20 ?? drops are times 4 are you smoking something my friend?
  4. Well to be honest the IT wiki is complete, anyone with a translator can check it out there's no need to waste work time on such thing it's wise of you to not do this however we could do a small database which includes vendetta only stuff
  5. OP Got the change he wants he can now farm gillions and finally prices will go down to 5k Hi, if you use Nayxa's method you won't be that efficient,i highly suggest you to make either spider seals or slade seals then Leveling an alt to lvl 60 and make a marathon in which you invite your alt, each spider rts lasts around 17 minutes, if you make 15 and sell the boxes for 3kk ea you're gonna make 90kk in the span of around 6 hours of playtime, you can also charge a flat tax each raid of 1.2kk to another player to allow them to bring an alt. With this much gold i suggest you to buy a pve specialist, (wk,archmage, renegade)buy some magmaro gloves and hono gloves, and start leveling in Lod until level 89 successively do the Ragnar mission and you'll get lvl 92, keep farming all kind of raids and buy yourself a weapon. If you need more help on what to do, tell me You can also make a red mage and farm gillions (17kk per hour)
  6. Probability works in a weird way, i could miracolously upgrade a weapon from +0 to +10 with no failures or fail 50 times the +4 Just keep trying eventually you'll succeed. maybe you'll get luckier
  7. It's early in general, kids are sleeping adults are working and now ch1 has the capability to host 500 ppl and there aren't like 50 shops afk at nosbazaar it's fair that the ch is now kind of player free
  8. So i'm gonna write here my thoughts about this Whole discussion. to put it simply i believe each part of the game is dominated by a certain class by building the way it's supposed to be built however all of them can deviate their builds to perform into the other game modes as efficiently as its dominant class (sort of) RBB And Frozen crown: Mages triumph due to mana shield super tankyness super high innate res reduce Pvp: Archers extremely high dmg stealth high crits Beef fights between families composed by huge amount of players : Swordies due to their high hp pool high defence higher chance to % the 3 recovery items (erenia,dracula,groovy) So Kaizou's point is agreeable to some extent, although i myself believe that the shadow gem was a mistake and kinda disrupted the game balance due to the fact that this futher improved a Mage's strenght in team battles rbb etc, Mage is definitely too strong in these game modes EVEN THOUGH It's supposed to be slightly better than other classes. i also think mages need a nerf on the Seer specialist as it is way too strong in pvps, I'd probably nerf the damage reduce from 40% to a 32-33% (it sounds weird because all buff percentages's final number ends with 5 or 0) and reduce the Mind sink duration by a second the other sps are fine Regarding Nyet's point about archers having to sacrifice a single shell effect to be able to function in team game modes such as rbb and frozen crown to some extent, he is right and wrong at the same time Right because we lose access to the S Antimalus/Overall def option to survive to mages that utilize a res reduce set and double dmg therefore reducing basically everything at the same time effectively reducing the time we're actually alive and doing dmg.. Wrong because let's say that an Archers triumphs in pvp by building the classic full dmg build due to the fact that since we are against a single opponent we can dish out our 240+% of resistances effectively removing elemental damage, a key part of the mage class, we can't be strong everywhere. Kaizou was actually smart to use the Whole resistance reduce set to win in team battles because basically nobody has the means to counter it due to the extremely high cost of the resistances and the extra armor just for rbb. Gameplay wise mages are balanced but realistically who has 50kkk to spend on all sets of armor, resistances, etc to have a great performance in all aspects of the game? Having said that i believe that archers do need that 10 all res increase in order to level the playing ground and allowing us to not completely deviate our build for rbb/beef fights. Or simply revamp the shadow gem into something more balanced. or by changing how the forgotten hero M books work ( from 6k to all classes to 6k sword, 4k archer, 3k mage. if more than one of these changes go through mages would be unusable so it's hard for our dev to choose the right choice. let me know if you do agree with me
  9. Odisseo

    A crazy idea

    Even if god for some reason makes Bash develop this nobody and i say nobody for exception of you would play this "mode" Before exploring new ideas let the devs revamp the current modalities that are already in the game but aren't used, like arena of talents
  10. A bronze is NOWHERE near a diamond player in terms of skill,map awareness,cs,game knowledge that doesn't make any sense Going back to the suggestion I agree to this suggestion, but you either mask every aspect of a character or you don't. you'll get recognized anyway So Bash either makes wings, reputation, equipment glow and name hidden or he leaves it like right now and that is too much of an hassle so your idea will probably get rejected
  11. Damage increase and Pvp damage are much different, the latter is much stronger due to how the damage formula goes, to put it simply, damage increase is calculated pre-mitigation by defence while pvp damage is calculated at the end the buff i have in mind is the following Fernon fairy= When attacking demons and angels your pvp damage increases of 12%, "Fairy element" elementis increased by 5 "Fairy element" resistance is increased by 5 13175 and you probably thought my suggestion made no sense because if you don't know how the damage formula goes what i proposed was actually a nerf, now that i clarified this what's your take on this?
  12. Due to the high rarity and prestige of the Fernon fairy due to it's very high crafting cost a mere 12% damage increase isn't enough to justify the time spent on it therefore i suggest to change this 12% damage increase into a 12% extra pvp strength against both demons andangels. Personally i think it's a balanced idea and it's easy to code such change Let me know your opinions about this chage
  13. They appear on Bitoren Tundra (the map where you can join a4 raids) and place where most of the pvp happens, just keep looking there and you'll find them there are few of these mobs in the map so they might be dead and in the process of respawning
  14. Rep should Be revamped what Bash could do is the following: Rep reset to 500k Rep rate: x2 Add more Rep icons including the "legend ones for top 50 players" i could help with names Hide Rep in FC (Prob a bad idea) Add more items in the reputation shop "EXP options, atk def, random tarots or even Trophy Pieces" Give rewards to said 50 players And that's It let me know if you agree on some of these suggestions.