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  1. From now. I will just hit enemy when they dont ride bike. But most of them will ride a bike bcs im sw lol. I wish we still can use a bike while faded hahaha 80 vs 180 mspd. Hmm.... well
  2. We r asian r forced to use vpn bcs if we arent using it, we can get disconnected every 40mins maybe less. Hahaha
  3. My ping is 58 - 70ms, n it still happen. What else then?
  4. Sometimes i got a good BGs (fair), thats why its hard to know when it will happen
  5. Yea we dont know what happen in the future, i mean "well, this is just bg, im sure nothing weird happen so i dont need to record this war". In fact, something like this happen lol
  6. I have no mood to do BG until now, especially 1v1 bcs of this. I wonder why it only happen when they r using bike
  7. It happen just to some enemies, i mean always those enemies everyday n everyday. Especially when they r on bike. It's crazy if u immoblize them n then they get "knock back" debuff. Im fine if it only move back like 2m, but this is like around 7m. Still doesnt make sense for me if it's lag, this is my 1st time get this problem in any kind of games, especially about "lag".
  8. Im currently using betternet bcs its free, but it always connect to USA, n i still have that problem until nw. Afaik based of my experience(asked to utube gamer) vpn doesnt reduce ur lag? Imma try tunnelbear(another free vpn).
  9. I know this problem is happen to "almost" all players in game. The problem is sometimes if we do a stun skill or immoblize, enemy will get knocked back for a few meters. I asked to some players n some said that it's a hack tool, some said my inet is lagging, some said ur enemy is lagging, n some ppl said it's a trick. Which 1 is true? I dont rlly believe about "my inet is lagging" bcs i can use skills normally, n that problem happened just to some enemies not all enemies.
  10. Make it quick hahaha. Cant wait the new costumes from Nova
  11. -Sky

    Dog tags

    Afaik many newbies r rlly want to reach end game so fast. Like 80 - 90% of them doesnt know about "progress". Ive seen 3 nrwbies asking about bike 180mspd to me freely, like asking me to buy them potions lol. So imo, obtaining ancient or other high end game stuffs from dogtags, i will accept it. Let say u need 100 tags to get ancient spanner, or maybe less, fair enough. I never loot dogtags btw bcs its not worth for me rn.
  12. Lets do FC after new skills change. N it should be the last FC.
  13. So far as eva build, i feel a bit harder against some NPCs cz they have guarantee hit even u have 20k eva. How bout making some NPCs have less acc like normal mobs? Im fine if NPC that have guarantee hit is near faction base, but some NPCs like in amara oasis, loot guardian(turnpike), gatekepper(nuclear bunker), they have guarantee hit xD. I hope u can reduce their acc like normal mob.
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