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  1. Add winter with curses please!!! all colours!
  2. Add more suggestions ^^ All coloured Phinwheels (Legendary) ✔️07/01/21 Fans (Sakura's / Asusa's) (Legendary) ✔️06/17/21 Pink Wing Spear (Legendary) ✔️06/24/21
  3. Militissa Ensemble legendary ✔️06/28/21 Cyan dyes.✔️06/03/21
  4. I agree with this as well, There's a lot stuff than old players did and now become easier like dod / trials / everything.
  5. Militissa Ensemble please✔️06/28/21 Phantom Mask ✔️05/13/21 Pinweels✔️
  6. Phantom Mask / Plague Mask and others from Boxes i guess ✔️05/13/21 Pinwheel on altars ✔️ Sakuya .Hime pets
  7. Mysterious Brigand King Gear Legendary✔️04/27/21 Mysterious Men's Adventure Cape Legendary ✔️04/15/21 Mysterious Brown Leopard Cape Legendary✔️05/04/21 Mysterious Comfy Pajamas Legendary ✔️03/25/21
  8. Yume kitsune please ^○^ ✔️03/19/21
  9. Robust Scarlet Vandra ✔️10/01/20 / Snowy Kueta ✔️10/08/20 /Cherry blossom Hana ✔️10/15/20 pets please
  10. I say the next few week, cap 65 its already enough for many in the server, was fun but not enough, idk if in the plan there news perfect dungeons like awak (DS/GoP) in a classic version but gonna be perfect if you implement into classic!
  11. Wrong server please moved to Classic @Herakles
  12. I'd like to suggest that HP/MP pots become stackable up to 999 so that they take up less bag space as a quality of life change. Also if there was a way to convert level 45 pots into level 60 ones through an arcane box formula. It is easy to get so many 45 pots from farming century and this would make them more useful.
  13. I just according with Lowering the match timer from 6 mins to 3 mins. (i think 5min fair enough) Adding a life system. Because this makes the matchs more easy to quick pvp, most players just doing 10v10 for farm medals and there less players who really cares for pvp. Why not adding more HP Cus atm its pettry hard when u have to fight vs two smarts healers u really need to CC them for kill plus, there so less players templars who like be tanky and troll, pettry hard wipe them.
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