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  1. I hope u can add another fast map to do Path of Destiny because its still hard get in time 3 maps when u hit Lv120 even with Fate double up scroll
  2. You totally wrong , do u think we did first run in 1h or so? we spend many days entrances to read and learn these mechanics and with this just helping these lazy than doesn't wanna read all whole dng.
  3. Thanks you for making everything easy like all whole server wants Our effort will end till now : ) Anyways people need more than a guide to pass this dng lul
  4. Idk if here still right to post but i'll continue wrong txt?
  5. Idk if some GS reported this already but there a txt bug :'c
  6. Nice edit ss I never saw specials row with nothing its always with full dyes /ep/ec you need to be honest with jordan and say i wanna everything easy please and im gonna stop crying thats all
  7. Please add these new things ( Altar- Mining - Garden stuff ) in EP shop if possible.
  8. that mount its exclusive for anniversary boxes !
  9. Promote the server then made videos help the server get these "new players" and stop crying for inflation EC-Stardust since u also does the same lmao . If server quiet on PVP doesn't mean its also on PvE and people than logging for fun.
  10. totally agree.... Server dying? lmao , these new dungeon than jordan mades its totally fun turn on your strategies how to pass it, atm i have a metha to pass in less than 30min but i only saw Couple teams trying and get ranked maybe for u guys its get everything easy Stop complaining and let GMs do their job lmao Actually do gold its more eaiser than before with these new dungeons everyone need to be PvE first before PvP
  11. Mark20

    human berserker

    I agree. So we can saw more activity on the game with these op humans ! do u make humans with 1 axe hands please T_T
  12. Me caring for Salary MoneyTeam already disband that guild got like 200+ players there not the points i can suggest limit for players to join in each guild in pvp, but there make no sense my boiii You need to understand if u limit the guild there many guild than can be lost Guild Town , like dead inactives guild Celestial GxG Offline Blutmond BlackMagic.