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  1. You're talking about the past we are in the Hera 120 with a 110 gears guys, enough stats if u wanna be a top healer test I'm 100% sure these 95 weps are not necessary!
  2. Understable ur point Jordan but i think the ratio per each entrance its a little low on bloods but not impossible to farm.
  3. Maybe for bloods and ash we need to farm but the white / orange stuff (altar mine farmer) yes i think needs cost so much each bp
  4. ✔️09/28/19 ✔️11/14/19 ✔️11/14/19
  5. Welcome to EE vendetta yea there a nice community and a lot guilds than focus on PvE /PvP or both. you can experience in here rushing a lot dungeons - trials there all depends in your playstyle Actually you have a international guild called Forestria has a lot guys than can help you anyways if u have question about the game you can mp me Mark
  6. If u understand what i mean everygame has the broken class even if awak or classic but i feel more balanced the awaks ones with these last patches the only ISSUE for the server its the bullshit/ drama and ego with quantity players you can imagine a server w/o chill or dramas, can be totally nice but sadly never will happends because every win = EZ GG EZ every lost = YOU TRASH , broken class , shitty game . really i wont back on this time
  7. According totally with Yukani this classic way its only holysmite and snow storm mode, every mode: CLASSIC or AWAKEN has their broken class i just feel classic at Slow motion than awak
  9. Can you consider in future add another way to buy class medals with CCM? since i have done all awaks and other stuff than requier these CCM
  10. stop bullying my best friend Aloha please 😂 Maybe we'all need support new ideas how to solved Normal TW's or giving more ideas like making a dng with gear restrictions for those who likes classic mode.
  11. i think there much work to do, if we need to do a old moments better if sets have non tower gems, maybe get +10 at maximun for fortification so dmg will be less than get +14
  12. Remind you need to used the option Unilateral divorce to keep all buffs couple/spouse if u did or ur Ex couple clicked on the first option then be sure u will lost all skills.
  13. Sent you ticket and ask who its this can be considerated harrasment 😂 I just reminds pudim the bear wierd they didn't made account before for others idk Apologizes ^-^