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  1. ✔️ Box 04/18/19 ✔️ Box 05/01/19 If possible ^^
  2. Altar please ✔️Altar 04/06/19
  3. Please if possible to add NPC in the new battle camp to trade pots like DoS with more higher recover MP- HP etc etc
  4. patience and perseverance, the key to success.
  5. Please add this on altar or boxes if possible ^○^ ✔️Box 04/11/19
  6. There is possible to add another ALT map to run since i feel the real fight for spots will coming soon , dungeons can't leave with the almais. there at the moment my checks.
  7. All colour rapiers in boxes please. Box 02/21/19
  8. Humans makings gems, most viable and people looking a lot for gems also on bear to glyphs , frogs makes pots and most cheaper to get golds. Totem Master its the fasted way to auto-lv when u start the game.
  9. The males ones also fixed?
  10. ✔️Altar 02/12/19 ✔️Box 02/14/19 and rapiers please Box 02/21/19
  11. ^ Yea i just remember KuhaKu are germany players ?
  12. they was in boxes before x'D , but ok thanks
  13. And you guys used Memory to farm alt or recapp :Joy: HAHAHAHA poor guy