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  1. I find the changes that Matt moves very well, especially the new limits of participants thus also smaller golden simple have a chance to pass in PvP if the server becomes more active again. (I’m talking about PvP in general) Currently it is unfortunately only a pure “who can farm his alts the most from” what the meaning behind the PvP completely leaves out what really a pity for many is not able to play to every PvP type regarding the times when I would find the time adjustment for most very nice to adapt it. And hope that it will also be welcomed by others, as you can see here in the article.
  2. I can only join as to the advice in the altar, had on the first day where the cestus were inside after 50 ec’s already 17 star diamonds some in the last line with doubling even. accordingly even the things pulled from the star altar, the following day I had after 200 ec’s not even one since you see that it is pure rng and do not understand why you get upset about it, finally you do not force anyone to play the altar. also I do not understand why everyone can do everything solo in an MMO, then we would not need guilds or parties, yes it is nice if you can do the things solo but that brings no one further in an MMO especially on a Classic Server. I think you misunderstood me a bit, I didn’t want to say with a word that you want to give a wrong impression but only the picture in relation to the context that there are hardly any players, should this have come over wrong from me I apologize here with them because I didn’t want to blame them in any way And yes that there are enough people who want to kill the boss I fully agree with them, some also set their alarm clock for this
  3. Jordan to the screenshot you have to be fair but say that 80% of the players on the picture are alts, to farms the star diamonds wanted to say this only so that the picture gives a false impression as it looks with the playerbase on the server, however an increase since the close of aeria is easy to notice
  4. The problem with selling I can definitely understand that this is frustrating, but this is not a problem as far as the % is concerned, but a player made problem of supply and demand. We can discuss guilds internally regarding this problem and we will surely find a solution for
  5. I am very sorry Herakles, I had to correct something again and did not pay attention to my automatic translator. is in any case now corrected.
  6. I can already understand Jordan in terms of the Stars of Honour and I myself (if you look at it objectively) think that you should not turn around, as it can quickly upset the balance. However, as some here say, even for players who don’t make PvP for various reasons, it’s difficult to get them unless they’re managing Elysian Island or can My solution here would be to simply add a small honorable star reward to the Quest (maximum 5 stars per Quest) to the higher exams As far as the possibility of improvement is concerned, I should do this, albeit only slightly, because with too much it can tilt everything quickly in the balance. As for the corona in the altar, I don’t see any reason to increase the chance, because the altar, as it has the chances, is good enough in my eyes.
  7. thank you vey much ❤️
  8. hy, I just wanted to ask, because I can not find anything or overlook how I can end the spouse
  9. XGammy

    TW reset

    Snake simplement parce que vous nous parlez dans la communauté, cela ne signifie toujours pas que tout le monde peut comprendre le français, alors suivez les règles et ne vous considérez pas comme quelque chose de spécial J'utilise aussi le traducteur surtout parce qu'il est plus confortable pour vous Merci Transalet for other ppl: Snake just because you talk to us in the community, it still doesn't mean that everyone can understand French, so please follow the rules and don't consider yourself to be anything special I also use the translator especially because it is more comfortable for you Thanks
  10. XGammy

    TW reset

    Hi Jordan, I can understand that you don't want to do any special resets for reasons that you have given ready. Wouldn't it be an idea to change the salary amount instead of changing the reset? that you can get the full salary for one area, for example? I don't know how healthy this would be and would therefore only like to submit this as a suggestion that guilds only need 1 area for maximum profit instead of 3 areas, which in my opinion would have made more guilds more active tw. As I said, i don't know how healthy this idea is in the end, but in my eyes it is an option besides changing the reset system.
  11. Hi, i apologize in advance for my bad english as this is not my native language ^^" many of the players probably know the problem that trophies have no meaning in the late course of the game, expect that can be sold for 1 silver, as many probably already have a copy of this in the archive. So i just wante to ask if it would be possible to insert trophies such as boss armor and weapons into ccm's, because trophies then serve a small purpose if they are alrady onwed and not completely worthless. This is only a suggestion and can also be understood if you do not want this or do not want sacrifice your time for it to include this, as this would only be a small change. Thank you for taking the time ti read this and wish you a wundeful day.
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