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  1. Hi Jordan, Happy to see that Classic is finally receiving QoL changes that will improve the player experience. Loot System Changes One critique I do have about these changes is the introduction of the personal loot system that awaken currently has. This system should not be added to Classic. With the introduction of class drops to the server, it is already easy enough to access things that drop in dungeons and what not. Other things that don't have class drops (DD, VL, S-Trial Combos) are meant to be more difficult to farm. Adding these systems just removes any effort that players had left to put into the game to farm things. Additionally, the extra drops create clutter even with auto trashing whites & greens. Alternatively, if you're able to update the auto trash system to include blues this can help alleviate the issue with clutter. Additionally, if you're able to figure out a way to prevent people from filling up mules' inventories to help increase drop rates for specific things, that would be beneficial. If these things can be rectified, I don't personally have an issue with this system being added. Ranking Changes Change the EI ranking rewards to be aligned with the changed crystal altar. Update the tooltips to show the changed items. 25 Man Dungeon Remove formulas from 25 man dungeon, replace with stones.
  2. kimba is annoying and his headache grew golden plains is deserted just like classic too
  3. Item Wish: Treasure: Fleshrender If this item isn't wishable.. then Rat Poop x100 IGN: Matt
  4. A more on topic post: I think a time change would be useful. The time currently prohibits me from attending TW 3/5 days of the week (excluding weekends) because of my school schedule. When my next semester starts along with my internship, I won't be able to attend TW 4/5 days of the week unless I skip class. If the time was moved back an hour (5 PM EST), I would be able to attend most of the TWs if not all, barring some tardiness some days.
  5. I don't really care too much if the damage stays in tact, the main issue with shura is how laggy it becomes when you are pulled in by it. If you're able to change that skill to something like I suggested, or a different variation that you think would be balanced, then I think everyone would be happy with it. Playing against shura is almost impossible because of the lag that is created upon pull in, 1hko or not. I won't speak for others but I won't play against something like that. Even in Aeria a lot of players actively avoided the ice-map TWs.
  6. The game is just poorly optimized and is very heavy to run. Lower your background FPS to the lowest setting and it will take some strain off of it when you tab out and stuff
  7. 1v1 availability is a moot point. The only reason people use it is to abuse ranking rewards, or farm medals. There is no actual PvP aspect to 1v1; nobody uses it for that. If people were to use it for something more than farming medals, then maybe a suggestion to add an additional timeslot for it may be something reasonable. And complaining about the timeslots for arena is kind of silly regardless, there is no timezone that is suitable for every arena. If you want to disregard a story about shura, then disregard anything related to 1v1. This post is about changing the time for TERRITORY WAR, nothing else. Please keep all posts on topic if you're going to ask others to do so as well.
  8. The lag that is created from being pulled in by the asura is a game engine bug, not necessarily a bug with the Asura itself (you can see this through the lag from using teleport/location altering skills like Dimension Jump or Flash Step). I believe it occurs because people try to immediately move after being pulled in, before your location is updated. You can prevent the lag from it by using a skill upon being pulled, as it updates your location and will prevent the lag that usually comes from it, in my experience at least. Alternatively, maybe this skill could also be reworked similarly to the suggestions below. Instead of having the skill pull people in within X amount of meters/feet, which can cause the bug to occur, why not make the AoE much larger and put a -% movement speed debuff on everyone that cannot be debuffed? By doing this it allows for counterplay because players won't be bugged out and left like fish in a barrel. It also makes the Asura more of a skill thing, as it forces them to chase people around. For a more on topic post, I believe that the Asura should not be removed. I think reworking it is better decision as it allows for the "gimmick" to persist. A rework can be done in multiple ways, either through nerfing the damage reduction that the Asura currently has, nerfing the damage it can output (to prevent it from 1HKOing a party, or player), or by making it so the Asura cannot be healed, either through skills or AoE healing items (Kinmokusei's Combo, Awaken 75 Weapons when they eventually come out). The Asura is currently too oppresive and will remain this way until we have over a certain amount of HP in TW. The Asura actively inhibits PvP because people simply do not attend these TWs because they'd rather not deal with it altogether.
  9. He literally says the time would be set to "5 PM EST." I am unsure where you got the time of 9 PM EST. He is saying that the European players within his own guild are willing to PvP an hour later in the evening. The non-european players in his guild are irrelevant. With regards to how Guildouillot operates, we all agreed to not use the Asura because of how buggy/unbalanced it is. The only people that ignored everyone else and ruined PvP are members of your guild, specifically Lawwey. The finals of GvG are not at 1 AM, they are at 10 PM UK/11 PM Germany/FR time. I am unsure where you are getting these times from, they are incredibly off. The times for GvG were already changed in the past to be more accommodating for European players, specifically the French that were playing when the times were changed. They then utilized these time changes once, and have not been present in GvG since. There is no reason to further accommodate players that have been given the opportunity and squandered it by doing nothing with it. Here is a link to the patch notes that details the time changes and map changes regarding GvG: It has been over 5 months and a European/FR guild has been to GvG once to actively participate in PvP. You should take some time to properly read the posts, along with some of the replies in this thread. If English is not your native language, reach out to someone who has a better grasp on it because for some reason, you are not understanding anything that is being written in this thread.
  10. While I agree that changing it can be detrimental to European players, it has been shown in the past when PvP times are altered to better suit the EU/French players, they did not take advantage of it. If anything, the attendance of this region dropped after the times were better suited for them. Additional TWs won't solve anything, either; we have barely enough attendance as it is for TW, making another one will in the day will just make it even harder to get attendance. For weekend TW resetting, I'm fine with that but I don't think it will do anything either based on the attendance we see in GvG.
  11. The server does not depend on my goodwill, or the guild's. The guild is inactive as it is. There's literally four of us that play everyday. Furthermore, it has nothing to do with achievements - I've been done with achievements and if I was using tax to block people from doing them it would stay at 1000% permanently. On refunding, the gold is irrelevant. You can farm gold so easily on the server and I have no use for it (since I'm done with achievements, and forting). I don't mind refunding an individual that made a mistake of not looking at the price, to make them whole. Shit happens, and the tax isn't to meant to make people lose money, it's meant to deter them from sniping rankings at the last minute. My point about the gold and time spent is not that I care about doing those things, someone had to do it. But because we did those things we should be able to utilize the guild in any way we choose fit. Nobody complained when the older guilds had 1,000% tax when they reached the max level. It only seems to ever be an issue when we do it.
  12. First of all, you should always check the tax and the crafting fee before crafting. I raise the tax every night before ranking reset, and have for months. I will refund the gold you spent on your item, because raising the tax isn't supposed to make people waste their gold, only to deter their ranking sniping. But, I will point out that other guilds should not feel entitled to a low tax % of either of the high level guilds (Legacy, 911). Both of the guild's levels have been financed by myself for the last two level caps (speaking on Legacy, in particular). While you guys may have to incur some costs because of taxes, I guarantee it is not even close to the amount of gold, resources or time (Aeri's time, mainly) leveling these guilds. Reach out to me in game, when you have time to do so and I will make this right. I understand you realize the gold will come from me rather than the guild funds, but I would have ended up dumping gold into the funds anyway to fund the next level up (if we were to even get the next level cap, that is). If you choose not to do so, I understand. For you, in particular. The tax raises based on how people in the server act. This isn't just by my doing, Jake and others have done it as well. We are entitled to change the tax at our discretion, and we can and will continue to do so. Normally, the tax hovers anywhere from 0-10%, we have operated the guild for most of the server at a loss. I cannot emphasize this enough: if you do not like the volatile tax, you are free to level your own guild. Just to make sure you understand the cost, it's roughly (from level 6) about 300k materials (lost energy, other level 20 mats), along with at least another 250k gold to level it.
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