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  1. So I've noticed since the changes to class swapping during active rounds of 3v3 and 10v10, it has prevented people from switching to classes at the end of the match to get the medals they are trying to farm. Because of this change paired with the inactivity period of the server, people are not queueing arena as much (aside from people farming 10v10 with mules). A simple solution to this would be to change the rewards of the arena that we receive through the mail. Instead of getting 3 medals of the class we're currently on from a 10v10 victory, change it to 3 of an item that can be placed into arcane box and redeemed for a medal that we can select. By doing this, it would remove the fuss of "not being able to change class" because it would not matter anymore. Hopefully a small change like this could be implemented, it would promote doing arena to farm arena medals again (most people are just doing 0/10s now and abusing rankings for blueprints).
  2. I think a sooner release would be better for the game's longevity but there should be content that connects the two caps to each other or changes to help alleviate the issues free to play players will have with new content/gear. The biggest issue I can see with releasing new content is for the free to play players is the need for new gear. While most of the level 70 gear isn't necessary (mainly looking at armor sets, most weapons (with the exception to gun and a few others)), people will feel the need to upgrade to them. A lot of focus lately has been on draining gold from the server and making stones more accessible and/or cheaper. All of these things have been accomplished but we will see how effective it really is after the wipe when the influx of stones from the diamond altars and people spending money vanish. There needs to be some sort of daily or weekly quest that encourages players to do PvE content that we currently have. You could implement this PvE encouragement sooner rather than later or with the introduction of the new cap. There needs to be something, like a daily or weekly quest, that free players can utilize to close the gap between the players who can afford to spend money to accomplish their goals. These dailies or weeklies can reward players via AP items like EC, 129 coins (I'd lean more toward EC, since they are the primary driver of the economy and to make them non-tradable). You could create these quests with the dungeons or trials in mind, maybe both; the normal dungeon one being less rewarding than the trial quest. You could also make the dungeons and trials increased in difficulty by adding either more health, more damage from the bosses, making a timed version of the dungeon so you have X amount of minutes to complete it. Without something like this, I don't see a reason to update to 70 cap because it'll just be an endless cycle of what we've seen in the last two caps. People will do the content, get their drops, complain they cannot afford to fort it until something happens, people fort too easily because of the new changes then PvE content is boring again and the game dwindles in activity. While this game is a business and I do understand that, the community will not survive without the free to play playerbase being happy. As a customer myself, I have no incentive to spend any money on the game if there is not even players to play it with me.
  3. For the 10v10 reviving, can you make it so buffs do not remove invincibility when you've respawned? I think this is an issue now since we'll use non-combat spells upon respawn and die/start dying.
  4. The 10 war stone requirement was a nerfed version of the quest in the first place. All of the level 65 awaken quests were made easier after the release of the level 75 quests. I think the war stone increase was too much but it's unfair to compare it to a nerfed version of the quest in the first place.
  5. The price increase for EC are attributed to two reasons: inflation from the amount of gold in the server (which this change of book cost is helping alleviate) and the fact that there are less AP spenders buying EC. Less supply and more demand = higher prices.
  6. 10v10 Changes Increase HP while lowering the effectiveness of healing. At the moment, if there are two competent healers on the same team it is nearly impossible to kill them short of a miracle. More HP would prevent being instantly killed by some players in 10v10, but not fully eliminating the possibility of dying within a CC. The map needs to be changed - an easy map would be Dreadlore Laboratory or something similar. I don't think many players will remember this, but in the first iteration of Territory War there were spawn points for the guild defending the territory. If you were to pass a certain point (which was identified by some object) you would be instantly killed preventing you to go into their spawn. If a kill plane can be introduced to the team's spawn points to prevent the enemy team from entering the spawn/spawn camping this would be an easy way to fix the regrouping issue. Life System needs to be introduced, I would say individual lives would be better but if a team has players that disconnect or alpaca during the fight they are automatically at a disadvantage. I'd suggest that each team is allotted 50 total lives to play with and introduce a set respawn timer, maybe every 30 or 45 seconds. Match time should be reduced to either 4 minutes or 5 minutes. This time would be dependent on other changes (life system, hp, etc). If a life system is introduced, the team with the most remaining lives should be awarded the victory for the round. This could easily be abused as people could theoretically sit in spawn and not PvP, but that should easily be record-able and punishable.
  7. Matt

    Arena Pots

    He means that players will switch to bard -> play anti sleep song and switch back. Some buffs don't remove after changing classes (idr if that is one) but the other two characters have anti-sleep for the main part of the match
  8. If you want a way to throw real life money at the game to get war stones then buy AP -> sell EC/129 Coins -> Buy Glory Gift Bags. Problem solved in that regard. On another note, I do think that there should be a PvE way to obtain warstones. Maybe introduce a daily or every other day quest (maybe kill 0/10 dungeon bosses from a few dungeons [could be randomized]). Warstones are hard to get and cape achievements do take forever. I do understand that it shouldn't be an easy grind, but even from playing almost every day since the beginning of the server and doing tw/gvg/arena the cape achievements aren't even close to being done.
  9. bump any word on this monkaS
  10. I didn't buy any stones though? I just played the EC and won on average what everyone else is. (If you're playing a ton of ECs, you do notice an average). There is a reason why players are buying hundreds and thousands of ECs at a time (RainbowDash, Archie, Monettcita), you make more money playing EC on average than if you were to sell them. I think with two of the three altars this past week (the first one and the one from sunday night -> last night) you would make an average of 2~5k per 100 EC you rolled if buying them for 100g each. If you're buying AP and selling EC you're not maximizing your profits - you make more money playing the altar. And I wouldn't say I had good luck, just average luck with fortifying. Some pieces took a few stones to upgrade to the next level and one of them took 40 corals to go from +8 to 9. Law of averages always works itself out if you do enough of something. Two weekends ago I forted two Giantslayer sets to +10 and a level 65 Club because I was going to play warrior, I used in total 140 Coral LSS, 100 Premium SS (from +3 -> +7) and 80 Ultra LSS. At market value of the time (ULSS 700g, CLSS 800g, SS 300g) that equals out to about 198k. As I said previously, I think people just don't know how to maximize their gains with what they have and utilize resources. People spam ULSS for +6-7 when it's more efficient to use premium SS to go to +7. Also the sets I forted for my friends this weekend used 0 of the colored stones, purely only premium lucky/SS. I'm unsure why people don't utilize luckies as much, but they don't. The real killer of the sets and making them good is fort resets (all of the costs above are without resetting them, that's what eats up a majority of the gold IMO not necessarily the fortifying itself).
  11. I literally just forted two sets to +10 this weekend for friends, it does not cost the amount of money that you guys claim even with bad luck (spent about $200ish). I have suspicion that you guys just misuse your money/items you buy with AP and that's why its so expensive for you to complete things.
  12. Also, it doesn't cost $2,000 to +10 full armor sets, maybe $500 tbh (know from personal experience). bye dont let the door hit you on the way out. The entitlement some people have.. "MAKE IT MY WAY OR I WONT SPEND MY $50"
  13. "I think people are just starting to do the math bash. I'm sorry, but for all intents and purposes, when you're thinking "how much time/money do I have to drop to finish one class for this one current meta," +6 is still a drop in the bucket." The meta will be the same for months, as seen in the patch road map given before the level cap was even increased. +6 sets are the minimum requirement to be useful. I'm not sure why people think +10 is absolutely necessary, it never was and it never will be. The top killer in my guild (911) uses a +10 level 60 staff with a +6 level 60 set, showing that it is still not even necessary to use updated gear. "The'll look at what it takes to +10 their class and they'll be like "That's $200, what a ripoff." Nevermind free players, those will never have a +10 set in their lives." In MMOs, there are three different types of players: Free 2 Play with nothing but time (which I know there are a lot of on this server/game, I can see it myself), People who can afford to spend money + play the game and those that have no time but can afford to whale out. I'm not sure how sympathetic I can be for free 2 play players that have tons of time who choose to AFK in Aven rather than farm their dungeons or in over-world maps to get gold to upgrade their gear. I have free2play players in my guild who haven't spent a dime and still are able to achieve +8 sets and a +10 weapon, what is their excuse? I didn't know AFKing in Aven provided gold, why must everything be handed to people in this game/server? And before people say "I don't have that much time" I see the same people doing this and then whining on the forums, you guys definitely do have the time. "Playing catch up for months on end or drop my life savings on this game? Jordan saying +10 armors are a minor bump is the most insulting thing I've read in a long while." You're not playing catch up with anyone.. as said earlier +10 is not a necessity, it only helps lower base stats so you maybe have a tiny bit of an edge in PvP (which isn't even noticeable if you really look at the math). The armors really are a minor bump, for every DPS class the minimum requirement for your set is LCK forts on every piece. That is more than enough to get you through PvP/trials. If you have to "spend your life savings" then this game / x-Legends developed games are not for you. These games have always been pay heavy/pay2win or "pay2convenience." Side note, if you've quit the game, why are you still complaining on the forums if there is evidently not going to be any change?