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  1. Hello, Over the server's life we have seen guilds come and go. For an EE server to have a healthy life, there is a necessity for PvE and PvP. Currently, Classic's PvE health seems to be at an OK place, it could be better. For PvP, the health has been non-existent since fall of last year. I'm writing this thread with the intention of bringing the currently playing players back into PvP, to bring old players back to the game and potentially bringing new players from the recently closed down Aeria servers. While I have not been playing the game much for the last few months, I do occasional
  2. IGN: Matt Item: Alpaca King Jade x500 [idk an appropriate quantity]
  3. Instead of changing the animations to staff only, have a check added to the game if possible that determines which animations you use based on what weapons you use. Katana, axe, greatsword, etc., would use what we're using now and if it's a staff/grim/guitar use the other animations. Not sure if that is possible but hopefully it is.
  4. So I've noticed since the changes to class swapping during active rounds of 3v3 and 10v10, it has prevented people from switching to classes at the end of the match to get the medals they are trying to farm. Because of this change paired with the inactivity period of the server, people are not queueing arena as much (aside from people farming 10v10 with mules). A simple solution to this would be to change the rewards of the arena that we receive through the mail. Instead of getting 3 medals of the class we're currently on from a 10v10 victory, change it to 3 of an item that can be placed
  5. I think a sooner release would be better for the game's longevity but there should be content that connects the two caps to each other or changes to help alleviate the issues free to play players will have with new content/gear. The biggest issue I can see with releasing new content is for the free to play players is the need for new gear. While most of the level 70 gear isn't necessary (mainly looking at armor sets, most weapons (with the exception to gun and a few others)), people will feel the need to upgrade to them. A lot of focus lately has been on draining gold from the serve
  6. For the 10v10 reviving, can you make it so buffs do not remove invincibility when you've respawned? I think this is an issue now since we'll use non-combat spells upon respawn and die/start dying.
  7. The 10 war stone requirement was a nerfed version of the quest in the first place. All of the level 65 awaken quests were made easier after the release of the level 75 quests. I think the war stone increase was too much but it's unfair to compare it to a nerfed version of the quest in the first place.
  8. The price increase for EC are attributed to two reasons: inflation from the amount of gold in the server (which this change of book cost is helping alleviate) and the fact that there are less AP spenders buying EC. Less supply and more demand = higher prices.
  9. 10v10 Changes Increase HP while lowering the effectiveness of healing. At the moment, if there are two competent healers on the same team it is nearly impossible to kill them short of a miracle. More HP would prevent being instantly killed by some players in 10v10, but not fully eliminating the possibility of dying within a CC. The map needs to be changed - an easy map would be Dreadlore Laboratory or something similar. I don't think many players will remember this, but in the first iteration of Territory War there were spawn points for the guild defending the territory. If you wer
  10. Matt

    Arena Pots

    He means that players will switch to bard -> play anti sleep song and switch back. Some buffs don't remove after changing classes (idr if that is one) but the other two characters have anti-sleep for the main part of the match
  11. If you want a way to throw real life money at the game to get war stones then buy AP -> sell EC/129 Coins -> Buy Glory Gift Bags. Problem solved in that regard. On another note, I do think that there should be a PvE way to obtain warstones. Maybe introduce a daily or every other day quest (maybe kill 0/10 dungeon bosses from a few dungeons [could be randomized]). Warstones are hard to get and cape achievements do take forever. I do understand that it shouldn't be an easy grind, but even from playing almost every day since the beginning of the server and doing tw/gvg/arena the cape
  12. bump any word on this monkaS
  13. I didn't buy any stones though? I just played the EC and won on average what everyone else is. (If you're playing a ton of ECs, you do notice an average). There is a reason why players are buying hundreds and thousands of ECs at a time (RainbowDash, Archie, Monettcita), you make more money playing EC on average than if you were to sell them. I think with two of the three altars this past week (the first one and the one from sunday night -> last night) you would make an average of 2~5k per 100 EC you rolled if buying them for 100g each. If you're buying AP and selling EC you're not maximizin
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