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  1. u always give bad suggestion and these are useless for many old players they already full geared as GM make all things drop rate tooooo high they don't need to farm most of the things u mentioned I can tell u now i only farm TTC.other dgs&boss are stupid like ur choice and don't mention necklace & trinket.they are the only 2 things not be ruined by high drop rate by now don‘t lead GM to another trap
  2. are u stupid?i m not talking about the one for pvp.I m talking about the one for farming rp mobs.they are different
  3. RP gaining and gears gaining and jewels gaining are all from players work in the game.they all cost our players' time and energy.In this view they are equal !!! if one of them can be increased all of them can be increased!! then more players will want to farm more rp.But now many players see it's hard to reach high rank so they give up.how can u say it has nothing to do with economics?daily online time is one of the important things for a game.the more time ppl play the more income the game can get.now many ppl don;t want to farm rp but if many ppl see it's possible to reach a high rank in a time that is not too long they can play more.it has the same effect as increasing jewels drop rate ok? or GM can do it in another way.Make an AP item increaseing RP 10-20times.cost 300AP each and it work 1-2hrs.that can be used as a buff.this can also let vivi get more income @Vivi and if more ppl farm rp there will be more pvp in amara then game will be fun.this can also make players like the game more
  4. u are only making1 excuse 2 excuse and every kinds of excuse
  5. GM should not change rp cap back to100000.but should keep it 200,000.And increase rp gained from each mob to 2 times for example. then ppl will spend the same time on farming rp. but players will got double rp per day and they will be happy hhahahha. u need a bone?players will be happy to farm rp and they will play more.this should be a bone it's the same bone as they increase jewels drop rate. now they have double bones
  6. nope i m complaining about rp now.it's tooooooooooooooooo hard to reach archangle hahhahahaha.none of the jewels' business.i talk about jewels is just for saying that GM should not have double standards
  7. GM have double standards. uniq r2 jewels and rp really have much difference? easy to get jewels now.we need more easy rp too can't stop complaining lmao
  8. not only cap. rp from each mob should be increased also
  9. the rank star.it's like a costume it's about sense of fulfillment i think really many ppl care or nobody will farm rp any more
  10. new players & lowbie are more and they will be happy if u increase the ones who complain are the minority and they are less and when i complain about uniq r2 jewels why u don;t change it back uniq r2 jewels and rp really have much difference? nope.they are all time and work of players
  11. complaints should be less from new players and lowbies
  12. Please increase rp gained from each mob and daily cap to 10-20 times or more if possible i wanna reach Archangel rank in 1 month.That;s better hahhahaha as GS said " It took soooo long to get high rank and it really is too hard for a new player to get high rank, like years even maybe. If the game were more populated, it would be fine but it's a small community so the more people playing endgame, the better. "
  13. “could be Annie's alt” they could be ur alt too. what can those price be explained?So what? of course i want keep the value of my Fruits of my labor before not changed. ppl buy them or not.it's none of ur business ur words only bring disgrace on ur own head anything wrong?u should shut ur anus up,godde ass there is always a fly make me sick in this game. it's godde ass
  14. how long time u play online every day? i can only say u were not online frequently and u didn't work hard on farming.I got 5 lv max char and 1 lv63 char.and 3 nearly full geard lv49 char.and many alts
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