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  1. rule is rule. what it says seems not like what u said.u are not GM. what u explain rules is useless
  2. Akan look carefully there is no rules for the situation i mentioned in ur link
  3. many fks such as God***nd always cry like a baby to GS.they said "this is not allowed.that should be ban.that should be him." they as fks even got more ppl online everyday but they are still not satisfied and always cry to GS and GM.really funny.if there are no rules clearly.nobody should be ban or punished.and GS should stop comming for their ask. for example.Godd**nd said if i use rg toon pvp with fks at a boss and use fk toons near wait to loot the same boss then i should be there a rule?or is his words just a super big joke?is there anything wrong when I use rg toon kill fks?is there anything wrong when i use fk toon loot ?why can't be at the same time?and what he said is waiting "near".how far is near?100m?200m?since the game allow ppl dual log.are 2 char on 2 side in the same map near too?how can u judge how far is near?he always cry to GS and call GS him a baby or child? can u stop crying like a baby God*****nd?should RGs cry to GM that FKs alway has more ppl and GM only let rg fc to fk side? another example. GS said over 10+ppl report me for moving around boss.but i m still not banned and Luna said it's not againt the rules so i think it's allowed.and i will do it more.if there is no rules so of course i can do it like day if u said it's not allowed plz tell me how u judge and what is the rule.if ppl make boss move then he should be ban?then can i report others make boss move 2m?i think many ppl can make boss move sometimes Intentionally or unintentionally.then how far boss move is allowed. how far boss move is not allowed?and how can u judge Intentionally or unintentionally.even for Intentionally situaton i can give u a special case.if 2 fks are doing a boss then 10 rgs come to kill these 2 fks. can they move boss or reset boss to save their life?is it allowed to move boss or reset boss if 1 fk don' t wanna die and he said "run away" but the other one still wanna continue that boss.can u say it's not allowed when he really run away?how u judge it? another case if 1 ppl have something else to do and he need to leave and go back to base .but aggro is on can he move boss or reset it?and i wanna know can ppl reset boss in this situation?or if he started the boss he must finish it or he must die?we need rules. what i said are honest problems in this game since there are no rules if GM is lazy to make rules. plz don't respond those crying baby.that's unfair for some ppl ok?plz don't give candy to those crying baby.i m tired of their crying.i think letting them be is the best. if u wanna game more fair, making ppl number on 2 sides equal is more important RGs have 0 win in AK for about a month and always lose in NB.why God***nd not cry for that?
  4. Statutory Declaration:I will never pt or heal those ppl in RG who use FK toon atk me.Centrists make this game schizomania. Be a faithful RG or my enemy. that's my way to play this game Mins ago some ppl come to kill u when u on a boss. Mins later he come to ur side say come help on boss.this is fuking stupid. btw i answer what goddess said yesterday Goddess don't try to confuse ur words subtext is that?ppls are friends.Yeap Battle between friends make us improve and we can have a cup of tea after battle.but for the ppl in the oppoiste faction who u even don't know much and u need to be frinedly?some ppl not friendly at all. For example u are in a company and u can make friends with ppl u work can u make friends with ppl work in the competitor company? if ur boss know u contact ppl from competitor company or u work for competitor company u might be fired. coz u may be a spy of the competitor. did u see many ppl has friends in competitor company in real life? U think ppl are all friends?that's in ur dream in ur opinion.not all ppl think it?like u.Enemy is enemy. i don't need to waste time to make friends with enemy.Enemy and we have different benefit.Who win in battle who have fun. who lose who will have disappointing.As u said we come to game to have fun.if enemy kill u will u have fun?if all ppl think like u the world will be peacefull and the USA will has no problem with Iran.Please be mature and?recognize reality,man BTW are u really over 50 years old ?or a child?Goddesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssand
  5. 1person becoming both ur enemy and friend is stupid.that will make all players schizomania.u see Goddesssand might be schizomania already.u must have no good friends on both side.if u said u have friends then how can u kill him many and many times use the opposite faction toon?if u don;t kill those can u say u work faithfully for the opposite side?any way u have no friends Goddesssand. Btw.using SW hide and kill other player is not capable at all in my opinion. coz sw is unfair class.i think u are nothing but a bad player enjoy cheating to kill others.SW is a class born for cheating.SW and u are all bugs in this game. GM should remove these bugs from this game..
  6. my advice is making one IP+MAC address=all accounts +all characters in 1 side.if another account login using the same IP force characters change to the same side.And there won't be the centrist who sometimes is a fk sometimes a rg.Then try to balance the ppl number on 2sides. it might be more balance in BG.Many centrists go to the winning side in BG for loot.really few centrist really wanna go to the losing side for a stupid self balance.My wish is to annihilate centrists
  7. I give u an example.If Tom has 2 character named TomFK in fk side. another one named TomRG in RG side. and u have only 1 character 1Medic in RG side.And Tom told u these 2 char are his.One day when u are farming RP TomFK come kill u many times. The next day in NB. you are in the same pt with TomRG. Tom and you are both not pt leader.will you heal TomRG in NB? If this happend only 1 time it might not be a problem.but what if it happens frequently?what if Tom play 1 day in FK then 1 day in RG?what if tom always play in FK more? what if tom always play in RG more? This is an problem of Philosophy in SB
  8. That's what goddesssand did too in AK.are u helping him or retorting him?btw who said it's 1v1 That's many rgs wanna kill u as u rubbish.I can't stop them killing u.And i didn't call them come to pvp
  9. "For me if you want me in PvP - first I like balance, I hate pvp in unbalanced player to player ratios“” liar,i never see u work for RG. u are a spy of fk. and when fk has more ppl u go to loot in fk side .the game might be balance if u stop giving any bad advice from u.
  10. u are blind.what i talked about ancient jewels?.i said there are no ancient jewels for def.ok?and i mention blue jewels i had explained it means name blue.and it has nothing to do with ancient jewels.are u blind?
  11. even u say it's too op unfair now?hahahahha.if i didn't remember wrong u retorted me days ago on ancient jewels. how funny to see ur words brainless days ago.
  12. @NoRunNoGun i prefer to play ME actually.i like ME most.but as it's not fair so we have to play sw instead.SW really unfair op now.
  13. @KawaiiNyanNyan my restoration skill is max too.but do u have chance to use it?when sw atk u? some SW's skills sequence is too op.u have no chance to use it.u will be stun and disable till u die.before halloween all class's skills changed i can survive.but now i can't.i mean 1v1.why 1v1 ME must be killed?this is not fair
  14. funny to see u indulge in sophistry to def for SW if GM have time he can count the data how many times can a ME survive if a SW attack ME then GM will see whether it's fair maybe sw atk me 10times ME can survie 1 times?for sw wrong click for 1 time at least GM should give ME more chance to survive rather than let this unfair continue