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  1. @NoRunNoGun i prefer to play ME actually.i like ME most.but as it's not fair so we have to play sw instead.SW really unfair op now.
  2. @KawaiiNyanNyan my restoration skill is max too.but do u have chance to use it?when sw atk u? some SW's skills sequence is too op.u have no chance to use it.u will be stun and disable till u die.before halloween all class's skills changed i can survive.but now i can't.i mean 1v1.why 1v1 ME must be killed?this is not fair
  3. funny to see u indulge in sophistry to def for SW if GM have time he can count the data how many times can a ME survive if a SW attack ME then GM will see whether it's fair maybe sw atk me 10times ME can survie 1 times?for sw wrong click for 1 time at least GM should give ME more chance to survive rather than let this unfair continue
  4. DE. all class op than ME. ME can only heal.or useless
  5. if GM don't balance classes many ppl will quit this game. actually many ppl already quit. my advice is making 1 class op for several days or 1 week. then next week other class op and so on.then it's more fair. this can be realized by giving special buff to special class or changing skill data
  6. but i don't welcome him. i just told u. and what i said blue jewels mean the rare jewels with name color blue.he just def for himself as his main is a SW
  7. can u fuking get away? i said i don't need ur answer.u are always poking your nose into others' business
  8. 1.)classes balance really suck now SW can kill ME so easy now even when i use all uniq r2 jewels and sw use blue ones. as SW can hide they has First hand advantage.they should has less atk and more hp but what now? SW can hide.SW has stun and disable skills. SW even has op aoe disable skills now.SW has debuff. SW has high atk. if sw atk me i can do nothing but wait to die.i even have no chance to use any skill. 2.)What unfair next is that :the ancient jewels.why all ancient jewels are only for attack?why there are no ancient jewels for def?not def piercing jewels.ME can only use ancient healing jewels.but it don't work at all since they can stun/disable us. we have no chance to heal. 3.)GM must only count the total numeber of players on each side.but GM didn't count the number daily online.then GM only let rgs fc to fk side. now u can see does it really balance or broke the balance? PS:i don't welcome sexgXXXes anwer my topic. keep away from my topic.
  9. Gravity Plasma Voltage Atomic Particle Are these stats def stats or atk stats? ppl said they are def stats on suit but in the guide they seems to be atk stats? Sorry my english is not good. Can some body explain why ?i really don't understand. are these stats on suit means Gravity resist Plasma resist Voltage resist Atomic resist Particle resist ?or anything wrong in the guide? Here are what the guide said below: Skill Damage There are two main types of damage in this game - physical damage and chakra damage. The latter is split up into 5 different types that roughly correspond to additional skill effects: Gravity does nothing or stuns/immobilizes Plasma applies a DoT effect Voltage disables, preventing the use of skills except for basic attacks Atomic slows or immobilizes Particle does more damage There are a few exceptions to this, but for most skills these rules apply.
  10. I get a guide from this web.But it seems to be not correct who can give me a correct time table in UCT+8?thank u very much. I need spawn times of bosses below: Asmodeus,Cairn,Behemoth,Helios,Python,Nephilim Stea,Nephilim Angel,Haziel,Ankelos,Catherine
  11. I don't know what to do except DM dungeon ,BG and daily quests what else can I do ?what boss can I kill and where are they?when will bosses come out ?is there any other dungeon can I go?