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  1. lessica? cuttin ppl on spawn?yal just so confused lol,maybe i should start that
  2. uh no, think u have understanding issues.go get it checked.also next time record ur 'bukaked'(weirdo) be sure to have the influence visible '.oh an also using that 'playing for fun 'as an excuse to zerge is also old,i think u still playing in 2014 or whatever year Relentless guild zerge happen an killed ASB,they were also playin for 'fun'''OOOH WE GUNNA ZERGE THIS 1 PERSON,ITS OK WE JUST HAVING FUN' lol 'jokers' so much shades of ninja in your words ,its sad.(..also is that video suppose to mean something rabbit teeth)
  3. i didn't complain about zerge,i said u pan an ppl like xtacee leaves coz u cant zerge.learn to read
  4. last time i check its rg complaining about times here,so go find something better to do lol,oh an continue to leave NB with pan when u cant get the opportunity to zerge
  5. last time i check u were FK lol an using the word spy is poor an u sound like a mini ninja.also spy on what an where?to do what?an dont matter u know your true self,an whats your effort?to zerge?
  6. and no way u gunna split 2 NB between 3 major timezones,u can keep shifting these 2 but it will always screw a group,one will always be left in the deep AM time.so instead of fighting among each other fight for a NB in your zone.or close to it.🤣
  7. yea hide behind the old 'it happens on both sides',but as a person who plays on both sides,i get to see which side output the most poo atm,also how about u an other rg expecting equal pvp at lower influence? Seen u multiple times talkin about fk hiding at less than 40% fk where as u in this position is long gone.but since that rg also make sacrifice lets just call it a day an work with it as is yeah?let both side make the sacrifices.oh an how are these new times different from when it was in the am for asian players, its now 9am-9pm approx for them, before 2nd nb was like 2 am.but when EU players experience the same thing now 'everyone loses thier minds'?would agree if they all had one.
  8. (based on the last few months) most of FK/RG zone is mixed between NA/SA /ASIA generally speaking, with Europe and environs being a major RG zone, with little or no FK to represent at that time. There is nothing can change that, before last NB changes, Asian zone suffered the same fate as EU RG,with NB being out of their reach. Instead of complaining they tried to stay up and joined when they can.Not saying u should not complain, hence the reason i wish for a 3rd NB for EU zone, where these RG can zerge in peace( in reference to 2nb b4 time change, if u were wondering the slot of which i speak).On a side note while times are difficult i see some Fks making the effort to stay up later than they should to entertain Rgs in these zones ,who only respond in hate an Sht talking. And to complain why is FK hiding in'gaurds'? at a whole 33% ,they suppose come mid an fight us'. While the same RG at that percentage is no where to be seen. Peace out o/.
  9. its all improvements because to me CB is the class right now that needs the most improvements, i didn't notice anything that's super broken on them to require fixing/nerf.Maybe the extra skill points is questionable but everything else on that list is minor improvements that CB needs imo.it may seem like a whole lot positive but if u have a cb take a closer look at the skills ,u will see that these are just minor stuff.But these are my views, feel free to agree/disagree or leave you own thoughts.
  10. CB suggestions 1) X Slash and Jump Slash reduced to 1 point each, as prerequisite for Heart Piercing(frees 3 points).add some ch acc to Reckless shout. 2) Move Razor Slice and Suppressor shout to 5th tree, and bring Shockwave and Skin Repair to 4th tree.(having access to 2 ice should allow enough duration for eva debuffs) 3) Sudden howling 20m range at rank1 instead of 17m.Possibly reducing the cost of heart piercing to 8 points, its too expensive for what it does, compared to other debuffs( frees 5 pts) 4) CB mech, make auto attack a small aoe,like say SE mech, increase Tactical fire range from 15y to 20y,reduce dragging cooldown from 25 to 20 sec. 5) lastly give CB helmet the same crit void stats as that of PU/WH/DE.
  11. @Tropical now rechecking,it looks like eternal suffering did get an animation change,but i dont remember seeing that info.it now shares the animation with fatal flail,(very cool looking animation) as to if its fast enough to be worth it,im not sure yet ,still looks slow.i may try when i get spare reset, it may be worth a revisit.
  12. but either way,the animation on these skills are super slow.they are like 1.5-1.8 sec animation,only reason people use immolation, electric tempest and lightning whip is because they are necessary.while Eternal suffering isn't. so it gets neglected automatically. The neglected skill list goes as follows due to animation or charge time,unless the skill is necessary 1. WHIPPER : Eternal suffering, necessary =(electric tempest,immolation and lightning whip) 2 SENTINEL : Crater-Maker,Particle burst (Extinction Event,now fixed with major) 3. Punisher ; Mighty Impact,Demolition,Atomic blast ,divine justice ect(all fixed now) =lucky ppl 4 Shadow walker ; Flare ( somewhat necessary,i know alot of SW avoid this skill now due slow animation.
  13. the skills 'Eternal suffering,Electric tempest and Immolation can all do with some animation updates,as u know these 3 are very slow,also idk if u notice in pvp ,trying to use electric tempest or immolation after pull, fails the skill.it hits air instead of the target(s).as for animations I find that Hardcore assault, Flaming whip, Wrecking Ball or Sadist Choice are some of the best flowing whipper skills.any other info or questions u can always msg me on dsicord.
  14. i doubt that is the case for all the skills. but if so, Wrecking Ball or Sadist Choice animation would be best.
  15. Please remove the charge time from Lightning whip,it seems to have been forgotten when the Punisher charge times were being removed,the 0.5 sec charge that is advertised is actually fake,it takes around 1.5 seconds to charge the skill,making it basically useless. 2} the scaling is a bit poor,especially when u are forced to use 2 extra points for 0.2 sec of disable( lvl = 1 sec disable,lvl 3 =1.2 sec disable).not sure what can be done here,maybe not let 3 points be required for the 2nd skill(Electric Tempest) or slightly increase the lower lvl scaling of lightning whip.Thanks.
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