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  1. @Tropical now rechecking,it looks like eternal suffering did get an animation change,but i dont remember seeing that now shares the animation with fatal flail,(very cool looking animation) as to if its fast enough to be worth it,im not sure yet ,still looks slow.i may try when i get spare reset, it may be worth a revisit.
  2. but either way,the animation on these skills are super slow.they are like 1.5-1.8 sec animation,only reason people use immolation, electric tempest and lightning whip is because they are necessary.while Eternal suffering isn't. so it gets neglected automatically. The neglected skill list goes as follows due to animation or charge time,unless the skill is necessary 1. WHIPPER : Eternal suffering, necessary =(electric tempest,immolation and lightning whip) 2 SENTINEL : Crater-Maker,Particle burst (Extinction Event,now fixed with major) 3. Punisher ; Mighty Impact,Demolition,Atomic blast ,divine justice ect(all fixed now) =lucky ppl 4 Shadow walker ; Flare ( somewhat necessary,i know alot of SW avoid this skill now due slow animation.
  3. the skills 'Eternal suffering,Electric tempest and Immolation can all do with some animation updates,as u know these 3 are very slow,also idk if u notice in pvp ,trying to use electric tempest or immolation after pull, fails the hits air instead of the target(s).as for animations I find that Hardcore assault, Flaming whip, Wrecking Ball or Sadist Choice are some of the best flowing whipper skills.any other info or questions u can always msg me on dsicord.
  4. i doubt that is the case for all the skills. but if so, Wrecking Ball or Sadist Choice animation would be best.
  5. Please remove the charge time from Lightning whip,it seems to have been forgotten when the Punisher charge times were being removed,the 0.5 sec charge that is advertised is actually fake,it takes around 1.5 seconds to charge the skill,making it basically useless. 2} the scaling is a bit poor,especially when u are forced to use 2 extra points for 0.2 sec of disable( lvl = 1 sec disable,lvl 3 =1.2 sec disable).not sure what can be done here,maybe not let 3 points be required for the 2nd skill(Electric Tempest) or slightly increase the lower lvl scaling of lightning whip.Thanks.
  6. i agree to make team run better but don't force it to be the only option,make solo hard worth it aswel for those who cant find a team, or just prefer to solo on their own time.Solo hard can to with an additional metal shard drops + the addition of Metal scrap on both team and solo.
  7. i think 10 glue can already be traded for a mechanical shard(nvm its the other way around)a shard for 10 glue
  8. Some suggestions 1 : add pass-card to BGS/NB/AK with losers also getting it( probably 1 for loss an 2 for win} replace the card replicube from NB. 2 : add a daily for the new card similar to legendary passcard for people who dont pvp or not geared enough. 3 : make materials an cards trade-able [most players have multiple chars they need to gear up, also some classes maybe better for farming than to be forced to collect cards an farm on each char wont be fun at all. 4 : hard mode pt dgn loot isnt that great given the effort an time it requires./damage from mobs is also high ,it can 1 shot a full buffed se.Overall the difficulty maybe too much
  9. Seem the aim of most PU is to 1-2 hit everyone with no actual effort.even reverting to old PU like what was said above,the extra skill points will be too op with the slow changes,dot ect.Keep in mind 3 of pu mech skill are aoe which affect 6 targets,with 2 having big range an aoe dia ,with all of them hitting similar dmg. as a comparison ,It takes about 3 SE mech skills to do same dmg as 1 PU aoe mech skill which affects 6 targets vs the single target of the SE.Not even mentioning the arkana aoes like overkill,ultra plasma bullet,atomic blast ect an others which also does formidable dmg/debuff to multiple targets.
  10. one is overkill one is wildifre,2 diffrent PU. dmg wasn't taken on sw or blueberry. im not sure how much dmg Pu players actually for the slows i can make a video but thats something u can easily try yourself or with the PU;s on fk.
  11. yea PU is truly dead class,they are only doing 20k dmg on overkill now,and they can immobilize a wh/de down to a cb/se using thier max max speed buff, until their defense buffs are out or nearly over.noticed no difference in pu tankieness aswel.( forget to mention they can slow u while keeping u out of thier range) SE : the ch acc an acc is nice on the speed buff but requires much sacrifice on points,i am down to a single debuff vs 2 before an auto atk as my only dmg skill in arkana mode besides stuns an trap.a full mech dependant class,even if losing 1 passive to get more arkana skills they do very minimal dmg.
  12. yea was 18m,anything more than the current 16m would be good,feels super short,i know u said u had to adjust this still,as for the others if anything can get done would be appreciated,like pepper said its really annoying for whs rn.
  13. if the other 2 pulls could get H&S 2 animation would be great,idk how long it would take but making h&s2 20m range would be a quick part fix as the only proper working pull rn.btw right now h&s2 vs sadist choice,sadist choice is winning on range,even tho its 15m
  14. On the issue with whippers getting stunned on pull,which leaves it at a decent disadvantage I was wondering if adding a disable to the pull for same duration as the stun could fix the issue,or replace Hook an Sinker 1 and Athena's Hate with a modified 'Dragging',with adjustments being made to stun duration/dmg of course(not sure about hook 2) (Dragging is CB mech pull+stun)which seems not to suffer from the issue of someone using their stun on u when you pull them. @Daddy @Vivi
  15. @Daddy yea problem is people rushing to conclusions without checking the details or testing,Serah farron rage quit for no reason, so far its looking like PU is doing more damage than before while still being tanky.but im not sure if its just the result of people using the extra skill points at the moment.Il report back here after i do some more detail test on PU and other classes.