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  1. If it is even possible, it will be really hard to do this, for sure. Being an "exclusive" map, it certainly wont be less inflicted by alpaca attacks. Idk if it is really necessary, even tho I would love this to happen. And, maybe, this last thing about the statues may prove completely impossible to do...
  2. It depends really much on what class/classes you would like to play. I would recommend you to not worry about that in the beginning, just try each class to see which of them you like. When you find it, check what kind of armor and weapon it would mainly use. Armor will be heavy, light or cloth, and you can know the weapon by checking racials and/or knowledge pts. You wanna be agressive? You wanna be defensive? Check the stats, you'll find "crit rate", "crit dmg", "atk spd" and "acc" as agressive stats and "p-healing", "EVA", "block" as defensive stats. If you have any other questions just ask us here o/
  3. Yes, sadly, the current server lag is worse than PlayEden's back then
  4. Hey everyone. So, I've been thinking about this "I cant get out of dgn" problem we have been facing on the new dgns. My suggestion here would be to reduce Soul's Return skill so we can use it more often to get rid of this situation, at least until we have it officially fixed.
  5. Another thing, Palace of dreams has like 35% chance to alpaca you while entering, what makes you lose around 3 entries per day
  6. I actually tried to look up which one is , but since the animations are customized, I found it kinda difficult. It looks like it is the skill with most cast time, but not sure of it Edit: I am now 100% sure that the alpaca skill is NOT the insta-cast fire one. I heard from a guildie, as well, that if you kill everything else in the map and leave Sif for your last battle, she wont alpaca you. Not sure of it, did not test as of now.
  7. Long cast Sif skill on new fae causes your character a 100% chance to get the status "Uninvited Alpaca", lasts until your relog.
  8. This "tab" issue is there since Viroona dgn, that Kimuy boss is immune to tab command
  9. GMs already know about this issue, its going to be fixed this friday most likely
  10. Yes, cuz permanently or just for now, it is a grinding dgn, exactly like fae, and your goal in there is to drop rings and not golden gear (even tho I think Jordan could cut off the golden gear drops and increase ring and necklace drop rate in exchange 🤣🤣 )
  11. Hmm looks like interesting stuff but I literally have no idea what you talking about LOL lets wait for more information down below.
  12. I went to Crystal Utopia dgn and couldnt open my portable auction. Bank had no problems
  13. This is the raw meaning of staff's divergence, Vivi says in the rules "dont steal the mobs", then someone does it, you record a video and another gm says "it is not against the rules" it looks like we need Bash or Jordan here to make a final decision for us. The way I see it, stealing runs is a complete lack of respect and should be punishable. Shouldnt a video record, in that case, be enough of a proof to make it happen? 🤔