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  1. Ok, let's go. Imagine this for Daylight Forest: - 0/2 ; - Defenses for bosses buffed. Same HP as of those WB in 110 trials, immune to Demonfire (yes, same HP for all bosses) and some gains in defense / resists in general; - Damage for bosses buffed. Full area attack capable of hitting around 35~45k dmg (if you got capped resistances) and some buff skills to increase it even higher; - Around 85~100% chance to drop the quest items at least once (which would be still a problem for those parties where the 5 members have quests for the item. anyways its still a party issue, not a game system issue) So, this way, you'd need an actual prepared party to do a hard quest, instead of just going in, invi around the boss, charge him with whichever classes you'd want (since it is really easy to do) and hope luck is on your side Edit: and ofc this is no way to say the patch and awakened armors are bad, on the other way around, I love this server and Jordan's work and this is just my personal opinion on how Daylight Forest should work :3
  2. Thats our point, it shouldnt be random, it should be hard, its an Awakened Armor, not a badge of luck
  3. Box suggestion: new skeleton wings :3 A goodie for Christmas :3 ty.
  4. Jordan I am literally in love with the new Patch! I'd just like to ask you to give us some more daylight forest runs/day. The way it is now, to get an awakened armor is just based on pure luck
  5. Hello everyone. Box Suggestion Altar Suggestion ✔️12/06/19 Box Suggestion Ty.
  6. Hello everyone. Prime to Legendary item suggestion. Ty.
  7. LF> Stance-type skill for Rifleteer ❤️
  8. Hello. Luna Rock suggestions. ✔️11/29/19 Thank you.
  9. Hey everyone. ✔️11/21/19 ✔️11/14/19 Thank you.
  10. Não leve essa minha resposta como uma lição chata de moral, mas a verdade é que, pro mundo em que a gente vive hoje, não saber inglês é praticamente ser um analfabeto e pode te atrapalhar em muitos momentos da sua vida. Encare Eden Eternal como um convite à você aprender o inglês e se tornar inclusive uma pessoa melhor e mais capacitada. Dont take this as a boring moral lesson from me, but truth is, in the current world we live in, not knowing english is pratically being illiterate and it might not be good in some moments of your life. Face Eden Eternal as an invite for you to learn English and become a better and even more capable person.
  11. If it is even possible, it will be really hard to do this, for sure. Being an "exclusive" map, it certainly wont be less inflicted by alpaca attacks. Idk if it is really necessary, even tho I would love this to happen. And, maybe, this last thing about the statues may prove completely impossible to do...
  12. It depends really much on what class/classes you would like to play. I would recommend you to not worry about that in the beginning, just try each class to see which of them you like. When you find it, check what kind of armor and weapon it would mainly use. Armor will be heavy, light or cloth, and you can know the weapon by checking racials and/or knowledge pts. You wanna be agressive? You wanna be defensive? Check the stats, you'll find "crit rate", "crit dmg", "atk spd" and "acc" as agressive stats and "p-healing", "EVA", "block" as defensive stats. If you have any other questions just ask us here o/
  13. Yes, sadly, the current server lag is worse than PlayEden's back then
  14. Hey everyone. So, I've been thinking about this "I cant get out of dgn" problem we have been facing on the new dgns. My suggestion here would be to reduce Soul's Return skill so we can use it more often to get rid of this situation, at least until we have it officially fixed.