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  1. You can use Holy gems for different classes on the same weapon, but for each class, only the first one you inlay will have actual effect. In other words, for your sickleshot, you could use 1 rifle holy skill and 1 reaver holy skill for example, but not 2 holy skills for the same class
  2. Hello everyone. A new request from me ... And maybe this pls?? :3 ✔️08/20/20 ty.
  3. Hello everyone. My requests as following. ✔️05/28/20 Ty very much.
  4. I'd like to suggest Bone Ornament legendary version, since we had prime version for a cpl days on altar :3 ty ✔️01/28/20
  5. Give us some more items pls ❤️
  6. Exactly! The 1 Prayer for xp/cp is 15%, so it is possible for you to create a 50% xp/cp pet
  7. No. The pet Prayers are always 1 or 2. Take robust for example, 1 = hp and mp +7% and 2 = CP +35%. A 1 prayer wont become a 2 prayer, so, if you fuse these two pets, the outcome will have a 2 35% CP pray OR a 2 35% EXP pray.
  8. " The Giants are a special race, also know as Sultri. They all hibernate beneath the Earth and are controlled by a Magical Soul, invisible to the eyes, which is said to be the true Guardian of the planet. Shall Evil start to grow and lurk around the lands, the Magical Soul will awaken the Sultri and a new war between Good and Evil makes a beginning. It is said that this great war already happened twice in the distant History of the world. What happens now is unprecedented; Evil gains more power each day. This new war coming may be a real Ultimatum and now, instead of awakening the ancient Giants from the ground, the Magical Soul will bless the most powerful beings with the abilities of the Sultri - the protection of the world will be, once again, in the hands of the Eternal Guardians, beings once born from Blue Crystals and, now, provided with the holy power of the Ancient Giants. " GIANT CONQUEROR With its massive size and presence, the fate of a Giant Conqueror is to achieve victory on the battlefield as the most notable frontline ever. Class Type: Defense HP 131% MP 78% STR 125% AGI 104% INT 90% WIS 105% LCK 100% When equipped with a Greatsword, Axe or Hammer, the Giant Conqueror will be granted 10% P-ATK worth in Health Points. [HUMAN] "The Unstoppable" Caster is rendered immune to Stun and Fear effects. [ZUMI] "The Recoverer" Caster is granted +25% P-Healing. Additionally, all attacks have a 2% chance to decrease target's DMG inflicted by 5%, lasts 4sec. [ANURAN] "The Attacker" Whenever in True Size state, the caster will be granted "The Attack Giant" aura buff. The Attack Giant: Increases DMG Dealt +5% for all allies in a 20-feet radius. It does not grant the effect for the caster. [URSUN] "The Defender" Whenever in True Size state, the caster will be granted "The Armored Giant" aura buff. The Armored Giant: Decreases DMG received -5% for all allies in a 20-feet radius. It does not grant the effect for the caster. [HALFKIN] "The Dancer" Caster is granted +25% Movement Speed and +10% Parry rate. CLASS SKILLS 1. "The True Size": Caster is granted "True Size" status: Increases body-size +300% (disabling other body-size changing effects). Increases P-ATK +10% and ACC +50%. During that time, you are unable to perform basic attacks. MP Cost: 4%MP/sec. 2. "Boulder Assault": Increases M-ATK. Slams the ground, creating an area boulder attack towards the target. Causes Nature damage and stuns all enemies hit for 2sec. Only available in "True Size" state. The Stun effect will only work if the skill level matches or surpasses the target's Character Level. Cooldown: 10sec. Enemies receive Stun Immunity buff after effect. Required Weapon: Greatsword/Axe/Hammer. Mana cost: 180mp (Lv1, scalable to 1600mp on Lv120). 3. "Mountain Assault": Increases P-ATK. Slams the ground, creating a massive earthquake around and inflicting Knockup crowd control on all enemies in a 10-feet radius. Only available in "True Size" state. The Knockup effect will only work if the skill level matches or surpasses the target's Character Level. Cooldown: 10sec Enemies receive Knock-up immunity buff. Required Weapon: Greatsword/Axe/Hammer. Mana Cost: 180mp (Lv1, scalable to 1600mp on Lv120) 4. "Wall Assault": Increases P-ATK. Moves the right arm creating a fan-shaped area attack in front of caster, causing all targets to be knocked 8-feet backwards. Only available in "True Size" state. Cooldown: 15sec. Required Weapon: Greatsword/Axe/Hammer. Mana Cost: 230mp (Lv1, scalable to 1470mp on Lv120) 5. "The Conqueror": Increases parry rate +10% for 30sec. During that time, whenever attacked, inflicts "Horror" state on attacker, lasts 5sec. Horror state: decreases dmg inflicted -1%, stacks 10 times. Inflicts "Fear" status if Horror reaches max stacks, lasts for 2 seconds. Grants Fear immunity to targets. Mana Cost: 300mp. Cooldown: 60 sec. 6. "Roar of Salvation": Increases P-ATK. Attacks all enemies in a 15-feet radius and instantly force them to target you, stealing their aggro. If you are in "The Conqueror" state, this skill will deal double-hit dmg. Only available in "True Size" state. The aggro stealing effect will only work if the skill level matches or surpasses the target's Character Level. Cooldown: 15sec Required Weapon: Greatsword/Axe/Hammer. Mana Cost: 430mp (Lv1, scalable to 3200mp on Lv120) 7. "Roar of Attack": Increases P-ATK. Inflicts a double-hit dmg attack to all enemies in a 20-feet radius. Only available in "True Size" state. Increased P-ATK: 530 (Lv1, scalable to 22531 on Lv120) Cooldown: 4sec. Required Weapon: Greatsword/Axe/Hammer. Mana Cost: 50mp (Lv1, scalable to 730mp on Lv120) 8. "Wall": Caster is rendered "Wall" state. Parry rate increases +25%. For each parried attack, you have a 50% chance to recover 1% HP. "True Size" state is not required to trigger this stance. Cost: 5%mp / sec. When this skill is canceled by the player or by mana lack, it will receive a 20sec cooldown. 9. "Founder's Will": Deals a massive sound-blow to all targets in a 40-feet radius area, inflicting Fear to enemies. Available only if in "True Size" and "Wall" state simultaneously. Lasts 2sec. Grants a custom fear immunity to targets which lasts 45sec. Casting this skill will render you unable to perform any actions and have your parry rate 0% for 5 seconds. The fear effect will only work if the skill level matches or surpasses the target's Character Level. Cooldown: 180sec. Required Weapon: Greatsword/Axe/Hammer. Mana Cost: 950mp (Lv1, scalable to 6100mp on lv120). KNOWLEDGE POINTS 1. "Attacking Performance": Greatsword, Axe and Hammer P-ATK +1% per level. Max Level: 20 2. "Defending Performance": When equiped with a 2H weapon, parry rate +1% per level. Max Level: 5. Requires 15 total points spent. 3. "Fear Power": "Horror" now needs only 5 stacks, -2% DMG inflicted per stack. Max Level: 1. Requires 5 points on Defending Performance. 4. "Enhanced Muscle": STR +1% per level. Max Level: 20. 5. "Salvation Focus": "Roar of Salvation" range +1 feet per level. Max Level: 5. Requires 10 points on Enhanced Muscle. 6. "Training Performance": DEF and MP +1% per level. Max Level: 20. 7. "Armored Shell": CRIT DMG received -1% per level. Max Level: 10. Requires 10 points on Training Performance. 8. "Durability": HP +0.5% per level. Max Level: 20. Requires 15 total points spent. 9. "Violent Scream": "Roar of Attack" now inflicts Triple-hit DMG, but damage decreases with each hit. Max Level: 1. Requires 10 points on Durability. 10. "Assertiveness": ACC +1% per level. Max Level: 10. Requires 50 total points spent. 11. "Power": "True Size" state now grants immunity to monster transformation Crowd Control. Max Level: 1. Requires 10 points on Assertiveness. 12. "Destruction": "True Size" state now grants +15% P-ATK and +60% ACC. Max Level: 1. Requires 1 point on Power. 13. "Utility for All": "Roar of Attack" and "Mountain Assault" receive an additional 1-feet radius per level. Max Level: 5. Requires 50 total points spent. 14. "Extermination": "The Founder's Will" fear effect is increased by 1sec. Additionally, this debuff will also make targets receive +10% more damage for the duration. Max Level: 1. Requires 5 points on Utility for All. 15. "Humanity's Shield": All resistances +1% per level. Max Level: 10. Requires 30 total points spent. 16. "Crown": DMG Taken -5%. Max Level: 1 Requires 10 points on Humanity's Shield. 17. "Humanity's Ally": "Roar of Salvation" cooldown -0.5sec. Max Level: 3. Requires 1 point on Crown. Even tho it is not an Awakened Class, it was designed powerful enough to join them in PVP, almost as a special class (like mimic). It was also designed to be granted a good lot of HP just because it cannot use shields for block. HP and parry are its only forms of defense, aside DEF and resistances. Its most impactful ability, in my opinion, would be "Roar of Salvation", with a "new kind" of crowd control, so to speak, making all enemies aggro you against their will most of times. It can make a good combo with "The Conqueror", making it easy to inflict fear on some targets to control the battefield. In balance, a shield's DEF and block should be missed by the player when using this class. As it is not immune to Knockdown and Knockup, these crowd controls may be the key to take down the Giant Conqueror as a team and, since parry does not proc on m-dmg(as I am aware of lol), magical classes should be the most lethal to the giant. Another disadvantage of this class would be its mana cost for working. Both stance skills sap a good mana percentage per sec and, additionally, all skills, in their high levels, will have a high mana cost. The player will have to sacrifice some other stats to focus on MP gains to have a good performance on the battlefields. (Maybe it is time to use some MP + parry gems lol) Some other details of Conqueror's mechs are: - "Mountain Assault" knockup effect should have half the duration a knockup originally has; - "Horror" and "The Founder's Will" fear effects do not refresh on one another. The latter should work as a last resource or as an initiative for a team-based attack, since the fear will grant the enemies a longer immunity status and render you a useless (and almost defenseless) giant for some seconds. - "Wall" healing effect shares similar workings with DK certificate. When both would be used at the same time, they shouldn't combine in percentage, but rather work separately (even tho that may be obvious) - Even if using a good set for DPS, this class wont have good stats and workings for dmg. In this case, "Roar of Attack", a 4-sec cooldown double-hit (or triple-hit) aoe skill wont have good effects aside item procs. The other skills have even less dmg power, so Giant Conqueror should have basically 0 DPS potential, even in pve. - "True Size", if not granted by "Power" KP, will be automatically cancelled if the player get a monster transformation CC. I hope you guys enjoyed this (and, maybe, would feel like playing as Giant Conqueror 😝)... I just feel kinda sorry I dont have any tools for drawing, for it could be even more interesting. Sorry for posting earlier, I did it by mistake and the post is now edited. IGN: ErenYeager
  9. Awakening Classes are like evolutions of a single base class. Take warrior as an example, its awakening classes are Berserker (exclusive for DPS) and Shielder (exclusive for tanking/support). Each base class has two awakenings that will focus on a specific "stance" of that class. You can get them when you reach to lv80. You need to have the class lv80 too. Yes, until you have the gold/means to get a really good armor, like the awk 95 or golden 100+, keep relying on the temple quest armor, and, if you have some gold to spare, fortify the lv90+ armor so you can get some good stats. Probably not!
  10. Lemme just spam the topic rq. ✔️02/20/20 ✔️04/27/20 Ty ! :3
  11. Ok, let's go. Imagine this for Daylight Forest: - 0/2 ; - Defenses for bosses buffed. Same HP as of those WB in 110 trials, immune to Demonfire (yes, same HP for all bosses) and some gains in defense / resists in general; - Damage for bosses buffed. Full area attack capable of hitting around 35~45k dmg (if you got capped resistances) and some buff skills to increase it even higher; - Around 85~100% chance to drop the quest items at least once (which would be still a problem for those parties where the 5 members have quests for the item. anyways its still a party issue, not a game system issue) So, this way, you'd need an actual prepared party to do a hard quest, instead of just going in, invi around the boss, charge him with whichever classes you'd want (since it is really easy to do) and hope luck is on your side Edit: and ofc this is no way to say the patch and awakened armors are bad, on the other way around, I love this server and Jordan's work and this is just my personal opinion on how Daylight Forest should work :3
  12. Thats our point, it shouldnt be random, it should be hard, its an Awakened Armor, not a badge of luck
  13. Box suggestion: new skeleton wings :3 ✔️07/09/20 A goodie for Christmas :3 ty.
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