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  1. Box: Celestial Prince Wand (Legendary) ✔️ Robust Glorious Nalani Altar: Mysterious Rosette (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Clover Cap (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Velvet Headband (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Rebel Clover (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Alpaca Wool Cape (Legendary)✔️ Golden Love Luna Rock✔️ Solarflame Shield Luna Rock ✔️07/15/22 King Galaxy Star Stone ✔️07/18/22 Divine Seraph's Wings (Legendary) ✔️07/07/22 MB Thanks~!
  2. Head: -Mysterious Sprite Sachet (Prime) Body: -Mysterious Rose Knight Suit (Prime) -Mysterious Ronin Chieftain Costume (Prime)
  3. There is already an NPC up in Aven where you can buy any guild town NPC needed. Legacy GT needs to be revived for crafting purposes now since it died, however 911 and Legacy's taxes should remain low and accessible going forward. I feel that stones are more accessible than ever now, no? I don't think it is as hard to compete as it was in say November of last year, as we are only working with halcyon and sublime stones now. Exclusivity doesn't imply something that would be needed or necessary on another server, so I don't think there is a need to worry that Awakened would be missing out on something vital with whatever Keidan is asking. At the end of the day Awak/Classic are essentially two different games and there can be different systems in place for each that the other does not need. Classic is missing a lot of things that Awakened doesn't have as it is right now anyway. -- Personal note - I think 80 cap content will be fun with original classes. It will be a different and new experience for PvE and more challenging than the current content that we have at 75, since it was initially made with awakened/mimic classes in mind. Its best to release 80 cap in the first place and then look into different changes/potential content later. I'm personally very excited to experience this content in a new way than before and I know that my friends are too.
  4. I talked to some of my friends and we're willing to play level 80 content. It's something to do and we've all been caught up with 75 cap for awhile now. At this point I personally find it much better to try moving forward, rather than staying stagnant.
  5. Head:-Mysterious Rosette (Prime)✔️
  6. Head: -Mysterious Fantasy Magic Hat (Prime) ✔️02/04/22
  7. Hi! Here is a compilation of content and QoL updates throughout 2021-2022. This is here to keep players informed on changes that they may have missed out on hearing about, and learn more about the systems on this server. Feel free to share with friends. A lot has been changed or improved in the last year. Many of the things that players have been asking for have been addressed, making the server a lot more fulfilling and easier to play. Most updates will be cited with the related patch notes, which you can click for more information. I will try my best to get translations for this post in other languages. All updates and features listed below are already in the game. Table of Contents I. Trials, Gearing, and Stats II. Altars, Path of Destiny III. Guild and Guild Towns IV. PvP V. Quality of Life I. Trials, Gearing, and Stats -Can level to 75 via mainline/book quests - no more choke points (v37) -Vendetta starter equipment and weapons now available at lv30 and lv40 (v31)(v37) -Class drop is now in 65-75 trials (Class drop guide HERE) (v36) (v37) -Class drops for EC, eternal coins, and honor stars are in 70, 70S, and 75 trials - great for f2p (Class drop guide HERE) (v37) -Weapons and armor now drop at up to 120% (v36) -Auto Loot and Player Specific Drops (v37) -New Daily dungeon that gives guaranteed 50 EP, 55 Honor Stars, and 150 CCM + more (Sublimes, Legendary costumes/mounts, etc) (v37) -Awaken Armor key requirements - 7 Gold, 7 Silver (v33) -Reduced Crystal Cross Medal requirements for 65 Awakened weapons (v37) -Sky Tower drop rates buffed, along with custom Legendary costume/mount box. Definitely read patch notes for additional info (v35) -Elemental resistance cap raised to 70 (v35) II. Stones, Altars, and Path of Destiny -Crystal Altar layout is now static. (v25) -Base stone on altar is now 75% Halcyon stones (v37) -Can convert old 10% Lucky stones to 75% Halcyon stones via Arcane Box (v37) -Fortified Stat Reset Scrolls are now in Loyalty Shop for 80 EP each (v31) -Path of Destiny system now added (v31) -Gem Pouches can give lv1-5 gems (v31) -Twist of Fate Tool and other 80 racial crafts are now level 75 (v37) III. Guild and Guild Towns (v37) -NPCs in Guild Town now sell Aven Fame materials -NPCs in Guild Town now sell gathering materials at their locations -NPC in Guild Town that exchange Eden Amethyst with better turn-in system -Orange Rings/Necklaces from 1-65 now have 50% success rate -Orange Capes warstone cost reduced -Level 3 Potions have 100% success rate -Updated the following crafts to give Guild EXP x4 and Building EXP x5 and will take 2 seconds to craft IV. PvP -New GvG System (v26) -GvG times moved to 1PM and 5PM EST (server time) to accomodate for EU players (v31) -Territory War moved to 17:00 (5PM EST) (v35) *Can be changed if needed -Arena HP increased to match Territory War HP (v37) -Updated Recommended Events buffs to be granted as a consumable item. (v37) -Dimensional Jump/Pulling skills lag bug fixed (v37) -Honor Stars increased in arena (v25) -Shaman class fully reworked to be viable in PvP (v37) V. Quality of Life -Custom hair, fur, skin and eye color options (v16) (v17) -Auto Loot and Player Specific Drops (v37) -HP / MP potions, Memory Tomes and Trait Tomes can stack x999 -Can upgrade HP / MP potions, guard scrolls, and power scrolls through arcane box -Free portal stone buff to lv70 (v37) -37 Slot bag expansions -Rankings updated to give Sublime stones instead of Halcyons (v37) -Updated Recommended Events buffs to be granted as a consumable item. (v37) -Luminary glyph now craftable at level 75 (v37) --- Thank you to @Aeri for gathering a lot of this info for me.
  8. IGN: Turuie Item: Spirit of 24K Gold Alpaca (Legendary)
  9. IGN: Jake Item: <Crimson Onyx Sabreflame Slasher (Prime)>
  10. Head: -Mysterious Scent Sachet ✔️12/09/21 -Delicate Ribbon Blossom Hairpin ✔️1/3/22 -Mysterious Butterfly Earrings ✔️12/20/21 -Mysterious Alchemist Goggles ✔️12/09/21 Body: -Mysterious Groomsman's Suit ✔️01/31/22
  11. It's not stupid. You don't go anyway as it is. It isn't a matter of not wanting you to come; you are more than likely not going to regardless. I said it's fine because people have other responsibilities and obligations.. why would I be mad that people can't come because of that.. it's just a game. Your other guildmate just whined a couple posts before you that people expect you to have no responsibilities and stay up late for PvP - no one is doing this. Literally said it's fine. You guys do not even go to the early GvGs either if you are up against other players... An hour difference is not going to make or break EU attendance. If you want to go to something, then you'll go. Many NA/SA/BR players can't participate because they are at work and it excludes them. There is a big difference between not wanting to stay up and not being able to go because you are at work. I could even argue that you are excluding them by insisting on a TW time that you guys don't even utilize yourselves and that they literally can't go to even if they wanted. Which again - is fine, but should not be kept if it's clearly not working as is. Stop talking about 1v1 and shura on my thread please. You are derailing it. This has nothing to do with either. Thanks
  12. I literally said "The only primarily EU guild on the server is Guildouillot, and they are not consistent with attending already, which is fine." You are not reading
  13. No one is talking about 1v1 and more importantly none of you have ever made an initiative openly to ask for a time change for it, so I don't know what you expect. However that won't happen because 1v1 is only used to be exploited now. Make your own thread if you want to propose something for that. This has nothing to do with what I am asking here. Thanks
  14. I support this. Shura is way too buggy and the gimmick if anything turns people off from going to these TWs. There have been multiple times where guilds will just leave the map because they don't even want to deal with it. The map is essentially interesting enough since its the only one that you can't cross directly through, so I'd say to remove shura for now and see if it affects anything. I don't think it will hurt and there definitely aren't any staunch supporters of the mechanic that will lose their minds if it is gone.
  15. In Witchcraft the current EU players are awake anyway and are willing to go, even if its an hour later than it is right now. The only primarily EU guild on the server is Guildouillot, and they are not consistent with attending already, which is fine. However I do not see a reason to accomodate this on a time that is already showing to be ineffective with creating consistent PvP. I would personally prefer to make it open to NA/SA/BR players that are just getting off of work and can/are actually willing to attend if it's an hour later. To me, moving it and seeing what happens is better than what we currently have going for us. I don't care at all when territories are reset but I do not see the weekend TWs ever having mass attendance when there is already GvG to worry about.
  16. It's always 4PM EST regardless of the clock change
  17. I wanted to suggest that TW time gets pushed from 4PM EST to 5PM EST. It seems a lot of players are finishing work or just getting off of it around the current time and I think that this could all around improve attendance / availability of players. Feel free to share your input / if you agree, etc. I'd like to see other thoughts on this if necessary Thanks
  18. Its not hard to catch up, don't worry. Mainline quests and Vendetta training armor (you get this at lv30) will streamline you straight to 70.
  19. ✔️10/11/21 ✔️10/04/21✔️10/02/21 ✔️10/07/21 Thank you~
  20. Could this be implemented with awakened 75/tower patch?
  21. Auric / Iris jewel, ASAP ✔️12/02/21
  22. This would be really cool. I'd love at a later date, if activity picks up and Jordan has more free time for there to be kind of a costume QoL update with things like this.
  23. Hi, there are two things I want to talk about but didn't want to make a thread for each. 1.) I'd like to suggest that we stop having prime pet altars every week and move them to be every other week. For the most part these pets are not suggested by any players and if anything are undesirable (poor stats and skills for merging). These altars are not as appealing to roll compared to the others and it is basically the ugly sister of altars. There is a hefty amount of requests of costumes yet to be circulated/rereleased and I think that that is more appealing to the playerbase than these 3 day pet altars. Feel free to correct me if you read this and feel differently, but this is what my guild agreed on when talking about it. 2.) Because of the lower playerbase tritiums and deuteriums are hardly in circulation and much less of a spectacle than they were at the launch of the server. I'd like to suggest finally inserting the costume essences so that players are able to roll their duplicates and unwanted costumes. Often times after playing a lot of EC, we are stuck with tons of alphas but have no way to ever use them; they're just thrown out because trits are unlikely and not even worth it to come by. One suggestion Matt had if this is implemented (if possible) is that you are only able to dismantle bind-on-equip costumes, so that people are not disassembling what they already have bound/what their friends had bound when they quit. This will make essences not as accessible as they were on Aeria but still something to be desired.
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