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  1. Agreed. Taking the time to flame someone else because of something they use in arena is petty. The issue is bring pigeon-holed into doing arena because there isn't any other option. There is a reason that honor stars were given methods of being obtained outside of the arena and it's because not everyone cares for it.
  2. I think it would be a great way to supplement getting them from PvP. I think the main attraction should be drawing people into PvP when they are open because it gives more, but having them from REP quests (in a small amount like 1 or 2 per quest) would be a good idea since it gives you something to grind to get them even faster. The point being that you're not left with PvP being useless but that REP quests can help you speed up getting your items if you would like to hardcore grind it.
  3. The idea was recently brought up in another post and I thought it was a good enough idea to start a list on. If possible it would be awesome to get the stack size increased on some items. I, like many others, probably have stacks and stacks of items that taking up a needless amount of space. Jordan has said before that some items can be increased as long as we can gather full items details. This threads supposed to help make some of that easier. Feel free to post item suggestions. If possible include the full item name and a screenshot of the item. If you can't let me know where you can obtain the item(s) and I can go get it for you and will add it to the list. Potions Gathering Materials
  4. Pretty for sure nothing has changed. Jordans pretty upfront that the rates haven't been change with most of the top rows and only occasionally lower level items on the first row or two.
  5. I think it's something to look at way down the line for something to change up but right now perfect fortification rolls are pointless and not something people should be trying to grind hard on. We have upcoming gear and level releases that will change the balance of the server with each one. If these are ever introduced I would expect them to be very hard to get and should be valued as such but as of right now I don't really see a point for having them.
  6. I'm not sure of any race/class mix that gets benefits from it either. Grimoire's are not really for healing.
  7. Please for the love of jesus! It would bring tears to my eyes.
  8. If they are able to add a confirm button then obviously that would be best. I'm not sure what the capabilities are of the staff or if that's an option for them.
  9. I will fight anyone to the death over this. The Reset UI button is the worst thing ever created. Please for the love of god remove it. No sane person has ever used this. I would rather reinstall the whole game to fix a UI error than accidentally hit that button for the quadrillionth time.
  10. Are we just needing exact name of the item? One concern with this is it could open up botting if we allow people to have more in their inventory.
  11. Thursdays. __________________ I think the original purpose of this thread was fulfilled.
  12. This is the main thing really. One of the attractions for Eden has always been that there is kind of a lack of information on the game. Things found normally take effort by the players to "discover" so to speak. I can totally understand the point where it may not be a top priority though. Even if we are a community and new players need a guide, there are plenty online. Exploring builds and combinations in this game is something that takes time and effort for the most part. We already get forced into using a few gear sets, having someone see your full build down to stats and %'s is just silly and stagnates variety even more. They all want to be exactly what the top person is right now. And that's how we end up with 400 zumi's running around because one person does well in a TW. Either way, just a long standing idea I wish was in EE.
  13. Level 75 is a great place to hold server progression until we are able to see how the dust settles. I think that we should give people time to build sets at 60/65 and then regenerate funds and benefit from the sets created.
  14. The inventory is locked at 4 slots less than a full row. Would be great if we can get this to an even row count. The 4 locked spaces trigger me so hard lol.
  15. 100% this. If we can generate a list can this be done?
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