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  1. The game is not boring because of the little content of cap 65, it is because it depends a lot on p2w, in cap 60 the opportunity to make gold was greater, make dgn and kill bears in the highland with your same level cap gave a good drop. They put cap 65 with new maps that give practically nothing and you go to highland bears or dgn 60 that previously gave a good drop and these no longer give as much for having a higher level. At the end of the day it was the f2p player that gave the flavor to this server, and the p2w complements it, we are in which I include myself. A new cap will cause several to leave the server in which I am included, spend a lot of us to get my set and weapons +10 so that they put me cap 70 soon? no thanks. And I emphasize for the f2p player it will be even less attractive. What they should do is put more PVE events, since the pvp is honestly dead by the same community and the grabbing of characters in 1 or 2 guilds. This weekend it will be gvg from alts. Now if the concern is to continue making money for vendetta as before, I think that cap 70 is not the solution. I translated some words, my English is not very fluent.
  2. the 120% weapon gives more variety to the game, bard mdps, templar with matk mace, being able to use the palace staff, using the mayor's dagger along with the bow, I do not mention any more so as not to have to demonstrate one by one each weapon, but if the game would be more attractive, without 120% just awake all the same and boring.
  3. I have always thought that g-healing scales more than wis, I once saw a video of Vyzer testing this, but since there is no clear information and we only based on statistics it would not be clearly known, it would be good to know the formula, since the one that I once saw not much was understood, now if we have to see how the G-Healing vs Wis would be spectacular.
  4. If active racials are removed, passive racials must also be eliminated and there the crying will start again. No crit on Samu human, no mcrit half cleric, no dagger dmg on human, and more xDDD
  5. Why "Disabled the trophy 5 Beast Team Badge". I was close to completing it
  6. the greatsword 65 bug, reduce -15 fire resist, according to the description reduce -15 dark but I think it is a typo, because it should reduce -15 slash since its awake reduces slash
  7. if you start to eliminate active skill advantages, you will have to eliminate passive skill advantages, match base stats etc. And then what use would it be to have different races? For example, with my frog I beat many well-armed in samu arena, but why if they are main samu do they become human? for his great passive benefit of crit. Each race has its pros and cons and you have to think about that before playing a race. Or are you just guided by the fashion? Sorry my bad english I also hate the racial zumi in arena, but in that class they are benefited. now we will see a lot of human GB for its elemental resist +10, should we also remove that pasive racial? chapala pachala
  8. Heal 10v10 the same thing happened to me, if the person who used the item died and is just my target makes me walk and does not allow me to heal, it is uncomfortable, I have to be pressing the escape key every time
  9. checking the awake server, I noticed a small error or detail in the bow icon. I know it is a small thing, but it could be improved. Bow ACC/Crit Orange Bow ACC/Crit Gold And Now... Bow Eva ASPD Orange Bow Eva ASPD Gold Bow Awake
  10. Hello, I would like to know if anyone has the information of the racial anuran level 45, currently there is only information that there are 4 dye, but all the racial levels contain 5 options, such as in the excel (guide) the essence powder does not appear Lv45 or as level 35 that appears the removal pots. More than anything to see if it is convenient to spend material on that racial. my English is not good, i hope you understand. photo for explain.
  11. the best thing would be to delay until September or October the awake cap.
  12. what happened? why did they put this altar?
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