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  1. what if we start with a little change? cast speed bonus with grimorie
  2. implement this system too? By limiting gold weapons to 110 the same thing happened with armor. therefore, implement the same system for armor. TY!
  3. pet unbind item on altar plz
  4. skill atribute dont work? only work attack attribute?
  5. Ossamenta

    Little fix

    this pet dont broke holy BP
  6. implement in the game be healer with grimoire, something similar to mace, that heling with grimoire has passive cast with cleric or shaman.
  7. Ossamenta

    Guild Tax

    Well let's say sd to lower the tax to 0% and we take advantage of creating another rule, that no guild less than level 6 participates in TW, or is it very silly what I'm saying? Why sd had to waste time and gold to upload his guild and the other guilds took advantage of that to trial and run dgn?
  8. remove the set or set stats in monster vs monster, the grace of this arena are their skills, but as I said in a topic of mine, increasing the server level cap characters will appear with 70% eva, and kill those guys of characters in m vs m is completely unbalanced.
  9. I come to open the debate for the monster arena, for now they are a beautiful place of distraction, but advancing in the cap will not do much when a character has more hp, eva, def base, I still remember in aeria, knights with 80% eva and you couldn't kill them in this kind of arena. I propose that in monster arena they all have similar stats very similar to normal awaken server tw. srry my poor english i hope you understand.
  10. 100% drop and 120% forge, thus activating the economy of weapons creation
  11. @Jordan @Herakles awakened voodoo leader, same problem
  12. @Jordan Same problem on Awakened Divine Lord, awaken 95 cloth heal set. (+5 all resist) gives only ele resist
  13. When the dark monster stone debuff is applied, the icon shown is the holy @Jordan
  14. in some classes I get up to 100%++ of atk spd, but it hits at the same atk spd of 65-70%
  15. Raise the real limit of atk spd, currently by visual effect, do not hit more than 65-70% atk spd, therefore the atk spd is a useless stats