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  1. When the dark monster stone debuff is applied, the icon shown is the holy @Jordan
  2. in some classes I get up to 100%++ of atk spd, but it hits at the same atk spd of 65-70%
  3. Raise the real limit of atk spd, currently by visual effect, do not hit more than 65-70% atk spd, therefore the atk spd is a useless stats
  4. Lower the cost of raising the regular skill, to help new players ty
  5. The only solution I found
  6. I find this suggestion very bad, because if it were for bad passives, I as zumi will then claim for the bad passive of the awakened classes of Thief, Sage, Luminari, Hunter and more. Being human was your choice, each race has its pros and cons in different classes. I learned to live with it, for example the zumi is bad healer, since its wis base is low and its racial are not the best.
  7. Yes, it is the same as you mention, unfortunately windows 7 does not work under this architecture, my momentary solution was to install some used gt730 nvidia, but the performance is worse than the igpu :(, I hope to find some solution and if you find it please let it know. Apparently in Windows 10 Eden works best with Intel and NVIDIA.
  8. Hello, any way to fix Eden so that it works well with the gpu's vega 3/8/11 (athlon 200ge, 2200g, 2400g)? With these models of gpu Eden freezes randomly. I have tried it on different PCs, different drivers and different configurations in the game without optimal results. The problem with these gpu's is only in Eden, in the rest of the games it works well.
  9. Legendary Protector and elemental guardián (heavy tank)
  10. Hello, I would like to know if the set is awake and the level 100 has a translation problem or is an operation problem, the 2 sets say all resist +5, but only give the elemental resist + 5 Ty
  11. Why not appear level 95 racial?