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  1. May i ask when will be the diamond altar be available i have 3 diamonds still in my inv. Thanks.
  2. SPIRIT TALES! its X-Legend game too like EE and its quite good.
  3. Hi Mr. Jordan, Did the stone rates at this present altar were changed? why is it so hard now to get and to climb up to the top tier. Second to the last tier altar was almost auto gold EC. Thank you.
  4. Spamming the altar is my game. I figured after the Tritium Scroll altar and today's altar, compared to the previous one's before the tritium scroll. Drop rate's were high. But today the drop rate especially for the stones were low. May we ask if the rate was lowered? Thanks!
  5. trancyy

    Altar Suggestion

    I see. Thank you. Would like to ask when is the maintenance?
  6. trancyy

    Altar Suggestion

    Hello Sir Jordan, Why is it the altar now is the same as the altar 6 days ago.
  7. trancyy

    Altar Suggestion

    return the deuterium or tritium scrolls please.
  8. trancyy

    Altar Suggestion

    no altar change today?