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  1. Boxes: Pink/Mocha Bear Hammer Sanguine/Slaughter Phantom Blade Altar Spun Sugar Whisk (Leg) Kimono (Leg) Udder Delight Onesie (Leg) Udder Delight Headdress (Leg)
  2. VGN Box Flaming Redwing Bow ✔️11/20/20 Icy Crystal Bow Demon's Electric Guitar ✔️11/12/20 Angel's Electric Guitar ✔️11/12/20 Heavy Metal Electric Guitar ✔️11/12/20 Rock God Electric Guitar ✔️11/12/20 Star Sickle ✔️11/12/20 Magic/Robust Snow Empress Lenna ✔️11/12/20 Altar Delicate Beach Swim Short (Legendary) ✔️11/12/20 Hand-Dyed Camo Beach Short (Legendary) ✔️11/10/20 Crystal Turtle (Legendary) Coral Turtle (Legendary) Gem Altar Arch Iron Robo II Wishful Christmas Sleigh (Prime) Christmas Alpaca Sleight (Prime)
  3. Mystery Box Plague Mask (Legendary) ✔️10/08/20 Magic and Robust Sakura Alyssia ✔️10/01/20 Magic and Robust Snow Empress Lenna ✔️09/24/20 Magic and Robust Summer Ren ✔️10/22/20
  4. ALTAR Mysterious Alpaca Nightcap (Legendary) Mysterious Alpaca Wool Cape (Legendary) ✔️09/15/20 Dream Alpaca Mallet (Legendary) MYSTERY BOX Plague Mask Magic Golden Belle Lele
  5. around Lv105-110 you will get the new wills like caprice and lv120 you will get malicious wills etc.
  6. Mystery Box/Altar Suggestion Spirit of Glossy Black Alpaca (Legendary) Lifesaber (Legendary) ✔️08/27/20 Dual Lifesaber (Legendary) ✔️08/29/20
  7. Box Suggestions/Altar: Azure Night Bow (Black) (Legendary) ✔️07/30/20 Ruby Sleek Wig (Legendary) Divine Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Spirit of Glossy Black Alpaca (Legendary) Blazeblight Cestus Black (Legendary) ✔️07/23/20 Mysterious Fashionable Wig (Legendary)
  8. when will they put again the other boxes like judgment wings (legendary) ???
  9. here, the other boxes disappear and i almost got one of those boxes :<
  10. Why some of the mystery box gone? i almost complete one of those boxes and then suddenly disappear :<