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  1. If it is possible to implement this, it would be very cool, although I like the other arenas more, I still want to play this Arena in addition to completing its mission. The wait is very long, and in the end you spend more time doing nothing than playing the Arena as such.
  2. I wanted to participate, but due to time constraints, I couldn't, and seeing the results took away my desire to participate in the future. I have nothing against 911, and I find it silly that some believe they have event privileges and stuff. Also the drawings of Xylie and Sana are quite good. I think the discontent is due to the winner of the contest, being objective, the theme was a drawing with a summer theme related to the Game, and Aeri's drawing only shows the character waving with his feet in the water. Midori's drawing represents the same thing, with more details and in my opinion a better drawing (the truth is irrelevant), so why didn't he get any prize? The only complaint is about the winner of the contest, since it does not have much game content, come on, there are others that, as I said before, from Xylie and Sana, you can see very well drawn game objects, such as mounts and in a good context or a waiter zumi, pretty nice the truth, which are better than Aeri's. To name a few, since there are others just as good, according to most. In closing, I have nothing against Aeri, but there are still many who really took the time to think more about their drawings and be more creative, including winks like alpacas, game items, etc. Still I liked the idea of the event, I hope they do more things like that.
  3. I understand, on the other hand, is the idea of implementing this system with the current% considered? I mean, being able to raise a weapon up to 110% with this system. Several of us have weapons 107-109% and I think that many of us would like to reach the limit (110%) although it is more for personal satisfaction, since the difference is minimal. Sorry if it is annoying to continue with the topic, greetings and thanks for answering :).
  4. Still no concrete answer? For me at least this topic is important, because I am not one of those who can get everything in 1 day, and an accurate answer would help me prepare for both cases, time passes and that limits the options of many at this time with the future arrival of AWK weapons. For my part I want this system, since sooner or later you can be on par with others, as well as you have something else to do. I would appreciate a concrete response on this matter. Greetings and thanks for the work you do.
  5. Many changes I would say. I think removing the augmented area of the aerolyte with the glyph could turn out to be a fair nerf. That's too broken, one of the most OP CC in the game with such a large area. In 3vs3 you can cover 1/3 of the map. In GvG it covers the total width of the sector of the side crystals. At least in Arena it would be a significant change.
  6. I agree, in 10vs10 or other events with a high number of players, such as the island that will come soon, no adjustment is necessary. On the contrary, in 1vs1 I think that in certain cases the racial skills give an absurd and silly advantage, a good option would be to eliminate the racials in this Arena, so there would be a 1vs1 with the same class with greater equality of conditions and it will still be noticed more who knows how to use the class better, instead of depending on an exclusive skill of yours. As for 3vs3 I think there should be a greater debate, for my part I like the idea, but I also think that it takes away space for some players who do not usually go to TW-GVG and will not be able to show off their racial skills in others characters. Although on the other hand most of those who frequent 3vs3 usually go to more pvp events, so they would not be so affected. And yes, in 3vs3 it is possible that in certain cases racial skills condition victory. Although it is not a big problem, since the only racial skills that really become unfair in 3vs3, can be the healing of the Zumis, the fear of the Bears and in certain cases the orange racial abilities of the Frogs.
  7. Una sugerencia, podrían devolver las armas con un porcentaje máximo de 120% sin tener que usar el martillo. Al menos para este período. Con 2 meses para que aparezcan las armas awk, la mayoría continuará esperando esas armas, ya que aunque un arma lv65 (100%) es similar a un lv60 (120%) en atk y m-atk, si es difícil de conseguir armas En prueba, si obtienes un 110% o menos, no vale la pena usar el arma, además es costoso o lleva mucho tiempo aumentar su% a 120%. Entonces, si afortunadamente obtienes un arma lv65 con 115%, el cambio es tentador y muchos podrían mejorarlo a +10. Porque con un máximo del 110% no es rentable, además de aumentar el% que requiere más oro y tiempo. Porque para ser honesto, solo unos pocos se molestarían en obtener un arma 120% lv65 con el método actual, y la mayoría esperará armas awk. edit: All this assuming you already have a good weapon, for example a lv60 weapon (120%) +10 Saludos y muchas gracias por el contenido!
  8. First of all, sorry if it's annoying to return to the Arena theme, which is usually a usual theme. I will be brief, an Arena (3vs3 preferably?) Where the classes we use are random. Of course it would be an Arena separate from the others, with the same awards. Ideally, you can change classes at the end to get the medal you need, but not during the match. I think it could encourage more players to go to the Arena, and at least there would be more variety and the most important thing is that it can be quite fun, which is the most important thing. I would like to know what others think about this. Subtract 1 hour to 3vs3 and implement this Arena or put it as an event, perhaps a weekend with this modality? I like to play Arena but it is quite repetitive and you usually meet the same ones as always. Although I am full M-DPS, I would not complain if I am forced to go P-DPS in order to have more fun, and the others will still go with other classes, which perhaps they do not use, which would make this more variable and fun. In the end I was not so brief, but I would like to know if I am not the only one with this idea in mind. PD: I used the google traslator :c
  9. I will be brief, I find that being able to change classes in Arena gives an absurd benefit to get class medals. Although for PvP it encourages strategy and versatility, the most common use they give it is to get medals from classes that do not dominate without trying too hard. Also makes the game too monotonous, full ilu-cleric-templa. Where most change to a class with which they need medals (myself included). I want to see what the rest think, I think that the class change should be maintained, but the class medal obtained is from the class that was used the longest or something like that. The same with the recommended event that is completed only by changing classes at the end, taking into account that the objective of the event is for you to play that class during the Arena. PD : I used the google translator since I don't know english. :C ** Seré breve, encuentro que poder cambiar de clase en Arena da un beneficio absurdo para obtener medallas de clase. Aunque para PvP fomenta la estrategia y la versatilidad, el uso más común que le dan es obtener medallas de clases que no dominan sin esforzarse demasiado. También hace que el juego sea demasiado monótono, lleno de ilu-cleric-templa. Donde la mayoría cambia a una clase con la que necesitan medallas (incluido yo mismo). Quiero ver qué piensan los demás, creo que el cambio de clase debe mantenerse, pero la medalla de clase obtenida es de la clase que se utilizó durante más tiempo o algo así. Lo mismo con el evento recomendado que se completa cambiando las clases al final, teniendo en cuenta que el objetivo del evento es que juegues esa clase durante la Arena.**
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